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iTunes 11 poll ends, Apple in 2013 poll begins
By Jesse Hollington | 12.28.12

With over 1,300 votes from iLounge readers, our most recent poll—“What is your favorite new feature in iTunes 11?”—has ended. Readers were asked what feature they liked most—if any—about Apple’s latest iTunes release.

A significant 48 percent of respondents indicated that they didn’t care for any of the new features and don’t like iTunes 11 at all. Among the remaining responses, 26 percent liked the new user interface in general, 13 percent preferred the Up Next play queuing feature, five percent leaned toward iTunes in the Cloud integration, and four percent specifically liked the new Mini Player interface. Two percent of readers indicated camera-based gift card redemption as their fave new feature, while a handful indicated a preference for the addition of a Home Videos category and Live Search, coming in at one percent apiece.

With 2013 looming on the horizon, our new poll asks you to let us know what new product or innovation you’re most hoping to see from Apple in the new year. Are you excited about the rumoured Apple television set, or simply a new and improved version of the current Apple TV set-top box? Do your interests lie more with Apple’s mobile devices and you’re hoping for a Retina Display iPad mini, slimmer full-sized iPad, next-generation iPhone, a major new iPod release or simply the eventual release of the inevitable iOS 7? What about a subscription music service or the possibility of a completely new product such as an Apple Watch? Our new poll—“What are you most hoping to see from Apple in 2013?” lets you answer that question. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main homepage. Cast your vote today!

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Most Hoping to See from Apple in 2013?

Restore the iMac to a Useful Computer Again!

More than anything, I desperately wish Apple would reverse course in destroying the iMac as a useful device. They already try and make it work like an iPad instead of the computer it is. Look at the simplistic piece of crap they turned iTunes into.

New models have no Superdrive (it has NOT become irrelevant. Not for most of us).

Alas I have little hope any such thing will happen. Apple seems determined to make the iMac obsolete.

By Michael Dominic on 12.29.12 at 12:08 PM

I hope that you will send the results of the iTunes poll to Apple!

iTunes 11 sucks big time and shows that Apple has lost the plot…

By Huggy Bear on 12.29.12 at 07:43 PM

I can’t see anything better about iTunes 11. It’s just more confusing.

By Dick Bacon on 12.30.12 at 07:44 PM

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