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Luma13 LumaGuard for iPad mini + iPhone 5
By Nick Guy | 11.13.12

Luma13 is offering protective stickers for a number of Apple's portable devices, including the iPad mini and iPhone 5. LumaGuard for iPad mini ($24+) is a single sheet that covers 90% of the device's aluminum. It comes in a range of colors, including clear, matte, and reflective aluminum white. We found our first installation somewhat difficult, as the shape of the sticker doesn't really provide a way to line it up. This left many air bubbles that can likely be forced out with some patience. LumaGuard for iPhone 5 ($14+) is easier to install. In addition to the back, there are stickers for the sides. This one comes with a very thin cleaning cloth. Updated November 15, 2012: LumaGuard also comes with a spray bottle of applicator solution, pictured below, that was shipped separately from our original review samples.

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