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Trü Protection Trü-Fit Anti-Glare Film Set
By Nick Guy | 05.20.13

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Trü-Fit arrives in a 4-inch wide, 7.75-inch tall cardboard box; it’s about a quarter of an inch thick, compared to the flat envelopes we’re used to seeing. You tear a perforated tab across the top to open the box, which unfolds into a cross shape. On the left of the main panel are the installation instructions, below there’s a list of the contents, and to the right, there’s a pocket holding the film and accessories. Right in the center is an iPhone-sized plastic frame that serves as the film’s applicator.


The installation process is pretty straightforward. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the screen of your iPhone, you’re supposed to remove the backing from one of the two adhesive strips—they’re labeled 1 and 2, and you’re supposed to use them in order—and then align the film along the edge of the tray. If the edge were just a bit taller, it’d be easier to get the film in place right away, but with just a little effort you can align it properly, and the tape will hold it in place. Don’t rely on the dotted-lines that are supposed to mirror the holes in the film, though, as they don’t quite line up. Next, you peel away the plastic protecting the film’s adhesive, press the phone face down against it, and remove the iPhone. In our multiple tests, we saw only a few air bubbles, and they were very easily removed. We achieved near-perfect alignment between the film and iPhone 5’s face.


Retina displays on iPods, iPhones, and iPads have forced good companies to reformulate their anti-glare films. It’s important that the film doesn’t diffuse light in the wrong way, as that can create a prismatic effect. That rainbow-like, pixel-level distortion is most noticeable on white and other light-colored images on the screen, and can be quite annoying. Trü-Fit is among the best of the films we’ve tested in terms of minimizing this effect. Although the package lists China as the country of origin, it looks and feels like higher-quality Korean or Japanese film. As promised, it does take away screen glare without sacrificing clarity or touch-sensitivity. Our only modest quibble is with the fact that there are two long, oval-shaped openings at the top, rather than individual holes for the two sensors, front camera, and earpiece. This is not a big deal.


We’re very happy with the combination of great film and easy application Trü Protection is offering here: the film is among the best we’ve seen, and the installation process is certainly easier than attempting to put it in place without a physical guide. It’s still somewhat expensive, though; $20 is a fairly steep price to pay for two pieces of plastic film to cover the iPhone 5’s face. Ultimately, Trü-Fit earns our strong general recommendation. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars over alternative screen protectors, you’ll be quite happy with what you get.

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