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Sena Cases Envy for iPad mini
By Nick Guy | 02.12.13

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Envy’s actual iPad mini holder is comparable to those found in other soft folios. Sewn to the flat back panel is a raised segment of leather, which comes around the tablet’s sides and covers the bezel while scooping in to expose the FaceTime camera and Home Button. All four corners are left unprotected; this might make some sense up top, where the headphone port and Sleep/Wake button need to be accessible, but is less forgivable along the iPad’s bottom edge. Additionally, there’s a single opening for the speakers and Lightning port, and one for the volume buttons and side switch. Because there’s a little bit of give to the fit, the microphone hole tends to slide off-center.


Inside the front cover are four card slots and a long pocket capable of holding cash or flat items—features that make Envy usable as a clutch. Additionally, there are embedded magnets that wake and sleep the iPad as the case is opened and closed. Aided by a second interior snap, a stand feature lets the iPad mini work in typing or video viewing positions. The former and latter are at higher than ideal angles, but they both work.


Yes, it’s going to appeal to a limited segment of the market, but we actually liked Envy. The clutch-style folio combination strikes us as a smart option for users who want to carry and protect an iPad mini in daily use, alongside everything from personal to business items. While the price is high enough to bring it into only general recommendation territory, this is a good case, and the rating is well-earned.

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