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‘Learn More About In-App Purchases’ now in App Store
By Phil Dzikiy | 04.26.13

Apple has added a new section to the App Store to help consumers “Learn More About In-App Purchases.” The informational section describes what in-app purchases are, the different types of in-app purchases, how in-app purchases work, and how to restrict a child’s ability to make in-app purchases using parental controls. In the wake of legal issues and other complaints regarding these follow-on purchases, Apple is making more of an effort to inform consumers about in-app purchases — the company recently added an “Offers In-App Purchases” line to all relevant apps.

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I purchased a $15 iTunes card , put in the code, redeemed it. But when I go to the App Store it still says I have billing issues!!! I only have a Pre paid credit card! How do I resolve this issue? Can I use PayPal ? Help me please!!!!!

By Stephanie on 04.29.13 at 12:08 AM

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