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Brenthaven Collins Tech Pack for iPad
By Nick Guy | 02.13.13

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Collins Tech Pack’s exterior is a heather gray canvas fabric, with what feel like real leather accents; if it’s faux material, it’s high quality. The adjustable shoulder strap is strong nylon, as is the band that holds the bag shut when connected to a metal hook. All of the materials used—even the pinstriped fabric lining—help to justify the cost of the bag.


In addition to its main padded pocket, which is large enough to accept a tablet bare or inside almost any case, there are extra pockets on the back, on the front flap, and one right in front of the iPad. The latter pouch is held shut with a circle of Velcro, with three card slots and two pen holders; this compartment itself is large enough to hold an iPad mini.


We’re excited to see such a nice bag out of Brenthaven: for the $50 asking price, Collins Tech Pack is a great solution if the iPad is the center of your world, and you want to carry it around with a handful of other accessories or personal items. It’s not going to carry your entire life on your shoulder, nor is it made or priced to do so. We highly recommend it, and look forward to seeing what will follow it in the near future.

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