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Electronica: Elektron MD by hacked_to_pieces

playing with machinedrum

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Rock: Tribute to DEEP PURPLE by eX1

Was remenicing about Deep Purples Smoke on the Water and came up with this. I always wanted to do something that had a feel of one of my favorite Bands and thanks to Logic Pro I was able to put this together tonight. Thank You for Listening …. if anyone would like to add a lead guitar part down for this I would drop out my key board part and you can do what you want…… smiley

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Electronica: The Deep by Santarii

First song I've made in over a year.

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Rock: Do It Again by Tony2008

Wanted to combine Hip Hop Drums and Real Drums in a guitar instrumental to play around with the groove. I like noodles. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I put noodles on my guitar this song. MMM noodles! I wrote in a stream of conscious mode and just did what i wanted when i felt like it. It may seem random because it kinda is. lol

I wanted a lurching elephant on the highway feel to the main riff. I used my start for all the tones with the plugin alliance rickrack pro as my distortion and my preamp was the H&K Tubemeister. I did everything in one take. There are warts here. Please enjoy.

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Hip Hop/Rap: ZIP IT UP by slenderfungus

Another one.... I love this this!
Raw energy my friends, raw energy....


Dan X.

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Other: TSH art studio sessions tape 7 by bNe

Quadrant 2 'TSH'
@ M Colony & Goose Paradise
late evening sessions

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Other: M Colony - Game at midnight by bNe

the in-house sport complex, beside the quadrants

note: this is boring monotonous percussion noise that does nothing for 17 min. very dull. listen at own risk.

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Rock: Crystal Vision (2014) by Tony2008

I dusted off a song I did a while back and applied some new mixing techniques to it and some new WAVES plugins (like REEL ADT) and some nice stereo field stuff for the guitars. This song has a piano and synth strings so, for me it is hard to balance those in a rock setting without either being too loud or soft. I also used a nice Superior Drummer Vintage Kit that sounds like I recorded the drums in a small room. Hopefully this mix is louder/clearer and more punchy than the last.

I always wanted to do a solo in the front of a song. So here it is!

I used L3 UltraMaximiser and the bx_digital along with a gate because of some hiss noise that a j37 Tape emulator plugin was generating (the good ole days!). Abbey Road J37 faithfully recreates the unrivaled sonic signature of the original machine. Please enjoy and comment!

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Rock: Sheep by Rok41

“Sheep” was a bit of a challenge as I tried some different techniques when recording, most of which I will never do again ☺ Anyway, I was very fortunate to have the stunning Natalie (Strangedream) Scibetta add some soft harms on the choruses. She is uber talented and has been blessed with great musical sensibilities. This also features Sigmund with another outstanding guitar performance on the lead sections. He just gets better and better!

Thanks for dropping in.

Chris Flynn – Bass, Guitar, Keys, DOD Drums, percussion, Vocals, BGV’s
Natalie Scibetta – BGV’s
Sigmund – Lead Guitar

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Rock: Seagulls and stones by Babbazitt

Everybody should know by now that Seagulls come from outer-space and have been bringing death and desolation through the ages - this I have depicted in sound via this track - oh yeah and I needed to do a preset check/test with my Digitech RP355 multi-effect pedal - no drums or any other instruments, just yet another look into my head: a mental snap-shot as it were.....
Photo taken from the web for non-commercial purposes.
Watch it on youtube:

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Something to get in that zone..check out the mixtape also from my Dj "WAKE & BAKE"…xtape.603496.html

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Ambient: * Help with a title * by MikeMarino

I was hoping you all might be able to help me put a name to this haunting, bittersweet song I put together.

Any comments/thoughts are welcomed.


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Alternative: Return of U by mellis

A song originally posted by Ultrabeast, Tom and myself as a sideproject gone good, in my opinion anywho. Ultrabeast is now for some reasons i do not feel the urge to comment banned and so all his work. I do though feel that Tom and I put much into this soundtrackish song that I want to post it again. Please enjoy again with ears that are open

Br Martin

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Dance: Disaster in the Universe - Beach House (remix) by Claudio_Merlini

Here's my remix of the song "Beach House" that I've composed for the original contest created by Disaster in the Universe.
Original song by: Disaster in the Universe.
Thanks to Dosser for his kindly permission to share here this coconut-message-remix.

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Inspirational: Gone (w/ new iC member!) by videoscore

James, a new iC member and lyric writer, posted a while ago in one of our forums that he was looking for a collaboration with a music writer. I looked at some of his lyrics and was quite amazed at the depth and emotion that he put into them. HOWEVER, I had never written music for a lyric, always the other way around. Anyway, I thought I would give it a try, and get way out of my comfort zone. I hope I did it justice James. I asked Anne to sing it and of course she brought the music to a whole new level so I felt much better - thank you Sis!!

By the way, this is the very first time James ever had a lyric put to music. May there be many more collaborations, James, from the endless pool of talent that comprises iCompositions!

Vocals: Anne
Lyrics: James
Instrumental: Tim


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Classical: Memorial by sookin01

A new old song. The basis for this was made in the fall of 1995. Now I have done some extras. In the picture it is maybe possible to see my "studio" while I was at the university. It is two Macintosh. The oldest, plus, is still running and i have it in my studio. I do not use it though.

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House: Bring The Light by RevJoE

042114 now this one is some more of my Housey stuff and it's a bit spacey too....enjoy...

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Alternative: Your Eyes Shine Like The Sun by jonsmjohnson


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Other: FAUX TRIPPIN - Collab by eX1

Tom ( toveco ) asked me if he could do some work on my FAUX TRIPPIN song and I was thrilled. I have wanted to Collaborate with someone here for as long as have been here and now I have my first with " toveco " smiley and a surprise artist " bigjimslade " a real Bonus ….When I heard it this morning I got a big smile on my face and really liked what he added to make this really a FAUX TRIPPIN SONG.
Thanks for listening and enjoy the Trip smiley

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Other: Driving with the Inner Eye by jptiptonsr

The title of this piece is a pun on a Ray Bradbury short story Driving Blind. Aside from that it doesn’t really have any meaning pertinent to the piece itself aside from the work should have a name as we humans like to name things. But further thought might indicate that these animals we currently walk around in (i.e. John Tipton is just the animal I’m walking around in at the moment) need further guidance than mere external observation might afford, some thing to think about (oh, that makes my brain hurt.)

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