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Nest Protect subject to safety issue, sales halted
By Nick Guy | 04.04.14

Nest Labs CEO Tony Fadell has issued a public letter informing customers that Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Detector’s (iLounge Rating: B-) alarm may be delayed in the case of a fire under the right circumstances. This issue is related to Nest Wave, a feature that allows the alarm to be turned off with a wave of the hand, and has been discovered in laboratory testing only; no issues have been reported from customers.


Nest is offering an over-the-air update that disables Nest Wave, while leaving the smoke and carbon monoxide capabilities in place. For those that don’t have access to Wi-Fi for the update, full refunds are being offered. Until the issue has been resolved, Nest will not be selling Nest Protect.

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The Nest Wave feature was the one feature that convinced me to buy the product. I have two of them. If the wave to stop feature is not restored quickly, I will be asking Nest for my money back. I can use other resources to monitor my house remotely, but no one likes digging out a broom to disable an alarm that is accidentally triggered.

This is strike two. The first strike was selling to Google. If there is a strike three, I will replace my Nest thermostat and fire alarms, and they will be “outta here.”

By Steve on 04.04.14 at 10:14 AM

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