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iPhone 5 poll ends, iPod touch vs. iPad poll begins
By Jesse Hollington | 10.09.12

With over 4,700 votes from iLounge readers, our most recent poll—“What are you planning on doing with your current iPhone when the next-generation iPhone is released?”—has ended. Readers were asked to indicate whether they planned on selling or trading in their current iPhone, giving it to a friend or family member, keeping it in addition to purchasing the new model, keeping their current iPhone and not buying the next-generation model at all, purchasing the new iPhone as their first iPhone or neither already owning nor planning to buy the next-generation iPhone.

Over 70 percent of respondents indicated that they planned to purchase the new iPhone, with the majority split pretty evenly between either selling/trading in their current iPhone or giving it to a family member while 13 percent of readers indicated that they were planning on keeping their current iPhone in addition to purchasing the new model and 10 percent planning to purchase their first iPhone with the new model. Twenty percent of respondents expressed no interest in upgrading their current iPhone at all, and 8 percent indicated that they neither owned an iPhone currently nor had any intention of purchasing the new one.

Our new poll focuses on Apple’s other iOS devices: the iPod touch and iPad. Would you consider buying a new iPad or iPod touch today, and if so, which device would you be most interested in purchasing? The older fourth-generation iPod touch with a 3.5” screen, the new fifth-generation iPod touch with the 4” screen, the reportedly upcoming 7.85” iPad mini or a standard full-sized iPad with the 9.7” screen? Or do you simply have no interest in the iPad or iPod touch, either because you already own an iPhone, or Apple’s iOS devices just don’t appeal to you in general?  Our new poll—“Which one of the following four products would you be most likely to purchase today for your own use?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main homepage. Cast your vote today!

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It’s all depends on the need or requirement of the users. There are some users who continue with their current iPhone as they get a total grip over it or maybe not interested in any new model. However, there are still many users who are always eagerly awaiting for the latest version of smart phones or smart device like iPod touch and iPad. Just as iPhone 5, iPad Mini will also create a bang in the mobile industry and the existing iPad users are on a constant watch on the updates of upcoming iPad Mini.

By SPINX on 10.10.12 at 08:01 AM

Kind of shocked anyone is biting at the 4G touch. The only good thing I can say about that thing is that keeping it on the market will, hopefully, force Apple’s hand in optimizing iOS 6 better. When I get my 5G touch, the 4G touch is being given to the 4 y.o. and I feel a little guilty even at that since the performance is so bad with the bloat that has crept into even the official core apps under iOS 5 (if I could go back in time I would still be using iOS 4). With new buyers forced into using iOS 6 it’s going to be an even more sub-par experience across the board. Based on the support forums, the 4G doesn’t even have enough RAM to handle the new iTunes store, yikes.

The “only” reason to buy a 4G touch is you just want a media player, and then you really ought to either save yourself some money and buy a nano or drop the extra money and get the 5G touch. If you’re buying it for any of the “smart” features, you will be disappointed.

By Code Monkey on 10.10.12 at 09:06 AM

I am very intrested in the price point they use to launch an iPad Mini. Can Apple competitively price such a device ($250-$375) given the price of the iPod Touch? That is highly unlikely. I fully expected Apple to introduce the 5G Touch in the $199 range allowing that next level for a highly anticipated “tweener” device. But if the Touch is sitting at $299 (I am only adressing the entry level for each device here), that does not leave a good price point that fills the cracks between the Touch and the iPad..AND…remains in striking distance of the Amazon and Samsung devices that are posing true threats already.

By Mitch on 10.10.12 at 09:51 AM

@3: That’s what I’m interested in seeing as well. It’s starting to feel like the Apple of the early-mid 90s where it was increasingly clear that the distance in performance and usability between Macs and Wintel boxes was increasingly shrinking yet the price points didn’t change to reflect reality. The personal result: last Mac I bought was in 1995.

They’ve left the 4G touch in production at prices that are outright shameful compared to the competition (even their own), and priced the 5G at price points that show they don’t much care they have competition. All of which indicates that the iPad mini is liable to be a “tweener” only for those already firmly ensconced in the iOS world, where the fact that you can get the mini tablet form of the KFire HD for $50 less than a 5G touch with the same storage and, if past is prologue, double the RAM doesn’t bother you.

By Code Monkey on 10.10.12 at 10:17 AM

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