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BlueFlame 2M Charge and Sync Cable with Lightning Connector
By Nick Guy | 05.17.13

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We measured BlueFlame’s cable at just short of two meters from end to end, or right around six and a half feet long. For almost any household use it’s plenty, allowing you to to not have to be tethered to the wall or a computer. Despite the added length, charging speeds aren’t slowed at all. Instead of a standard rubber-coated cable, the company used a tangle-resistant grey fabric. It’s quite sturdy, and certainly nice looking. There was also clearly thought put into the plastic ends around the connectors, as they look different from the masses. The material around the Lightning plug is just a little bit bigger than on Monoprice’s cable, but is small enough to ensure compatibility with most cases.


Although it’s shorter than Griffin’s longest cable at the same price, BlueFlame’s Lightning cord merits the same general recommendation. It’s somewhat pricey for its functionality, but we’re thankful that those extra dollars get you a truly well-designed cable with extra length that allows you to stretch out across the office, car, or wherever else you’re charging your device. Notably, Monoprice has $13 six foot and ten foot cables on backorder; they may not be as pretty, but they’re likely just as effective based on our previous testing.

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