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Guided Products iPad Case for iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th-Gen)
By Nick Guy | 04.25.13

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The folio-style design used here is pretty standard, with the tablet fitting into a boxy holder and a lid to protect the screen. It’s about 5/8” thick, or about the same size as more traditional folios. One small problem we noticed right away is that the tablet is somewhat loose, sliding up and down, left and right, inside its frame. While the two cameras and Home Button remain accessible through their respective cutouts, and the screen never gets obscured, we’d prefer a tighter fit.


There are also individual openings for the headphone port, Sleep/Wake button, side switch and volume rocker, and Dock Connector/Lightning port. The speakers is exposed through a combination of two holes: one pill-shaped on the back of the case, and the other, just a little longer, at the corner below it. All four corners are exposed, but because the holder is loose, the metal is set back a bit, somewhat protected. Velcro holds the cover in place—a nice touch that even some more premium options forego—but there are aren’t any magnets. A little more than two inches in from the cover’s left edge is a crease, which allows you to fold and tuck in the opposite side into a backwards C-shaped cutout on the back, for viewing or for typing.


Despite its novelty, iPad Case does cover your tablet, it offers multiple stand positions, and it can be fun, too. The fact that it’s so inexpensive—less than $7 per case—makes the concept of scribbling and tossing actually work. It’s not a case we’d recommend for everyone, and it’s certainly not the most protective design in the world. But, if personalization is important for you or your kids, or you just want something that stands out from the crowd, it does its job, and earns our general recommendation.

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