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Apple site reveals iOS 7 for iPad, alternate icons
By Phil Dzikiy | 06.14.13

Apple has revealed some additional details about iOS 7 on its website. Images of iOS 7 on the iPad and iPad mini were spotted on the bottom of the Apple iOS 7 features page, showing iOS 7 on the second- and fourth-generation iPad, in addition to the iPad mini. A new red icon representing Photo Booth can be seen in these photos.


Additionally, viewing Apple’s iOS7 design page using a mobile device reveals a few alternate icons. The weather icon shows the live temperature, instead of a cloud and sun, and the Passbook, Reminders, Mail, and Photos icons also have been tweaked slightly. It’s unknown whether these alternate icons were from the iOS 7 developmental stage, or if they’ll be seen in future betas. [via, 9to5Mac]

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Still no Weather app for the iPad? I’ve never understood Apple’s thinking here. Do iPad owners not care about Weather, or the Stock Market (app)?

By willrob on 06.16.13 at 01:53 PM

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