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iPod nano 7G unboxing, comparison gallery posted
By Phil Dzikiy | 10.11.12

iLounge has posted a complete unboxing and comparison gallery of Apple’s seventh-generation iPod nano to Flickr. Photos of the redesigned seventh-generation iPod nano showcase the device’s new body and 2.5” display, as well as the variety of different colors now offered, and comparisons to past iPod nanos.


Our First Look at the seventh-generation iPod nano is now available, and our comprehensive review will be posted in the near future.

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Want to see your review for this one. While I think the third gen iPad did the most in terms of pushing envelopes with the screen resolution and processor upgrades, this is the only i-product Apple made this year that actually made me look and think, nice job.

It’s not *too* over priced and, at least on paper, there’s no obvious missing features or shortcuts - it knows what it is and does it well. The iPhone 5 and fifth gen iPod touch, while improved from their previous models, don’t stand out and seem a might schizophrenic (seeing Apple’s new ad campaign regarding the taller screen just makes me think of the famous Kirk Cameron banana video).

By Code Monkey on 10.11.12 at 04:21 PM

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