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Incipio [Performance] Armband for iPhone 5/5c/5s + iPod touch 5G
By Nick Guy | 03.28.14

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Compared to options from Incase, Skech, and Belkin, Incipio has fine-tuned its design a little bit more thoroughly. The soft material that makes up the body of the band is cut cleanly, without the ragged edges we’ve seen in the past. A silver Incipio logo is shiny, and may provide some visibility, but isn’t marketed as a protective solution. To the left of where the iPhone fits is a slot made for holding a house key, a useful feature for runners who can’t carry a keychain.


The iPhone or iPod touch fits into the band through a slot in its back. Once inserted, nearly the entire handset is covered, with the exception of a small hole at the bottom for access to the headphone port. Instead of leaving tattered material, Incipio sealed it off, which is a nice touch. As for access to the screen, it’s provided by the clear window, which clings to the glass. This holds the phone in place, and helps even light touches register.

[Performance] Armband isn’t a knockout, but it’s a good option and earns our general recommendation. Almost twice as expensive as Belkin’s Ease-Fit Armband, Incipio did a better job with the details, but doesn’t offer an absolutely better product. Aspects such as the key pocket do help boost its appeal, though.

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