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Apple iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus Silicone Cases
By Jeremy Horwitz | 09.22.14

Released alongside the new iPhones, Apple's iPhone 6 Silicone Case ($35) and iPhone 6 Plus Silicone Case ($39) are slightly less expensive versions of its Leather Cases, available in a wider and generally brighter array of six colors, but otherwise featuring the exact same design. Each case is a wraparound shell with full top and right side coverage, substantial back and left side coverage, then a completely open bottom and front. On the outside is a thin layer of silicone rubber, while the inside has an embossed microfiber lining; the rear camera is ringed by a thin layer of black plastic in each version. Button protection is included, but the bottom of each iPhone 6/6 Plus is left fully open, a boon for accessory connection but less than ideal for protection of the bottom speaker, microphone, and accessory ports.

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