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Report: iPhone 5S production to ramp, $300-$400 budget model
By Phil Dzikiy | 07.16.13

Apple’s iPhone 5S will ramp up production later this month, according to a report from AllThingsD. “Sources familiar with the company’s plans” have confirmed reports about increased iPhone 5S production, including a mention from analyst Peter Misek. Notably, Misek previously claimed the 5S would enter preliminary production in March for a June or July launch. Misek has now said the latest increase in production will follow current production of Apple’s unnamed budget iPhone, which AllThingsD suggests will be “mid-end,” and likely to sell for $300 to $400 unsubsidized. The AllThingsD confirmation of iPhone 5S production can be taken as highly likely to be accurate, and its discussion of the budget iPhone appears to add further weight to prior pricing rumors on that topic.

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Apple’s penchant for charging $140 for adding a few dollar cellular antenna aside, there’s very little risky in stating a budget iPhone would sell for $300-$400 as that’s exactly what they’re selling the iPod touch 5G for now, which is a budget iPhone in every way excepting the lack of GPS and a cellular antenna, maybe $7 worth of hardware.

Fingers crossed we see the end of the touch as the red headed iOS stepchild, and move to a truly unlocked iPhone at the same price point that can be used how the buyer wants.

By Code Monkey on 07.17.13 at 06:14 PM

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