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RooCase Dual-View 360 for iPad Air
By Nick Guy | 03.06.14

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From the outside, it’s easy to confuse Dual-View 360 with any of the countless faux leather folios we’ve covered in the past. The material is nice enough, but it’s not distinct; we do appreciate the small magnetic tab that keeps it shut, though. RooCase also embedded magnets in the lid to wake the iPad when the cover is lifted, and put it to sleep when the case is closed. Inside, there are three business card slots, and along the left edge, a 3”-wide segment of rubbery dots that do a good job of holding the tablet at a variety of viewing angles, ranging from about 75 degrees to 45 degrees. Because the shell is attached to the case via a rotating circular clip, the iPad can be moved from landscape to portrait orientation.


The shell can also easily be separated from the rest of the case by squeezing the two ends of the clip until it is released. When split away, this piece offers reasonable, but not superior, protection. While it extends all the way to all four edges, the buttons are left exposed, along with the ports, microphones, and speakers. The Apple logo also stays unprotected, which is somewhat reasonable considering the functionality of the case, but is still not aesthetically pleasing. The back of the case also houses an elastic hand strap accented with faux leather matching Dual-View 360’s exterior. There are also two small feet that can fold out to create a surprisingly sturdy typing angle.


With all of its various features, Dual-View 360 will likely meet the needs of most iPad Air users. The ability to slim down as needed is appreciated, as are the strap and stand features in the shell itself. We don’t totally love the way it looks, as it resembles so many OEM cases, at least externally. Overall, it’s a very respectable accessory worthy of our general recommendation.

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