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MS Office coming to iOS in 2013
By Phil Dzikiy | 10.10.12

Although Microsoft’s Office applications were rumored to be coming to the App Store this year, the company now plans on releasing Office in a native iOS version next year, according to reports. Product manager Petr Bobek told Czech site IHNED that Office 2013 would hit the market in the first quarter of next year, and that iOS would be among the included available operating systems for the productivity suite. Although the iOS Office release was apparently confirmed in a press release spotted by The Verge, a Microsoft US spokesperson claimed that the company has yet to announce retail availability for the new Office. [via The Verge]

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Apple iWork apps have consistently been near the top of the charts in the App Store, so I imagine they have sold millions of copies so far.  By now most folks have probably figured out that iWork is better than Office in many ways, and they don’t NEED Office.

By Galley on 10.11.12 at 06:23 PM

It’s high time Microsoft caught up in the mobile world and released a version of office for mobile platforms (with ios being one of the most popular of such). Let’s just hope they eat it right and do better than the half effort feeling Mac version.

By D Richards on 10.13.12 at 03:09 AM

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