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Ventev ChargeSync Apple Lightning Cable
By Nick Guy | 07.22.13

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It’s often difficult to recommend third-party Lightning cables that sell at a premium over Apple’s already steep $19 asking price. After all, any properly-functioning, officially-licensed cable will do the same thing. The big advantage to ChargeSync is cosmetic: we really like the way the flat cabling looks and feels, with its smooth rubber surface. It’s roughly an inch longer than Apple’s cable, so we consider that pretty much a draw, and the housing around Ventev’s Lightning plug is slightly larger, meaning case compatibility will be a bit more limited. The official one-meter cable from Apple earned a flat B rating, which clearly brings Ventev’s ChargeSync to a B-. It’s fully functional, and looks nice, but you’re paying for looks, and that’s it. If you value the design or the color options, it’s a good choice, otherwise, you’ll be equally well-served with something less expensive.

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