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Philips update retroactively adds HomeKit support to Hue products; Ikea adds new colored smart bulbs
By Dan Pye | 10.03.17

The Hue 2.16.0 app update released by Philips has extended HomeKit compatibility to Hue tap, Hue dimmer switch and Hue motion sensor, making the company the first to retroactively add HomeKit support to its earlier products, following Apple’s announcement in June that it was allowing HomeKit capabilities to be added via software updates. Hue tap and Hue dimmer switches can now be configured to control other HomeKit-enabled accessories outside of the Hue family and no longer have to be configured from the Hue app. The Hue motion sensor will also be able to activate HomeKit automations and scenes as well, making the Hue product family much more viable as one part of a larger smart home solution.

On the more affordable end of the smarthome spectrum, Ikea has released a colored version of its HomeKit-enabled Tradfri bulbs. The bulbs are currently only sold as part of a bundle with a remote, so it’s unclear when (or if) Ikea will sell them by themselves for users who just want to add the bulbs to an existing smarthome configuration. The bundle is listed for $35 on Ikea’s website, but as The Verge notes, the bulbs are more buggy than Hue’s more expensive options, so you get what you pay for.

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