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Apple debuts 0.5 m Lightning to USB Cable, tweaks In-Ear Headphones
By Phil Dzikiy | 02.14.13

Apple has quietly released a 0.5m version of its Lightning to USB Cable ($19). Although half the size of the “standard” cables it has been selling, it retains the same price; its release suggests that Apple may shift to packing shorter Lightning cables in with future products.


Apple also tweaked its In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic — the remote now is a bit more rounded, matching the redesigned remote on EarPods. The rest of the design and the $79 price haven’t changed. [via MacRumors]

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So Apple has decided to use half the material, charge just as much, even though their design is so weak I’ve already experienced a complete cable failure in around 3 months time? Genius indeed.

The best deal seems to be Amazon’s own brand lightning cables ($14 or the 1 meter length) & USB extension cables ($5 for another meter, $6 for an added 3 meters). Get any length you need with much better build quality than Apple’s. I purchased a number of Apple cables initially, but as they inevitably fail, particularly if Apple plans on making them even worse value, I will be moving over to Amazon’s better cables.

By Code Monkey on 02.15.13 at 05:36 PM

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