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Sena Cases Vettra for iPad mini
By Nick Guy | 02.21.13

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Vettra feels like it’s made of three pieces of cardboard, or a similarly sturdy material, covered in cowhide. One piece is for the front cover, a second split piece is for the back, and the third is for the backwards C-shaped iPad mini holder between the two. Sena Cases has a reputation for using high-quality genuine leather, and this case is no exception to the rule: the material looks, feels, and even smells quite nice. A magnetic tab holds the case shut, and also attaches to the back of the case when the mini is in use; we’re thankful the company paid attention to a detail like that.


Inside, the lining is a more rubbery material that provides a non-slip surface. It serves two purposes: gripping the iPad mini as it’s slid into the two-inch holder, while allowing for a wide range of stand angles; Vettra’s back folds at a crease, enabling the case to double as a video stand for your tablet. While the stand functionality is well-executed, we’ll be blunt in saying the holder isn’t a very good solution. We had no worries about the iPad falling out, but too much of the iPad’s edge is exposed, as is the majority of the bezel. It simply feels incomplete.


Cases from Sena often carry a premium because of the materials the company uses—a premium that’s sometimes understandable, but here, it’s certainly not. Properly executed, simplicity can be elegant, but with the wrong design or price, it comes across as incomplete. Vettra’s looks aren’t up to par with its other cases, and protection is certainly lacking. For these reasons, it earns a C+ rating.

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