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Odoyo Leather Folio for iPad mini
By Jeremy Horwitz | 02.01.13

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One of the first things we noticed about Leather Folio is the magnetic tab used to hold its front lid closed. Located right in the center of the left edge, it fits into a slightly larger recession in the cover itself. It’s aesthetically pleasing and works well. The other standout feature on the outside is the color-matched wrist strap. Attached with a metal clip, it can be removed if you don’t want to use it. The D-ring on the folio itself isn’t obtrusive. If you’re carrying the iPad mini without a bag, the strap can be a useful backup in preventing drops.


Inside, Leather Folio holds the iPad mini inside a microfiber-lined frame, with large holes for all of the controls, ports, and cameras. Since the tablet shifts around in the holder, rear iSight camera alignment can be an issue, as is properly-centered placement of the front camera and Home Button. Opposite that, on the inside of the front cover, are two diagonally cut card slots and a small paper-ready pocket. You can double back the lid for use as a stand, as a flap of material on the case’s back holds its edge in place for upright video viewing. Unfortunately, the magnetic tab used to hold the case shut floats in the way of the screen. It’s not the worst we’ve seen, but we’d prefer if there was some way to hold it back. The lid also supports the magnetic screen locking feature, which worked properly in our tests.


Odoyo didn’t do anything totally standout with Leather Folio, but it’s a pretty good solution with some cool features. If you’re on a budget but looking for something fashionable, it’s worth considering. We’d like to see the company improve the body coverage, especially around the corners, as well as the overall fit of the holder. Leather Folio is deserving of a B rating, our general recommendation. There are better options out there, but this one is good for the price and has some cool features.

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