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Outdoor Tech debuts ADAPT Bluetooth adapter
By Phil Dzikiy | 11.14.12

Outdoor Tech has launched the ADAPT ($40), a clip-on Bluetooth receiver that allows iOS devices and the latest iPod nanos to wirelessly stream audio to any pair of headphones or speakers. The device has a standard 3.5mm audio port, and receives Bluetooth audio from distances of up to 30 feet away. ADAPT also comes with playback controls and a built-in mic for calls. ADAPT promises nine hours of talking and listening time from its rechargeable battery, which is refueled with an included Micro-USB charger. It is available now, in black, pink, and blue.


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Your description “converting the wired output from any Apple device into a 30-foot wireless streaming signal” is not correct, me thinks! 

I think this device connects to your wired headphones, making them bluetooth compatible.  It is a bluetooth receiver not a transmitter.  Now you and your headphones with ADAPT attached to them can be 30 feet from the mobile device which has to have Bluetooth already built into it.


By Jim on 11.14.12 at 08:53 PM

The issue has been resolved. Thanks.

By Phil Dzikiy on 11.15.12 at 08:28 AM

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