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MacMinute reports details of Enimen vs. Apple lawsuit

  • February 25, 2004
  • Apple

MacMinute - As reported yesterday, Eight Mile Style, Eminem’s music publisher, is suing Apple claiming that the company used one of the rapper’s songs—“Lose Yourself” from the 2002 film “8 Mile”—in an iTunes television commercial without permission. MacMinute has obtained the 15-page lawsuit, which was filed on Feb. 20 in U.S. District Court in Detroit, Michigan. The suit—which also names Viacom, its MTV subsidiary and the TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency—said “Eminem has never nationally endorsed any commercial products and… even if he were interested in endorsing a product any endorsement deal would require a significant amount of money, possibly in excess of $10 million.”

Apple vs. Apple, Judge owns iPod

  • February 25, 2004
  • Apple

“Mr Justice Mann, of the High Court Chancery Division, revealed today that he owns an Apple iPod – the neat little portable computer which allows its user to download thousands of music tracks over the internet. He asked lawyers if this disqualified him from hearing a trademark dispute between Apple Computers and the Beatles company Apple Corps over the computer giant’s iTunes online music store.

Lord Grabiner QC, for Apple Computers, said he was delighted to hear the judge had an iPod and added: ‘We would perhaps have sent you one free if that would not have been improper.’”

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iPod mini Manuals available

Apple has posted three different user manuals for the iPod mini; User’s Guide, Tutorial and Quick Reference. (PDF)

iPod ads “focus on a very narrow market”

  • February 25, 2004
  • iPod

“However, the world’s leading expert on the social impact of personal-stereo devices – Sussex University lecturer Michael Bull – says “the adverts only focus on a very narrow market”. He added: “It’s wrong to assume that only the youth use personal stereos, as they get older they still use them.

“There are people who play Beethoven and Jazz on their iPod, and the Apple iTunes Store also reflects this diversity, Apple should market the iPod to these people, too.”

Media Week senior editor Mike Butcher agrees: “Targeting youth makes sense from a prime-marketing perspective but because the iPod is not the cheapest player around, this would suggest the market is actually a bit older.”“

Professor Bull studies the iPod

  • February 25, 2004
  • iPod

“Lecturer Dr. Michael Bull is “the world’s leading—perhaps only—expert on the social impact of personal stereo devices,” according to The New York Times. [...]

Now Bull has turned his attention to Apple’s iPod.

Bull is currently interviewing iPod owners about how, when, where and why they use the iPod, and how it integrates into their everyday lives.”

Mac|Windows: iPod mini 1.0 Software Released

Everything you love about iPod just got tinier. iPod mini lets you bring 1,000 songs everywhere you go in an anodized aluminum body about the size of a business card. The iPod mini 1.0 Software updates and restores software on your iPod mini.

Eminem sues Apple over iTunes ad

  • February 24, 2004
  • Apple

“Rapper Eminem’s music publisher is suing Apple Computer Inc., claiming the company used one of the hip-hop superstar’s songs in a television advertisement without permission.

Eight Mile Style filed the copyright infringement suit late last week against Apple, Viacom Inc., its MTV subsidiary and the TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency.

At issue is an ad for Apple’s iTunes pay-per-download music software, in which a 10-year-old sings Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” The suit claims the commercial aired on MTV beginning in July 2003 and ran numerous times for at least three months. It also appeared on Apple’s Web site.”

Mediafour releases XPlay 2.0 Beta

picXPlay 2 provides a variety of new features, including compatibility with Audible files, AAC files, and even automatic WMA-to-MP3 conversion.  XPlay 2 is also much faster than the original XPlay, has improved support for international characters, displays album art, supports play counts, and has a greatly-enhanced interface under Windows XP.

XPlay is well-known as the first product to provide Windows connectivity for iPods, and as the only product ever to provide Windows integration for Mac-formatted iPods.  XPlay is also the only way to use iPods with older versions of Windows, including Windows Me and Windows 98SE.

Mac|Windows: PocketMac iPod Edition Released

PocketMac iPod EditionTM for Macintosh automatically converts and exports Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and unread Email from Microsoft Entourage to the iPod. It will also reformat and copy files such as PDFs, Word, Text and Rich Text documents to the iPod for viewing “on the road.” And, this release now adds support for OS X’s email export,  as well as support for Stickies Notes! This is a software solution that resides entirely on the Mac,  integrating quietly into iSync, and activating only as part of an iSync sync. Best of all, this iPod solution is available on both Mac and Windows!  When you buy one, you automatically get the other - absolutely free!

A smarter playlist for iPod mini

“When you plug an iPod mini into a computer that bears an iTunes library larger than the mini’s 3.7GB capacity, iTunes offers to create a playlist that contains a subset of the tunes on your computer. This is a very cool feature, but not as cool as it could be. You see, when iTunes creates that playlists it gives no consideration to file size.”

MP3 Gym announces free demo download

  • February 23, 2004
  • iPod

MP3 Gym, the world’s first audio personal trainer recorded on mp3 files, announced today that anyone with an iPod or other multi-gigabyte mp3 player can now download their free demo at The six megabyte demo includes eight exercises and an illustrated exercise routine sheet (pdf). The MP3 Gym CD-ROM with over 60 exercises and almost 200 mp3 files is only $19.95 at

iPod mini and audio book playback problem

“MacFixIt reader Craig Spirko writes “Bought a silver iPod mini on Friday and while I love it, I’ve found two software bugs: When listening to a book-on-tape (‘The da Vinci Code’ bought from iTunes) I’ve found that if you’re more than 35 minutes into the track and press the FF button (and hold) the iPod rewinds instead of fast forwarding. On four other books I had the same problem.”

Put an iPod in your Pocket PC

Starbrite Solutions has introduced the pPod for the Windows Pocket PC platform.  This MP3 player mimics the look and basic functionality of a 3G iPod… including a scroll wheel.  It even has a blue backlight!  I wonder how long it will take Apple to blow the whistle on this product.  Price tag is $35. 

iTrip works with iPod mini

picMy mother stood in line for an hour and a half at the local Apple Store Friday afternoon so she could be one of the first to get an iPod mini.  She got home and called me to help her understand how it worked.  I decided to bring my iTrip for my 30GB 3G iPod to see if it would work… and it does!  I’ve posted some pictures to show how the iTrip sits on top of the iPod mini for readers to see.

Just follow the directions that come with the iTrip to install the radio frequencies; etc and it will work exactly the same as it does on the 3G iPods.

Editor’s note: Griffin Technology has posted information saying, “The iTrip does indeed work with the iPod mini.”

Thieves target iPod

  • February 23, 2004
  • iPod

“Apple’s iPod music player is not only popular with shoppers - it is also becoming increasingly popular with criminals.

A series of muggings of people for their iPods has been reported, and experts warn the distinctive white headphones could be the secret of its appeal to criminals.”

MacConnection shipping iPod mini worldwide

iLounger Thomas Rai has informed us that Apple Specialist is now shipping iPod minis to the United Kingdom or other non U.S. addresses. We’ve called MacConncetion and spoke with a representative and they confirm that they will ship the iPod mini to any UK or other address. Apple is scheduled to release the iPod mini to worldwide markets in April, but for those who don’t want to wait can order through MacConnection. Contact MacConnection for shipping costs.

Editor’s note: According to reader’s comments, MacConnection stopped shipping iPod minis to international addresses at the request of Apple.

XO Play announce adventure game for iPod

XO Play today launched their first long awaited game for the iPod. ‘The Rise Of The Lost’ is an adventure story game. It puts you in the role of Sir Jacob Zaviour. Your mission is to travel through lands and fight the evil Wizard Sazque. As you read through the adventure you will be asked to choose your destiny by selecting from a number of options found at the bottom of the page. Similar to the ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ series. The game costs $29.99 is played via the notes section of your iPod.

Waiting in line for an iPod mini

iLounge senior editor, Jeremy Horwitz is standing in line (about 45 people so far at 5:55 pm PT) at the Apple Store Costa Mesa in California waiting to purchase a Blue iPod mini. Apple will release the minis for purchase at 6 pm, nationwide. Jeremy reports that there are a large quantity of silver iPod minis on hand while there are far less gold colored minis. One reader in Chicago is reporting that he “called the Chicago Apple Store, who said they had the minis in stock but could not actually sell them until 6pm CST. They did, however, say I could reserve one. They took down my name and color preference and said they’d have it waiting for me at 6pm.” Did you purchase your iPod mini from an Apple Store tonight?

Update: Our senior editor has reported that sales of iPod minis at the Apple Store Costa Mesa were brisk as was sales for the dock followed by the arm band. We got our Blue iPod mini, so expect a full review by Monday with lots of photos. An Apple Store rep informed iLounge of how many of each colored unit was on hand for the release. Approxiamately 75-125 of Silver, 20 each of Blue and Pink, and 4 units each of Gold and Green. All figures are estimates. They expect to sell out of iPod minis tonight.

More on iPod battery woes

  • February 20, 2004

“Which brings us to the hate part. Heinke has had battery problems with every single iPod he’s ever owned — the first, the second and now the third. Even the most avid Macintosh enthusiast, he says, will tell you the iPod has a chronic problem with overstating its battery life and how long it lasts.

‘The good side is you’re just so happy to have one if you’re working out. It’s small and it fits in your pocket,’ he says. Then he adds with a laugh, ‘You just have to know how much power you have to have in the damn thing.’”

RIAA sued for racketeering

“A New Jersey woman, one of the hundreds of people accused of copyright infringement by the Recording Industry Association of America, has countersued the big record labels, charging them with extortion and violations of the federal antiracketeering act.”

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