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Netatmo debuts Starck-designed wireless Thermostat
By Phil Dzikiy | 11.15.13

Netatmo has introduced its wireless Netatmo Thermostat, designed by Philippe Starck. An app can control the iOS-compatible thermostat and let users view their heating habits. The thermostat works with most oil, gas, and wood furnaces.


Following Nest’s strategy of updating the common thermostat with a more beautiful and elegant housing, Netatmo’s thermostat makes temperature control particularly easy, and comes with five interchangeable color frames to match the room where it’s installed. It will be released in Europe this month for 179 Euros ($241), with a US release date and price to be announced in January at CES.

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By designed, I’m presuming they mean he dashed that off in about 10 minutes.

By Jon Myles on 11.16.13 at 02:17 AM

for a few dollars more, I’d just get the Nest

By Jef Smith on 11.16.13 at 07:32 AM

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