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Incipio LGND for iPhone 5
By Nick Guy | 02.01.13

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Although LGND adds a quarter inch of depth to the iPhone 5, the case doesn’t actually feel that thick; we very much like the way it feels in the hand. The back is hard polycarbonate plastic, in either black or brown. Your iPhone slides in through the fully open left edge, with little resistance. Once inside it’s mostly well protected with clicky Sleep/Wake button coverage, split holes for the headphone port and mic, Lightning port, and speaker, and an opening for the iSight camera and flash that’s not too large.


The front cover—which is securely attached to the back of the case—comes around to protect the iPhone’s exposed edge from below the volume down button to right around the antenna band at the corner. Its raised, rubbery texture is like that of a basketball. Over the earpiece is a mesh-covered opening that allows you to take calls without having to hold the lid folded behind the phone. It’s a nice touch that a few other case makers have also incorporated, and it works well. Additionally, there’s a depression in the microfiber lining that allows the case to be positioned in a single landscape viewing angle.


If for some reason you prefer folios for to other styles of cases for your iPhone, LGND is a good choice. Like most products from Incipio, it feels very well thought out and put together. We’d like to see the company figure out some way to better protect the left side of the device, although we recognize that’d be hard to do without sacrificing simplicity. As folios go though, it’s quite good, and as such, earns our general recommendation.

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