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SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 5
By Nick Guy | 10.05.12

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The rubber case wraps around the iPhone’s body, creating a lip over the front edge and covering the bottom bezel. A glossy “Jelly Bean” protector covers the Home button, with the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons covered in a similar material. There are two separate openings along the bottom edge: one for the speaker and a second for the headphone port, microphone, and Lightning port. While we would’ve preferred individual openings for each, it’s in no way a deal breaker. Unlike some rubber case makers, SwitchEasy has made the material tight enough that when you pull at the sides, they snap right back in place, and the case doesn’t tend to attract lint like the cheapest rubber cases out there. Touching it leaves no question that this still a rubber case, not hard plastic, but it feels good in the hand, and isn’t slippery.


Besides the case itself, Colors comes with two crystal screen films, a cleaning cloth, a squeegee, and two combined headphone/Lightning port covers. Combine these with a well-designed case and you really have good value for the $20 asking price. With so many genuinely great options over the past few years setting the bar higher and higher, Colors isn’t as much of a standout as the original version, but it’s still worthy of our strong general recommendation.

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