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Scotty Mills: MidiOrleans

[I love the MIDI orchestral arrangements Scott Hill shares with as at Macjams. They show elegance and a growing command of how to get the most out of software orchestral instruments. I also enjoy his choice of music. In fact, I have begun a long term collaboration with him that might result in an [...]

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NEW BEAUTIFUL by Satellite Tragedy

SATELLITE TRAGEDY: New Beautiful 2008/ Popup Records 11 tracks / 39:17 minutes I have had the pleasure of interviewing Ridd Sorensen of Satellite Tragedy for the MacJams Blog. Please see Ridd Sorensen: Drawing On The Moment. We discuss the album during the interview, along with a bunch of other personal and career stuff. Please check it out. Satellite Tragedy [...]

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Ridd Sorensen: Drawing On The Moment

One of the best voices and most consistently successful GarageBand self-recording artists on the site is Ridd Sorensen (member name rsorensen), also known as satellitetragedy and blinddogsky. (Satellite Tragedy and Blind Dog Sky are his bands’ names). He’s been everything from ‘Head of New Media’ for Weezer to the Senior Director of Atomic Betty [...]

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Rebsie Fairholm: Mind The Gap

REBSIE FAIRHOLM: Mind The Gap 2008/ Sonic Spongecake 11 tracks / 45:47 minutes Rebsie Fairholm, known simply as Rebsie to most Macjammers, is one of the sweet voices of the MJ community. I say this because of her gentle demeanor and supportive honesty as well as her airy vocals. I had the privilege of interviewing her for the [...]

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Drakonis (aka Eduard): MacJams Ambassador

[There are a handful of people who, if Macjams ever became a corporation, should be on the board of directors. Drakonis is one. I am very glad Mark added him to the list of active participants in his interview series. I personally thank Drak for all his help and wise directional inspiration. He has been [...]

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Eddie Fliess: A Music Factory

[This is a reprint of an interview by Mark Holbrook for the Macjammers Blog. For comments attached to the original blog, please go here.] Eddie Fliess… I like to call him a music factory! Every time I log into MacJams it seems there is another wonderful piece posted by EEFliess. Eddie is always on [...]

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Mark Holbrook: High Flying Man

This is a self-interview created by Mark Holbrook for the Macjammers Blog (an alternative MJ blog he started while I was on Rain Bather hiatus). Upon his request, I am going to transfer his interviews into the main blog’s Artist Spotlight over the next few weeks. Thank you, Mark, for filling the void so well. [...]

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Lucky Ghost: “Network Stars”

LUCKY GHOST: Network Stars (by Seth Berkowitz, a.k.a. Aaron Hill) 2008/ CDBaby 11 tracks / 58:44 minutes Lucky Ghost is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Seth Berkowitz, formerly of Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard, Conquistador, and Skabba the Hut. Synthesizing influences from ’80’s pop, ’70’s prog and modern indie rock, Lucky Ghost emerges with a [...]

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Bob Prince: guitapick gits a pick

Bob Prince, a/k/a guitapick, has been a member of Macjams since January 18, 2007, although, to me, it seems longer, since his friendly way and neighborly manner (he lives not far from me) is timeless. As is his guitar playing and sense of grace. I also got a kick out of his monicker and asked [...]

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Mikki Nylund: Love Revolutionary

Mikki Nylund, know to Macjammers as mikkinylund, is among the most inventive songwriters on the site. He lyrics plow new ground, continually surprise as well as prick the conscience. He tries his hand at nearly every music genre, depending on what the concept of his latest song requires. I look forward to every post, knowing [...]

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