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Duo Games debuts Duo Gamer iOS controller
By Phil Dzikiy | 10.02.12

Duo Games and Gameloft have announced the new Duo Gamer Controller ($80), a Bluetooth-enabled wireless game controller for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Equipped with dual analog controls, six buttons and a d-pad, the controller is apparently the first Apple-certified wireless joypad, however, it only works with select Gameloft titles.


A holding stand for iOS devices is also included within the package. Duo Gamer is available for purchase now.

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This is nice and well-needed and all, but why the hell would I buy an $80 accessory that ONLY supports ONE developer’s set of games?

Kinda like buying a DVD player that only plays movies from Sony…

Nice idea, but until that changes, no thank you. We need UNIVERSAL support.

By ahMEmon on 10.02.12 at 10:34 AM

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