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Jison Case Leather + Leatherette Cases for iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th-Gen) + iPad mini
By Nick Guy | 05.01.13

We originally passed on reviewing Jison Case's iPad protectors when we first saw them last winter, but a second and somewhat improved shipment has arrived. Luxury Leather Smart Case for iPad mini ($200), Quilted Leather Cover for iPad ($92), Quilted Leather Cover for iPad mini ($84), and Vintage Real Leather Smart Cover for iPad ($97) are all takes on leather or leatherette folio-style cases. They offer different folding lids, and different material textures, but have essentially the same iPad-covering body. The camera, headphone port, microphone, side switch, connector port, and speakers are all exposed, as they should be. Jison Case decided, however, to leave the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons covered with material -- not with properly elevated, padded shields, but just covered over as if they're not there at all. On some, pressing down with unusual force can activate the buttons, but at least one of the cases we tested had an unusable Sleep/Wake Button. This is the same issue that led us to pass on the original cases, but since the company has yet to fully remedy the issue even after receiving our comments, we present its offerings as they are.

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