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Cygnett FlexiGel for iPad mini
By Nick Guy | 11.09.12

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FlexiGel easily and tightly wraps around the body of the iPad mini. It lays completely flat, making the small amount of extra bulk even less noticeable. Unlike some rubber cases, this one’s raised edges around the perimeter don’t pull away unless you want them to. We found it comfortable to rest a thumb along the bezel. The glossy exterior has very good Sleep/Wake and volume button coverage that doesn’t interfere with their tactility. All of the ports are exposed through well-sized and centered cutouts; there’s one superfluous opening on the back directly below the microphone, perhaps indicating Cygnett assumed that there would be an extra port on the iPad mini that didn’t actually materialize.


It doesn’t take a lot of talent for a company to make a rubber case, but it does require attention to detail to do it as well as Cygnett has here. While other cases offer extra functionality or screen protection, those features always come at a price. FlexiGel is inexpensive but it’s not cheap. The only real problem with it is how quickly it attracts fingerprints. Otherwise we’re quite fond of this case—it’s very affordable, fits great, and offers the kind of protection that a great case should—making it worthy of our high recommendation.

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