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Apple employees reportedly testing out Apple Pay Cash
By Dan Pye | 10.04.17

Some of Apple’s corporate employees in the U.S. are testing Apple Pay Cash on iOS 11.1, MacRumors reports. A source claims Apple’s workers have been using the direct money transfer system after downloading iOS 11.1, installing an added beta profile and then getting their Apple IDs whitelisted by the company. The process only works when both users have the proper permissions, and attempts to send money to those outside the loop result in an error message.


Funds can be sent from linked credit or debit cards, and once received they are stored in an Apple Pay Cash card within Apple Wallet, from which funds can be spent through Apple Pay or transferred to a bank account. Transferring cash from a debit card is free, but using a credit card to send funds charges a 3 percent fee. The update hasn’t been seen in the iOS 11.1 developer betas yet, but it could appear in a future update or simply need to be activated on Apple’s end.

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