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O2 to launch iPhone 3G at 7 a.m., limited one per person

O2 will officially launch the iPhone 3G in the United Kingdom on July 11 at 7:00 a.m. local time, and has also imposed a sales limit of one-per-person on the new handset. “Orders will be placed on a first come first served basis,” O2 said in a text message to customers explaining the need for the sales limitation. “We will be writing to you again before the 11th with details about how you can place your order.”

Intel disappointed with next-gen iPhone snub

Speaking at a press briefing to honor Intel’s 40th anniversary, Patrick Gelsinger, general manager of the company’s digital enterprise group, expressed disappointment over Apple’s decision to eschew Intel’s Atom platform in future phones and digital media devices in favor of custom chips designed in-house with the help of recently-acquired P.A. Semi. “Apple chose not to take that road map at their next generation of platform,” said Gelsinger. “That was disappointing.” In June Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed in an interview that P.A. Semi would build chips for both the iPhone and iPod, putting to rest speculation over why Apple acquired the chipmaker. Earlier reports, including one based on a quote from an Intel executive, had suggested that Apple planned to use an Atom processor inside an as-yet-unreleased deluxe iPhone.

T-Mobile lists iPhone plans & pricing for Netherlands

T-Mobile has announced its pricing and service plans (Translated link) for the iPhone 3G in the Netherlands. The carrier is offering three different iPhone monthly plans, all including unlimited data, unlimited use of T-Mobile hotspots, and Visual Voicemail, and will price the iPhone 3G based on which monthly plan the customer chooses for his/her two-year commitment. The €29.95 (~$47) a month plan includes 150 airtime minutes, 150 SMS messages, and brings the iPhone 3G’s pricing to €79.95 (~$126) for the 8GB model and €159.99 (~$253) for the 16GB model. With the €44.95 (~$71) plan, which includes 300 minutes and 300 SMS texts, the 8GB iPhone sells for €1 (~$1.60), while the 16GB model goes for €79.95. Finally, the €64.95 (~$103) a month plan includes 500 minutes and 500 texts. With that plan, the 8GB model sells for €1, while the 16GB iPhone 3G costs only €19.95 (~$32). Extra minutes or texts are priced at €0.25 (~$0.40) per, no matter which of the three plans a customer chooses. T-Mobile will launch the iPhone 3G in the Netherlands on July 11.

AT&T iPhone 3G plans: $70-$130 single, $130-$360 family

AT&T has announced its AT&T Nation and AT&T FamilyTalk plans for iPhone 3G. Its AT&T Nation plans, meant for individual users, range in price from $69.99 to $129.99 a month, and include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. The $69.99 a month plan includes 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night & weekend minutes, and any overages will cost $0.45 per minute. With the $89.99 a month plan, users receive 900 anytime minutes, unlimited nights & weekends, and an overage rate of $0.40 per minute, while the $109.99 a month plan provides 1350 anytime minutes, unlimited nights & weekends, and an additional minute charge of $0.35 per minute. Finally, AT&T is offering an Unlimited individual iPhone 3G plan for $129.99 a month, which provides unlimited minutes in addition to the unlimited data and Visual Voicemail mentioned above.

AT&T’s FamilyTalk iPhone plans cover two lines and include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail, unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, and unlimited nights & weekends. The $129.99 a month plan provides 700 shared anytime minutes and additional minutes for $0.45, the $149.99 plan offers 1400 shared anytime minutes and additional minutes for $0.40, while the $169.99 plan offers 2100 shared anytime minutes and an addition minutes rate of $0.35. Plans are also available at $209.99, $259.99, and $359.99 points, and include 3000, 4000, and 6000 shared anytime minutes, respectively. Each additional line added to any of the above FamilyTalk plans runs an additional $39.99 per month. An Unlimited FamilyTalk plan will be available for $259.99 a month for two lines, with each additional line costing $129.99 a month.

In a notable change from AT&T’s prior plans, SMS Text messaging is now always sold at an additional charge, and will cost individuals $5 per month for 200 messages, $15 per month for 1500 messages, or $20 per month for Unlimited. For FamilyTalk plans, SMS can be added for $30 per month for unlimited texts, or for $0.20 per message.

iPhone 3G See What’s New video, summarized in one page

For those of our readers who don’t have access to video playback, or just want a fast summary of all of the iPhone 3G’s new features, we have created this: a summary of the freshly posted iPhone 3G See What’s New video, complete with images. Inside, you can learn about the iPhone 3G’s “dramatically improved audio,” the system’s GPS “Tracking Mode,” the collection of Restrictions, and much more.

While the video doesn’t reveal many secrets, you may find the complete feature list interesting. Click on the title or comments bar below for the full scoop, and see our iPhone 3G First Look for many additional details.

Apple posts iPhone 3G Guided Tours

Apple has posted two guided video tours of the iPhone 3G. As with the company’s previous guided video tours, the iPhone 3G guided tours walk users through the various features of the new iPhone. The main Guided Tour video covers the phone’s features from the standpoint of a new iPhone user, including basic features and functions that will be familiar to current iPhone users. In addition, Apple has posted a “What’s New” Guided Tour, meant for those already familiar with the iPhone’s functionality. It covers 3G, a-GPS, and the iPhone 2.0 software. Both videos are currently available for viewing and download from Apple’s iPhone website.

iPhone 3G $399-$699 U.S. price options, 8AM launch announced

AT&T has revealed details regarding its pricing policy for the iPhone 3G in the United States. As previously announced, the 8GB model will cost $199 and the 16GB model will sell for $299, and will be available at those prices to customers who bought the iPhone before July 11, who are activating a new line with AT&T and/or who are eligible for an upgrade discount. For customers who aren’t eligible for the upgrade discount and who agree to a new two-year service plan, the 8GB model will sell for $399 and the 16GB model for $499 — identical to Apple’s unsubsidized pricing on the first-generation iPhone. AT&T will also offer the iPhone 3G on a no-contract-required basis, with the 8GB model priced at $599 and the 16GB at $699. In addition to the handset charge, current AT&T customers who are upgrading to iPhone 3G will pay an $18 upgrade fee and new AT&T customers will pay the standard $36 activation fee. The iPhone 3G will go on sale at 8 a.m. local time, July 11.


Swisscom announces iPhone 3G pricing for Switzerland

Swisscom has announced its service plans and pricing for the iPhone 3G in Switzerland. As in many other countries, Swisscom’s pricing for the handset is tiered based on which plan the customer chooses for his/her 24-month contract. Unlike most other countries, however, airtime minutes are charged at a pre-determined hourly rate, instead of in bulk by the month. With the CHF 25 (~$25) NATEL liberty piccolo monthly plan, users get 100 MB of data a month and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.70 (~$0.70). The 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for CHF 249 (~$244) with the CHF 25 monthly plan, while the 16GB model will run CHF 349 (~$342). With the CHF 35 (~$34) NATEL liberty mezzo monthly plan, users are provided with 250 MB of data and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.50 (~$0.50); the 8GB iPhone 3G is sold for CHF 199 (~$195) and the 16GB model for CHF 299 (~$293). The NATEL liberty grande plan, which runs CHF 55 (~$54) a month, provides 1,000 MB of data and an hourly call rate of CHF 0.50 (~$0.50), bringing the price of the iPhone down to CHF 99 (~$97) for the 8GB model and CHF 199 (~$195) for the 16GB model. All subscription plans also include Visual Voicemail and free access to over 1,100 hotspots across Switzerland. Finally, Swisscom will also offer the iPhone 3G on a prepaid basis (NATEL easy liberty uno), with the 8GB model selling for CHF 519 (~$509), the 16GB for CHF 619 (~$607). The prepaid hourly call rate will be CHF 0.80 (~$0.80), with a flat data rate of CHF 1 ($0.98) per megabyte of data. Swisscom will launch the iPhone 3G in Switzerland on July 11. [via setteB.IT]

Internal AT&T, Rogers memos detail iPhone 3G unbricking

An internal AT&T memo obtained by AppleInsider, and a similar internal Rogers memo posted on a Canadian iPhone forum, describe a special version of iTunes that will be used for the in-store “unbricking” process required to let customers use the iPhone 3G. The AT&T memo shows an icon for “iTunes (Activation Only Mode),” noting that “[t]his icon is for the itunes utility that will be used for unbricking iPhone 3G devices during the activation process.” It goes on to note that the icon will be needed for the iPhone 3G launch on July 11, and that it is “not a full version of iTunes and is for use in activations ONLY.” The Rogers memo defines the unbricking process as “enabling the phone for services,” and reveals that the “Activation Only” version of iTunes is labeled as 7.6.3b4. Interestingly, a download link is provided in the leaked memo, but the page specifies that the maximum number of downloads has been reached.

Canadian users blast Rogers on iPhone 3G pricing [updated]

In the wake of last week’s announcement by Rogers Communications of Canadian iPhone service plans, a grass roots petition campaign has been launched to protest both data limits on the plans and their associated pricing. User James Hallen initially created an anti-Rogers website with a profane URL, later re-directing traffic to an updated site called, claiming that the Canadian iPhone carrier’s rates on its iPhone service plans are unfair, especially when compared with those of U.S. carrier AT&T. Hallen notes that he “was going to buy an iPhone for me, my girlfriend and my family,” but now, “sadly, I cannot afford the plan.” To date, the website’s petition has received 16,874 signatures, and will continue to collect supporters’ signatures until July 11, at which point the founders of the website will send a printed copy of all the signatures and accompanying messages to Rogers’ headquarters in order to “demonstrate our indignation toward them,” and in hopes of forcing the carrier to rethink its iPhone plans and rates.

Update: Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber points out Rogers’ early cancellation policy: “An Early Cancellation Fee (EECF) applies if, for any reason, your service is terminated prior to the end of the service agreement. The ECF is the greater of (ii) $1100 or (iii) $220 per month remaining in the service agreement, to a maximum of 400 (plus applicable taxes), and applies on each line in the plan that is terminated.”

Telstra to carry iPhone 3G in Australia, launch July 11

Telstra has announced that it will become the third carrier to offer the iPhone 3G in Australia, alongside Optus and Vodafone. According to the announcement, Telstra will begin offering the iPhone July 11 with a range of specifically appointed Next G iPhone 3G plans. Plans will start at $A30 (~$29) per month with an upfront cost of $A279 (~$269) for the 8GB model and $A399 (~$384) for the 16GB model. Customers will receive the 8GB iPhone 3G model at no cost with the $A80 (~$77) plan and either the 8GB or the 16GB model at no cost with plans starting at $A100 (~$96) per month. All plans include free Wi-Fi access at Telstra hotspots and require a 24-month contract. Telstra has previously threatened legal action over what it considered to be potentially misleading claims made by competing network Optus regarding its iPhone 3G service.

“Australians are very excited about iPhone 3G and we’re delighted to bring this product to them on Telstra’s high-speed Next G network,” said David Moffatt, Telstra’s consumer group managing director. “With iPhone 3G on the country’s largest and fastest 3G network, providing coverage to 99 percent of the population, more Australians will enjoy the iPhone 3G experience in even more places.”
“We’re thrilled to work with Telstra to bring iPhone 3G to Australia’s largest 3G network,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “iPhone 3G is an amazing product and we think Telstra’s over 9 million mobile customers will love it as much as we do.”

Hutchison reveals iPhone 3G plans, pricing for Hong Kong

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong has revealed its pricing and service plans for the iPhone 3G in Hong Kong. Following precedents set in various other countries, Hutchison will offer tiered pricing on the iPhone 3G, based on which of the four iPhone Tariff Plans the customer chooses for his or her 24-month agreement. With the HK$498 (roughly $64) plan, which includes unlimited data and 2,200 basic minutes, the 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for HK$0, while the 16GB model will run HK$138 (~$18). The 8GB iPhone 3G will run HK$938 (~$120) with the HK$328 (~$42) tariff, which includes 500MB of data and 1,500 minutes, while the 16GB model will cost HK$1,738 (~$223). With the HK$268 (~$34) plan, which offers 500MB of data and 800 minutes, the 8GB model will cost HK$1,738, while the 16GB model will cost HK$2,538 (~$325). The 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for HK$2,938 (~$377), and the 16GB model for HK$3,738 (~$479) with the most affordable, HK$188 (~$24) tariff, which offers 500MB of data and 500 basic minutes. All four plans include unlimited on-network SMS messaging, as well as a limited number of credits good toward access to 3-provided multimedia and text-based content.

Hutchison will begin taking pre-registrations for the iPhone 3G on July 1, and will kick off iPhone 3G sales in Hong Kong with an “iPhone 3G First Day Sales Gala,” with attendees randomly selected from pre-registered customers. “iPhone 3G will herald a leap in mobile data consumption. Customers will love using the revolutionary iPhone 3G to explore the mobile Internet and exchange information while on the move. We foresee that the new generation customers will no longer go after call plans with excessive call minutes; rather they will look for price plans that offer them complete ease of mind when consuming mobile data. We are enabling customers to fully embrace the mobile Internet world by redefining mobile tariffs with four data-centric price plans that are ideal for mobile data consumption,” said Amy Lung, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile, Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong.

Verizon CEO: Suggestion of iPhone success a ‘conspiracy’

In an interview with the Financial Times, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has referred to the press’ suggestion that Apple’s iPhone 3G handset will see widespread success a “conspiracy.” Seidenberg described Apple as a “great company,” while pointing out its currently small share of global handset sales, and scoffing at the suggestion that the iPhone 3G’s lower subsidized pricing will help it gain mass-market acceptance. “There goes the conspiracy again,” he said. “You’re declaring them a winner before they’ve earned it on the field.” He also said that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has no monopoly on innovation, while describing how advanced mobile handsets could cause problems for other companies’ business models. “It’s very cool. And Steve Jobs eventually will get old . . . I like our chances.” Verizon recently announced a deal to buy Alltel for $28.1 billion, a move that will make it the largest US mobile company with more than 80 million customers. Seidenberg’s comments follow an incident in which a radio DJ staged a smashing of his iPhone, only to receive a call from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse moments later, who said “that was music to my ears.” The DJ’s destruction of the iPhone allegedly was “bought” by Sprint to promote a competing phone.

NetCom outlines iPhone 3G plans, pricing

Norwegian iPhone carrier NetCom has revealed its pricing and service plans for the iPhone 3G. Three different “iTalk” plans — Small, Medium, and Large — will be offered for the iPhone 3G, with the price of the handset varying based on the accompanying plan. The Small plan is priced at 399 NOK (~$79) and includes 100 voice minutes, 100 SMS messages, and 100 MB of data. When purchased with the Small plan, the 8GB iPhone 3G will cost 1390 NOK (~$275), while the 16 GB model will run 2290 NOK (~$452). The Medium plan provides 250 minutes, 250 texts, and 250MB of data for 699 NOK (~$138), and brings the cost of the 8GB iPhone 3G down to 690 NOK (~$136), while the 16 GB model runs 1590 NOK (~$314) with the plan. Finally, the Large plan runs 1099 NOK (~$217) a month and includes 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1000 MB of data. The 8GB iPhone costs only 1 NOK when purchased with the Large plan; users may upgrade to the 16GB model for 890 NOK (~$176). The iPhone 3G will launch in Norway on July 11.

TeliaSonera announces iPhone 3G pricing for Sweden

Telia has announced its pricing for the iPhone 3G and its associated voice and data plans in Sweden, and will offer the iPhone 3G for as little as one Swedish Krona (basically free) with a 24-month contract on its most expensive iPhone plan. The carrier will offer three voice and data plans for the iPhone 3G, named iMini, iMidi, and iMaxi, that will cost 299 SEK (around $50), 489 SEK (around $82), and 859 SEK (around $144) a month, respectively. The iMini plan offers 100 voice minutes, 100 SMS messages, and 100MB of data, while the iMidi plans offers 250 voice minutes, 250 SMS texts, and 250MB of data, and the iMaxi plan offers 1,000 voice minutes, 1,000 SMS messages, and 1,000 MB of data. All three plans will include unlimited free Wi-Fi at over 1,800 hotspots in Sweden.

Pricing for the iPhone 3G will be tiered based on the length of the contract and the plan selected. The 8GB model will sell for 1,695 SEK (roughly $283) with a 24-month contract for the iMini plan, 995 SEK (~$166) with the iMidi, and 1 SEK with the iMaxi plan. The 16GB model sells with the same agreements for 2,495 SEK (~$417), 1,795 SEK (~$300), and 795 SEK (~$133). 18-month contracts will also be offered for both models and with all three plans. The 8GB model will sell 2,495 SEK (~$417) with the iMini plan on an 18-month basis, 1,895 SEK (~$317) with iMidi plan, and 1,395 SEK (~$233) with iMaxi plan. Finally, the 16GB model will sell for 3,295 SEK (~$551) with the iMini plan on an 18-month contract, 2,695 SEK (~$450) with the iMidi plan, and 2,195 SEK (~$367) with the iMaxi plan. Telia will begin selling the iPhone 3G in Sweden at all 84 of its stores on July 11.

China Mobile: iPhone talks have ‘cleared hurdle’

China Mobile’s negotiations with Apple over the iPhone 3G have made it past their most difficult stage, according to a China Mobile spokeswoman. China Mobile has been in talks to carry the iPhone since last November, but found Apple’s prior insistence on a revenue sharing agreement to be a sticking point. “Apple is no longer insisting on a revenue-sharing policy, so the biggest hurdle for China Mobile to bring in the iPhone has been cleared, but there are practical issues still to be resolved,” said China Mobile spokeswoman Rainie Lei. Apple executives have prevously said they hoped to have the iPhone available in China sometime in 2008.

Rogers details iPhone voice and data plans

Rogers Communications has posted details of its voice and data packages for the iPhone 3G. Four different packages will be available for the iPhone, ranging in price from C$60 to C$115. The C$60 plan will provide 150 weekday minutes, 400MB of data, and 75 text messages, while C$75 brings 300 weekday minutes, 750MB of data, and 100 text messages. A C$100 plan will offer 600 weekday minutes, 1GB of data, and 200 text messages, while the most expensive (C$115) plan will provide 800 weekday minutes, 2GB of data, and 300 texts. All four plans will include unlimited night and weekend calling, unlimited access to Rogers Wireless and Fido Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as Visual Voicemail. In addition to these plans, Rogers will offer two iPhone Value Pack feature bundle add-ons. The C$15 Value Pack will include call display, the WhoCalled feature, 2,500 texts, caller Ring Trax, and 2,500 call forwarding minutes, while the C$20 pack bumps the texts to 10,000, and adds 6pm early evening calling. Rogers will begin selling the iPhone 3G on July 11, with the 8GB model costing C$199 and the 16GB model C$299, both with a three-year commitment.

Apple releases eighth update to iPhone SDK

Apple has released the eighth beta version of its iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). The new beta release is labeled build 9M2199a, beta 8, and weighs in at 1.25 GB. It is available now as a free download for registered developers from the iPhone Dev Center. Release notes have not yet been posted.

Global iPhone 3G promotions begin

Leading up to the first-generation iPhone release last June, Apple launched an aggressive advertising campaign that was hard for anyone to miss. Attractive, feature-specific TV ads for the handset seeemed to run during every popular program, and Apple found ways to get the device into periodicals of all sorts. It may not have sold a million units in its first month on the market, but the iPhone name was everywhere.

This year, Apple and its carrier partners face a much bigger challenge with the iPhone 3G: drumming up hype and spreading product awareness across not one but 22 countries, all at the same time. While iLounge readers in the United States are fairly familiar with the product already, a number of advertisements have popped up all over the globe in preparation for the initial iPhone 3G launch on July 11. We’ve included some photos of these ads below. (Mexico City photo courtesy of flickr user alenm8816.)

iPhone 2.0 Japanese keyboard spotted on video

Details of the iPhone’s Japanese keyboard, due to appear in iPhone Software v2.0, have been posted online. According to a TokyoMango posting accompanying the video, users will be able to choose between a QWERTY-style keyboard and a Japanese cell phone-style keyboard, and may then pick from a multi-tap style kana keyboard or a sliding keyboard. According to the post, “Japanese kana letters are organized in groups of five according to a beginning letter and corresponding vowels (a i u e o), so you can either put in the first letter and then hit the same key between 1-5 times to get the right sound (multi-tap), or you can put the first letter in and then tap and slide through to see all five sounds and pick the right one.” Continue reading to view a video claiming to show off the new keyboard in action. [via TUAW]

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