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Twisted Logic TekTuk for iPad
By Nick Guy | 04.24.13

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TekTuk measures about 13” long, 10” tall, and stretches to a little over 2” thick. Opening it reveals a 5.5” tall mesh pocket inside one cover, and tablet, phone, and accessory pockets stacked on top of each other on the other side. The idea is that that side will hang down, with the other between the layers of your bed. You can then situate your devices in their respective pockets, and charge them with cords run through elastic bands that serve as a form of cable management. It’s low tech, for sure, but it works.


For many, a simple bedside table will be sufficient to hold their devices overnight. But others might prefer something closer, and TekTuk may just be that option. Thankfully it’s designed with enough wiggle room for cases, and the ability to be picked up, zipped up, and transported when necessary. The price strikes us as high, considering the functionality, but then again a few docks would add up to a similar price. Taken as a carrier, it’s not a bad design, but the marketing spin does seem odd—we’re not really sure who would buy this for its advertised purpose. TekTuk earns our limited recommendation. It’s definitely not something everyone needs, but at the same time, it gets the job done and could be genuinely useful in certain circumstances.

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