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LifeProof launches LifeActiv Power Pack 20

LifeProof has just announced LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20, an update to last year’s original LIFEACTÍV that doubles the capacity to allow it to fully charge a laptop or serve as the sole power source for a smartphone on a weekend excursion, while also being rugged enough to take on outdoor adventures. Packed with dual 10,000 mAh batteries for a 74 Wh capacity as well as a USB-C Power Delivery port for maximum charging speed, Power Pack 20 is also waterproof and drop-proof, capable of handling immersion in up to 6.6 feet of water for up to one hour, or drops from up to four feet, as well as of course resisting dirt and snow. An LED flashlight is also built-in to allow Power Pack 20 to serve double duty while on the road, preserving your iPhone battery from the drain of using its LED flashlight. Power Pack 20 is available now from for $100.

Audio-Technica features new line of true wireless in-ear headphones

Audio-Technica is featuring its new lineup of true wireless in-ear headphones this week at CES — the Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW and Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT7TW, which both incorporate Audio-Technica’s new wireless technology that provides completely wireless earbuds while also promising to deliver the audio quality that le from the the company is known for. The ATle H-CKR7TW provide a sleek design and interchangeable 3D Loop Support for discreet yet secure in-ear fit, with button controls for music playback, volume adjustment, and answering phone calls. Specially tuned 11 mm drivers use a diamond-like carbon coated diaphragm that keeps the earphones lightweight while still providing fast response time and reduced distortion, along with machined brass stabilizers to reduce unwanted resonances and a stainless steel acoustic mesh resistor for improved high-frequency response. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology and the aptX and AAC codecs, and can run for up to six hours on a single charge, with an additional nine hours available from the battery in the protective carrying and charging case.

Scosche unveils BTFREQ Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Alexa support

In addition to a new DashCam and updated lineup of MagicMount Charge mounts, Scosche has unveiled BTFREQ, multi-function in-car adapter designed to power to up to two iPhones or iPads while also providing in-vehicle hands-free communications, entertainment, and Alexa support. At its most basic level, BTFREQ is a dual-port charger, with one USB-C PD 18-watt port and one USB-A 12-watt port, allowing for maximum speed charging for just about any mobile device, including Apple’s latest iPhone models. However, it goes beyond a simple charger by offering the ability to access Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant via Bluetooth while driving, allowing users to play music, hear the news, check the weather, and more, all with only their voice, although iPhone users can also choose to simply activate Siri instead. BTFREQ is designed to provide optimal voice recognition by using a second microphone spaced at an optimum distance from the first, and the BTFREQ is also built from automotive-grade ABS plastic that should have it looking right at home in most vehicles. BTFREQ will be available this fall. Pricing has not yet been announced.

OtterBox partners with Corning for screen protection

OtterBox has announced a new partnership with Corning to expand its lineup of protective accessories into screen protectors, with the introduction of a new Amplify glass screen protector that will be developed with glass from Corning, promising longer-lasting protection and durability along with improving transmission and scratch resistance. Corning is a global leader in glass science and is the company behind the glass that’s used in many smartphone displays, including the iPhone. “We understand that your phone screen is the window into your world and a gateway to your most important memories,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “Corning is the leading glass innovation company in the world, and we look forward to this partnership improving smartphone screen protection for our customers.” John Bayne, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Gorilla Glass, added, “Our strategic relationship with OtterBox creates a dream team and a family of best in class products for those consumers who want added screen protection. OtterBox’s trusted brand, excellent engineering and world-class customer service, coupled with Corning’s expertise in glass technologies and proprietary manufacturing processes, will create a portfolio of mobile device screen protectors that deliver a step change in performance and added peace-of-mind for consumers.” A specific release date for the Amplify screen protection portfolio has not yet been announced other than “coming soon.”

Just Mobile releases AluBase Wireless Charger

Just Mobile has released AluBase Wireless, a new wireless charging base featuring Just Mobile’s iconic machined aluminum aesthetic. Compatible with all Qi wireless charging devices, with 10 watts of output for both Apple and Samsung fast charging, AluBase Wireless is finished in high-grade aluminum with a soft-touch charging pad on the top, and includes a USB cable and can be optionally purchased in a version that also includes a USB power adapter. AluBase Wireless is available now from Just Mobile’s website for $39.95 without the adapter or $49.95 with an included power adapter.

Scosche announces MagicGrip Charge Qi mount

Scosche has announced MagicGrip Charge, a unique new Qi-enabled wireless charging mount that uses side grips to secure an iPhone in place, with motorized arms that automatically close when a Qi-enabled device is aligned over its charging coil. The sensing closure ensures perfect placement of the iPhone for optimum charging while securely holding the device in place and still providing full visibility. The charging head allows for full 360-degree rotation, so the iPhone can be viewed in landscape or portrait orientation, or any angle in between, and since the mount charges wirelessly, there are no cables in the way. Like Scosche’s MagicMount Charge 3, announced earlier this week, MagicGrip is also designed to provide thermal management, with the arms keeping a gap between the charging head and the iPhone, allowing heated air to disperse, thereby providing cooler charging which will prolong the device’s battery life. MagicGrip is Qi-certified and delivers up to 10 watts of charging power, meaning maximum wireless charging speeds are supported for all of Apple’s current iPhone models as well as Samsung Fast Charge device, and of course MagicGrip includes the usual safety features such as Foreign Object Detection. MagicGrip is available in the same four mounting options as MagicMount Charge 3, providing for dash mounting, windshield mounting, or vent mounting. MagicGrip Charge is expected to be available this fall.

Scosche unveils BaseLynx modular charging system

Scosche has unveiled BaseLynx a new modular charging system that combines wireless charging with a multi-device organizer that can be customized for use in a variety of work and home environments. The system is made up of a variety of modular components, including a Qi wireless fast charging dock, an Apple Watch charging dock, a vertical power station that can hold and charge up to three devices via wired 12W USB-A and 18W USB-C PD connections, and a powered end cap that provides additional USB-A and USB-C PD power outlets. Each charging dock component ships with its own AC power cord and end caps so that it can be used independently, although the entire system can e powered by a single power cable when the modules are connected together. The wireless charging modules are Qi-certified and can provide up to 10 watts of wireless charging power for both Apple and Samsung Fast Charge devices, and include the usual slate of safety features such as Foreign Object Detection and voltage and temperature regulation. The initial four modules of the BaseLynx system will be available this spring, and Scosche notes that it plans to add new elements to the system in the future to provide even more options.

Lume Cube announces AIR VC Lighting Kit for Video Conferencing

Lume Cube has announced Air VC, a new lighting kit designed to improve video conferencing and live streaming. Building on its Creative Lighting Kit solutions for photography and videography, Air VC is a versatile and portable lighting solution specifically targeted at users of mobile video conferencing technologies such as FaceTime and Skype. AIR VC provides an optimal combination of size, power, durability, and light quality, attaching easily to any iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device with a suction cup while taking up minimal space and maintaining a low profile at only 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches and weighing only two ounces. Lume Cube Air VC provides LED lights with a CRI rating of +/- 90, a 5700K daylight balanced color temperature, and 400 LUX at 1M power, plus a custom Fresnel lens for improved light balance specifically designed for optimal facial illumination, with clean shadows and no hotspots. Included white and warming diffusers provide addition flexibility for a more professional look in different settings, and an internal battery allows Lume Cube Air VC to be used on the go, or connected to a USB power source for charging. Like the standard Lume Cube, the Lume-X iOS app allows users to control brightness, light modes, and more via a Bluetooth connection to the light. Lume Cube Air VC is available now from Lume Cube’s site and other participating retailers for $80.

Scosche announces MagicMount Charge3

Today at CES 2019, Scosche announced the MagicMount Charge3, the latest iteration of its popular in-vehicle charging and mounting system. The new version builds on Scosche’s award-winning MagicMount design and leading Qi Wireless charging technology to produce a device that’s literally cooler and offers even more functional advantages. Available in four different mounting options — vent, dash, window, and double-pivot — MagicMount Charge3 is built from premium materials, including high-impact polycarbonates that are designed to complement a vehicle’s interior. MagicMount Charge3 is also certified by the Wireless Power Consortium and delivers up to 10 watts of charging power, supporting full charging speeds for Apple’s latest slate of iPhones along with Samsung Fast Charge devices. Device-safe Neodymium magnets hold the iPhone in place while also providing a thermal management gap between the phone and Qi charging head that allows heated air to disperse during charging, extending the device’s battery life. Scosche has also made some significant changes to the vent mounting version with MagicMount Charge3, with a distinct design that can be positioned so as not to impede airflow, with a unique open design and an articulated swing-arm that avoids blocking the vehicle’s vent while also allowing for optimal device positioning for maximum visibility. In addition to the vent mounting version, MagicMount Charge3 is also available in Dash Mount and Window/Dash Mount versions that use Scosche’s StickGrip material to provide for a strong hold, as well as a Double Pivot version that uses Scosche’s StickGrip suction-cup base for even more versatility. MagicMount Charge3 will be available this spring; pricing has not yet been announced.

Nuvyyo announces Tablo Quad; Commercial Skipping coming to all Tablo OTA DVRs

Nuvyyo has unveiled Tablo Quad, a four-tuner successor to its Tablo Dual and Tablo Dual Lite. The new model brings the four-tuner support that was available on the original Tablo to the company’s new smaller Tablo design, along with 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and a Gigabit Ethernet connection. While Tablo Quad follows in the footsteps of last year’s Tablo Dual Lite in eschewing on-board storage, Nuvyyo has taken a new direction with Tablo Quad by providing an internal drive bay so users can add their own 2.5-inch SATA drives for a one-box clutter-free solution. SATA drives of up to 8 TB are supported, providing up to 4000 hours, or 166 days, or HDTV recording, although traditional external USB hard drives also remain supported in the same way as on prior Tablo devices. Tablo Quad will be available in late Q1 2019 for $200.

“Tablo QUAD is the only 4-Tuner OTA DVR on the market that easily delivers OTA TV content to all streaming media platforms,” said Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo. “At Nuvyyo, we remain focused on delivering solutions that give cord cutters an optimal balance between picture quality, storage, and speed along with the freedom to watch what they want, when they want, and on the device they choose.”

With the release of Tablo Quad, Nuvyyo is also bringing commercial skipping to its entire OTA DVR lineup for the first time, allowing users to automatically bypass commercials in recorded programs. Rather than removing commercials using CPU-intensive background processing, Tablo will use cloud-based digital signal processing and machine learning algorithms to identify commercial breaks with what Nuvyyo promises to be more accurate results. The commercial skip feature will be released as an open beta in March and will be available to all Tablo OTA DVR owners with an active guide subscription at no additional cost.

NeuroMetrix announces Quell 2.0 with AI-powered therapy for chronic pain sufferers

Health technology company NeuroMetrix has just released Quell 2.0, a major update to its wearable therapeutic pain management device that provides more power in an even smaller package. Quell is a 100 percent drug-free system that uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to block chronic pain; users wear the device on the leg, regardless of the site of the pain, and neural pulses are sent to the brain that trigger a natural pain relief response in the central nervous system. NeuroMetrix has also announced a new “Intensive Therapy” option for the 2.0 version of the device that provides more intensive nerve stimulation in a shorter 15-minute session, allowing users to opt for a faster pain relief regimen than the standard Quell therapy — a first among wearable TENS devices. The company is also introducing an update to the Quell app to add coaching features to help users get the best results from the device. Worn as part of a breathable soft fabric band, Quell 2.0 itself is a credit-card sized device so that it can be worn discreetly and comfortably under clothing, and is 50 percent smaller and 20 percent more powerful than its predecessor. Quell 2.0 is rated for a typical battery life of up to 25 hours, and is the only wearable pain device that’s been approved by the FDA for both day and nighttime use and for multiple types and sources of chronic pain. New machine learning algorithms have also been developed for the new version to add an unprecedented level of personalization to Quell’s chronic pain treatments through the collection and analysis of millions of data points, taking into account such factors as demographics, health conditions, pain levels and characteristics, device utilization and objective measures of sleep, activity and gait from over 70,000 chronic pain sufferers via the Quell Healthcloud. Quell can also adjust therapy based on manual intensity changes, body position, sleep movements, and even changing local weather conditions. Quell 2.0 is available now for $299, with the AI powered capabilities, Intensive Therapy option, and app-based Therapy Coach expected to be coming later this year. .

PureGear unveils PureCam Connected Car Security System 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam

PureGear has announced the PureCam Connected Car Security System 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam, a new in-car dashboard camera that leverages 4G/LTE technology to enable cloud recording and live streaming of activity in and around your car, providing complete video security for everything from accidents to attempted theft. A built-in GPS helps you quickly find your vehicle, whether it’s locating it in a crowded parking lot of after a theft, and two cameras record what’s happening both inside and outside the vehicle, with the ability to remotely view a live stream using the PureCam app on your iPhone or other mobile device. A built-in prominent LED light also adds security, flashing blue when in parking mode to help deter would-be thieves, while a built-in “G-Sensor” detects incidents such as accidents, break-ins, or hit-and-run incidents, sending notices to your iPhone and uploading emergency video to the cloud as a backup for the video which is also stored on the included 16GB microSD memory card. PureGear notes that PureCam is designed for a wide variety of applications, ranging from providing peace of mind for elderly drivers and parents of teen drivers, to use by carpooling parents to capture video of unruly children, and PureCam also incorporates a mobile hotspot to allow Wi-Fi devices to get online via the device’s 4G/LTE connection. The front-facing camera can record videos at 1080p, 720p, and VGA, while the interior-facing camera records in 720p and includes IR for night mode recording; the included 16GB microSD card can store up to 160 minutes of video at 1080p. PureCam is available now from PureGear’s website and Amazon for $250 and includes a 16 GB microSD memory card, OBD-II cable, adjustable mount, and other necessary installation manuals and hardware.

Mophie announces Juice Pack Access for iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Mophie has unveiled an updated version of its classic juice pack battery cases for Apple’s latest iPhone lineup. The new juice pack access cases are designed to protect and wirelessly charge Apple’s latest smartphones while providing extra power to help get heavy iPhone users through their day. The mophie juice pack access for the iPhone XS promises up to 25 hours of talk time, while the juice pack access for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max offer up to 31 hours of total talk time. More significantly, the switch to wireless charging means that the Lightning port is now left exposed so that users can connect wired headphones or other Lightning-based accessories. Juice pack access also features mophie’s Priority+ charging to pass both wireless and wired power to the iPhone before charging up the battery pack itself, and the juice pack access not only transmits charging power to the encased iPhone wirelessly, but also includes a wireless receiver so that it can be recharged from any Qi-enabled wireless charger, including of course mophie’s own charge stream family of products, although a built-in USB-C port is also included for faster wired charging, and users can also charge their encased iPhone directly via the standard Lightning port without needing to remove it from the case. The new juice pack access cases will be available in black, stone, gold, and dark red for the iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS/X and black, blue, and red for the iPhone XR. They’re expected to be available in Q1 2019 for $120.

Scosche announces Full HD Dash Cam, powered by Nexar

Scosche has announced the newest addition to its Safetech family, an iPhone-integrated Full HD Dash Cam that will allow users to record their driving and important vehicular events. Powered by the Nexar app and cloud service, Full HD Dash Cam recordings automatically when you are driving your vehicle, and includes a capacitive-touch “event” button that can be used to mark significant events and footage. Data from the three-axis accelerometer in the camera is paired with the iPhone sensors to also allow the app to automatically detect and record accidents, and a detailed report can also be easily generated from the app and submitted directly to participating insurance companies. Events are also stored in the Nexar Cloud so that data is available even if the paired iPhone is damaged in an accident. The camera itself features a 140-degree wide angle lens and Sony low-light image sensor, and it’s designed for easy self-installation, with the package containing detailed instructions and all necessary mounting hardware, along with a cable and charger and 24/7 technical support. Scosche’s Full HD Dash Cam – Powered by Nexar, is expected to be available Spring 2019. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Withings announces Move and Move ECG fitness and health tracking devices

In addition to today’s announcement of BPM Core, Withings has also released two new fitness and health trackers, Move and Move ECG. Withings Move ($70) is a fashionably-designed analog watch that follows in the trend first started by the company’s 2014 Activité, incorporating fitness tracking into a more typical watch design. Move brings the fitness features of Activité and Steel HR Sport into a more affordable device, with built-in advanced activity and sleep racking capabilities along with more design options to fit users’ own personal style, with a range of case, wristband, dial, handle, watch face colors, and material combinations. The traditional timepiece design features three dials, two of which display the time and one that visualizes the user’s activity progression based on goals set in the Withings Health mate app. Users can also connect to a wide range of more than 100 third-party fitness apps such as Apple’s HealthKit, Google Fit, or MyFitnessPal for automatically tracking normal daily activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling as well as starting on-demand workouts for specific sessions. Sleep monitoring features also allow users to get an analysis of their sleep patterns, including length, depth, and quality of sleep, along with a smart wakeup feature that uses vibration alarms to wake users at optimal times during the sleep cycle. Move ECG ($130) includes all of the activity and sleep tracking features of Move, while also adding a medical-grade electrocardiogram feature, allowing users to easily monitor their cardiovascular health at any time and detect heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). Move is available for pre-order now from Withings’ web site in five different color options, with the company promising to expand the collection regularly with new design schemes. Move ECG is currently under review for FDA and CE clearance and is expected to be available in Q2 2019 in both the U.S. and Europe.

Withings unveils BPM Core Blood Pressure, ECG, and Digital Stethoscope Monitor

Withings has announced a new slate of health monitoring devices — the first new devices to come out in this category since before the company’s erstwhile and unfruitful sojourn in the hands of Nokia. After being repurchased by its original founder, Withings made its comeback last fall with new fitness trackers, and now this week at CES the company has unveiled a new collection of heart and blood pressure monitoring accessories. Withings’ new BPM Core dramatically expands on the concept behind the company’s classic Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, taking it beyond simple and clinically accurate blood pressure monitoring into a full in-home cardiovascular monitor that can also provide ECG monitoring to identify atrial fibrillation (AFib), as well as a digital stethoscope that can provide early detection of valvular heart disease. Multiple studies have found a correlation between high blood pressure, AFib, and valvuvar damage, but the latter conditions often go undiagnosed for longer periods of time because symptoms can be easily missed if they do not occur during an actual doctors visit. BPM Core communicates wirelessly with Withings’ Health Mate app and includes a rechargeable battery that can performs hundreds of measurements on a single charge. The app will capture the results from the three different measurements, providing a snapshot of current state as well as maintaining a historical record of cardiovascular health and offering an assessment of heart activity to identify potential problems. All data from BPM Core, including actual audio recordings of heart activity, can also be easily shared with medical professionals. Withings BPM Core is expected to be available in Q2 2019 for $249.95 in both the U.S. and European markets; it is currently under review for FDA and CE clearance.

Mophie announces fast-charging Powerstation PD battery packs

Mophie has announced two new additions to its popular powerstation product lineup designed to take charging performance to the next level. The new powerstation PD ($60) and powerstation PD XL ($80) sport 18-watt USB-C PD charging capabilities, allowing users of the latest iPhones to get their devices back up from dead to a 50% capacity in under 30 minutes, in the same way as using a USB-C PD wall charger. The standard powerstation PD features a 6,700 mAh battery, while the powerstation PD XL takes that up to 10,050 mAh. Both devices incorporate a single USB-C port that can be used for charging up the battery pack from an external power source and supplying power to a connected iPhone or other USB-C PD capable device. A USB-A port is also included to allow for simultaneous charging of a second device at standard USB speeds. Both of the new powerstation models have a textured finish for a comfortable feel and protection against scratches and scruffs.

Wicked Audio announces new lineup of true wireless headphones for active lifestyles

Wicked Audio will be expanding its iconic line of headphones with the announcement of four new products at CES 2019 next week that will be available this spring. Designed for users with active lifestyles, each of Wicked Audio’s new headphones boast serious sound and high-fidelity bass designed to appeal to rockers, skaters, and other adventurous on-the-go music fans.

The new lineup is being headlined by Cron ($100), a premium true wireless earbud that provides six hours of listening time on a single charge, along with a companion Powerbank charging case that will allow users to power up their earbuds alongside their other electronic devices. It also boasts an IPX5 waterproof rating, making it an ideal choice for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Catalyst launches new Special Edition Waterproof Case for AirPods

Catalyst has just announced is new Special Edition Waterproof Case for AirPods, a design evolution of its award-winning waterproof AirPods case. The new Special Edition cases, available in three exclusive colors, have been created, developed and packaged with high quality and durable materials, and feature an IP67 waterproof rating to protect your AirPods at depths of up to 3.3 feet, as well as offering drop protection to four feet. The case is made from soft and durable silicone and also includes a premium lightweight carabiner in a matte finish to allow it to be easily hooked onto just about anything from belt loops to backpacks. A bottom seal over the Lightning port allows the AirPods to be charged without removing them from the case. The new Special Edition cases sell for $29.95 and are available exclusively from Apple, both online and at select retail stores, as well as from Catalyst’s own website.

Alexa integration coming to Vector on Dec. 17 along with more interactive features

Anki has announced that Amazon Alexa support will officially be coming to Vector on Monday, Dec. 17, just in time for the holidays. While the company announced the upcoming Alexa support last month, no release date was given at that time. The Alexa integration will be opt-in, so users who want to use this feature will have to specifically link Vector up with Alexa, but after doing so they will be able to issue commands to Vector using the standard “Alexa” prefix, allowing the little robot to provide access to the expanding collection of Alexa skills, which coincidentally will also include Apple Music starting on the same day that Vector joins the Alexa family. Anki has also published a video demonstrating the new Alexa support in action.

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