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Griffin Survivor Skin for iPhone 5c
By Nick Guy | 11.19.13

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Survivor Skin is thicker than most rubber skins, adding a respectable degree of shock protection, as well as button coverage. Because it includes material over the bezel, too, you have to stretch the case to fit the phone inside. This leads the one real drawback: the rubber above and below the screen doesn’t rest flat. While we saw a similar issue with Protector, but it’s much more pronounced here. It doesn’t impact the overall level of protection, but is very noticeable, taking away from the case’s visual appeal. Otherwise, the use of mixed textures and thicknesses, clicky button protectors — including the Home Button — and three separate holes on the bottom edge are all nice touches.


Although we liked Survivor Skin, the fact that it doesn’t quite rest flat on the front of the iPhone 5c dropped it to our general-level recommendation. It’s still a very nice case for the $20 price tag, but it needs to be tweaked so that it rests flat against the body of the phone; the current design means that dust and lint have an even larger opportunity to get inside the case than normal. If you’re willing to deal with the raised rubber, it’s otherwise a good option that’ll keep your iPhone 5c safe from most drops and bumps.

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