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Pelican ProGear CE1150 Protector Series Case for iPhone 5
By Nick Guy | 04.26.13

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Protector is made up of a flat back panel that’s a little over 2.5” long, plus a front frame that’s slightly narrower. The edges therefore taper in towards the front, creating a slightly unusual shape when snapped together. Both pieces are plastic, but lined with rubber, and five color combinations are available. The rubber also extends through to the outside, where it forms a small bumper for the rear panel, and protects the buttons on the front, along with the display. We appreciate the button coverage, as it doesn’t decrease the tactility at all. Instead of individual openings along the bottom edge, there’s one gap, which means you can connect a Lightning adapter; the material is too tall for regular docking.


Although we prefer the simplicity of a case such as Speck’s CandyShell, Protector is a neat take on the style. The fact that it consists of two pieces makes installation and removal somewhat more involved, but once it’s on the iPhone 5, it offers a very good level of protection. We appreciate that the shape is slightly different than pretty much every other case out there, without being overly large or impractical. Overall, it’s a good option at a slightly high price, and thus is worthy of our general recommendation.

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