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Skech Kameo for iPhone 5
By Nick Guy | 03.04.13

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Overall, we’re quite impressed with the design decisions that went into Kameo. It’s as protective as we like to see from a case that isn’t advertised as ultra-protective: there’s full coverage around the back and sides, with well-implemented button protectors that maintain tactility, and a raised lip around the screen. The holes are also molded properly, and we were particularly glad to see that along the bottom, Skech chose to make the Lightning port opening large enough to accommodate a Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter, but put some rubber at either side to avoid just having a single large hole. Because it fits the Adapter, Kameo will likely be more compatible with Lightning speaker docks than most iPhone 5 cases released to date.


Swapping out out the colored panels is easy when the phone is removed from the case. They’re properly sized so that there’s no worry about something falling out or moving around; once they’re in place, they stay there. Black, blue, pink, purple, and two camouflage options are offered, and a vertical dimple adds a little bit of distinction.


Kameo hits on just about every element we’re looking for when it comes to an iPhone case. It’s protective and attractive, and allows the user to enjoy a little customization without added complication or investment. If users could buy a case with additional back panels, or purchase more panels separately at a low price, Kameo would be even better. As it stands, Kameo is worthy of our high recommendation.


Updated August 15, 2013: Skech has released a new version of Kameo it’s calling Kameo Leather ($35). It has the same body shape, but the back panel is genuine leather, with a slot for a credit card.

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