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Cygnett Lavish for iPad mini
By Nick Guy | 02.22.13

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From the outside, Lavish looks like any number of folios. The faux leather isn’t quite as textured as it looks, but it’s not as cheap-feeling as we’ve seen on other cases. We found the metal logo in the bottom right corner to be a nice touch. On the back are a hole for the iSight camera and an extraneous opening for the rumored rear iPad mini microphone that never came to be. A simple magnetic tab is used to keep the case shut when not in use.


The skin inside is the high-quality design we’ve seen from our favorite Cygnett products. It takes just a bit of effort to push it on, but once you have, your tablet is well protected. The edges are fully covered, and there’s a lip that curls around to protect the screen. We’re always fond of button coverage, which Lavish has, but actually accessing the controls is a bit of an issue. The rear cover fits a bit too tightly, making it hard for larger fingers to get at the buttons without forcing their way in. This is especially pronounced with the volume buttons. The case can be folded into a stand with two different viewing angles as most folios can, but unfortunately, magnetic locking and unlocking is missing from the lid.


While it offers a good amount of protection, Lavish misses on a few notes that make it less appealing than we would’ve hoped. Automatically locking and unlocking the iPad mini seems like a gimme these days, so we’re surprised that it’s missing here. We were also disappointed that it was as hard as it was to access the buttons. For $40, there are better folios, but apart from the non-trivial issues, Lavish is a good case. Largely on the strength of its interior holder, Lavish earns a general recommendation.

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