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Developers: Third-party iCloud syncing is broken
By Phil Dzikiy | 03.27.13

iCloud is meant to “just work,” but a recent report from The Verge suggests that many third-party developers believe otherwise. A number of developers are cited, noting that Apple hasn’t improved the way iCloud syncs with databases, also known as Core Data. The issues have caused developers to write extra code and manually help users who seek a solution, while dealing with customer complaints and poor ratings. In many cases, data will stop syncing, no matter what efforts are made. “iCloud with Core Data is a developer’s worst nightmare,” a developer said. “It’s frustrating, maddening, and costs hundreds of support hours.” Reportedly, Apple hasn’t been helpful to developers experiencing issues, and though iOS 6 has improved matters, the article notes “the company has simply not expressed any desire to fix Core Data syncing.” Apple declined to comment on the story.

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“the company has simply not expressed any desire to fix Core Data syncing.”

Perhaps iCloud is seen as a “hobby” like ATV.  I had nothing but problems trying to sync Navigon favorite places to iCloud for sharing, now I know why.

By rockmyplimsoul on 03.27.13 at 05:27 PM

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