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V-Moda debuts polished metal earphones

imageV-Moda has introduced a new collection of polished alloy metal earphones. The Remix M-class earphones offer a “comfortable, light weight and secure fit,” and provide “warm mids and crisp highs… deep yet precise bass levels (122dB at 20Hz).” They’re available in silver, pink and blue, and feature clear metallic and color cables. The Remix M-class earphones are priced at $50.

Mix: Gigabytes, Early Show, La la Media, Tony Blair

Apple Matters has compiled some historical iPod data and found that the price per gigabyte has fallen from $80 for the original 5GB iPod to $7 for the 60GB fifth-generation iPod.

Brett Larson, technology editor for WCBS-TV in New York, was on the CBS Early Show today showcasing a number of iPod accessories.

Reuters reports: “A new online music service called La la Media Inc. aims to offer full-length CDs for $1 by letting users trade discs, in a bid to avoid legal pitfalls that face online song trading.”

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says he has an iPod, but admits that he’s “not always in control of it”. “My daughter does all the songs, I’m not very good with the technology, I’m not very good with any aspect of it,” Blair said.

Bose intros SoundDock carrying case

imageBose has introduced a new carrying case for its popular SoundDock iPod speaker system. The SoundDock travel case, which offers a padded, two-tone gray nylon design, allows users to more easily transport the speaker system and its power supply. The case also has pockets for an iPod, SoundDock remote, earbuds and dock inserts. The travel case sells for $45.

iStyles intros Silicon Screens, Overlays for iPods

iStyles has announced its Silicon Screens and Silicon Overlays for the iPod. The Silicon Screen ($7) is a dual layer screen protector that features an outer hard coat protective film and an inner silicon rubber layer. The Silicon Screen is available for 4G and 5G iPods, iPod nanos and iPod minis. The Silicon Overlay ($10) is made using the same protective material as the Silicon Screen, but comes in a three-piece set to cover the front, back, screen and click wheel area of the 5G iPod or iPod nano.

ezGear offers ezGold video cable for iPods

imageezGear has announced the availability of the ezGold video cable for fifth-generation iPods. The $20 cable allows users to view videos and photos on a TV. It’s made of shielded wires with protective sheathing and uses gold-plated connectors.

“The ezGold is the easiest way to share your iPods videos and photos with friends and family, allowing your video iPod to perform like a VCR, DVD player, or DVR. Simply plug one end of the ezGold video cable into your earphone jack of your iPod and the other to the back of your television and your done.”

Mix: Apple VP, Beverly Center, Hi-Fi window, AOL shows

Pascal Cagni, Apple VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will speak at a London digital music conference on March 15.

The Beverly Center Apple retail store in Los Angeles, Calif. is giving away an iPod, iPod nano or iPod shuffle every night in March.

Apple retail stores have rolled out a new window display advertising the new iPod Hi-Fi. It simulates a broken window caused by the sound from the speaker system.

AOL plans to sell TV programming on its website by the middle of this year. The service will sell Time Warner-owned shows and those by other programmers and networks, the company said.

Nyko debuts Speaker Dock 2 for iPod

imageNyko Technologies has introduced the Speaker Dock 2, a new compact iPod speaker system. The dome-shaped system has a top mounted iPod cradle/stand and two acoustically balanced BDD Pro speakers. The Speaker Dock 2 works with all dockable iPod with a set of included adapters, and has a line-in port for using the speakers with other devices and older iPods. It is powered by 4 AA batteries or an included AC adaptor. The Speaker Dock 2 is available now for $100.

“The Speaker Dock 2 is a stylish, compact speaker system that lets users listen to their favorite tunes in crisp, clear stereo sound while charging their iPod at the same time,” says Nyko. “The speaker system is skillfully designed to match the aesthetic of the iPod, and is small enough to fit on your nightstand, bathroom or kitchen counter, shelf, desk, or anywhere space is limited. Now you can enjoy your music while cooking, taking a shower, getting ready, at work, or just hanging out.”

DLO brings iPod solution to select Volvos

imageDLO has announced it will be providing iPod car solutions to Volvo. Developed in partnership with ProClip USA, the Volvo FM Transmitter will be available through Volvo dealerships for S40, V50 and XC90 models. The transmitter will provide a secured power cradle for the iPod and iPod nano, and is hard wired and mounted directly into the vehicle’s dashboard. It also features an auxiliary input for use with other audio and video devices. The Volvo FM Transmitter is available now, exclusively through Volvo dealerships, and sells for $139, installation not included.

Keyspan intros TuneView for iPod, iTunes

imageKeyspan has announced its new TuneView Remote system for both iPod and iTunes. The TuneView Remote features a color LCD and 2-way RF connectivity, allowing users to remotely manage music on the iPod when used in conjunction with the TuneView Dock for iPod. Also announced was the TuneView USB adapter, which allows for remote managing of music in iTunes via software and the TuneView Remote. Both the TuneView Remote and TuneView Dock for iPod will be available in May, for $99 and $79 respectively. The TuneView USB adapter sells for $39 and will be available this summer.

Mix: Mac mini, Hit-and-run, Hi-Fi disappointment, Music Week

Like it did with the iMac G5, Apple is promoting the new Intel-based Mac mini computer as being iPod-like. “Mac mini. Your whole digital life, as easy as iPod,” reads an email to Apple Store customers.

A San Francisco woman who was the victim of an hit-and-run accident was identified thanks to her iPod and the help of an Apple retail store.

David Colker of the Los Angeles Times says the iPod Hi-Fi is “quite disappointing” and that it’s “maybe the weakest offering from Apple since the woeful Cube computer of 2000.”

Apple’s iTunes Music Store was named Best Digital Music Store at the Music Week Awards 2006, which were presented at the Grosvenor House in London on March 2nd.

Pope presented with iPod nano

Pope Benedict XVI was given an iPod nano today by a group of Vatican Radio employees. In honor of the pope’s first visit to the radio’s broadcasting headquarters, he was presented with a 2GB white nano pre-loaded with special Vatican Radio programming and classical music. It was engraved with the words “To His Holiness, Benedict XVI” in Italian.

“The pope’s new 2GB digital audio player already was loaded with a sampling of the radio’s programming in English, Italian and German and musical compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky and Igor Stravinsky,” reports the Catholic News Service. “The iPod also contains an English-language radio drama on the life of St. Thomas a Becket and a 10-minute feature on the creation of Vatican Radio, with original sound clips of the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi, and Vatican Radio’s founder, Pope Pius XI.”

Griffin iTrip now available in Switzerland

imageGriffin Technology has announced that its iTrip FM transmitter is now available in Switzerland thanks to recent changes made to Swiss law. Griffin said the device, which works with 3G, 4G and 5G iPods, can be purchased in the country from MediaMarkt, FNAC, Manor, Dataquestin and other retailers.

“Recent changes in Swiss law have opened the door to broadcast in Switzerland over the FM radio spectrum (87.9 - 107.9),” Griffin said in a statement. “iTrip’s CE certification means that users can be rest assured of iTrip’s compliance with strict laboratory guidelines for emmisions, broadcast strength, electrostatic discharge, and immunity to outside interference. In plain language, this means that iTrip will not conflict with other electronic devices, and that it will be available to a wider European market.”

DOJ investigating digital music price fixing

Following a similar investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the Department of Justice is now investigating the major music labels for possible anti-competitive pricing of digital music downloads.

“One music industry source said that some subpoenas may have been issued already in connection with the probe, while other labels had been tipped off that subpoenas would likely be coming in the next few days,” reports Reuters. “The two music industry sources said Thursday the DOJ’s probe appeared to be focused on the same issues—whether the labels colluded to set wholesale pricing for song downloads. The investigation also could be related to licensing renegotiations with Apple, maker of the wildly popular iPod digital music player, for its iTunes music store.”

Avis offers free iTunes downloads with car rental

Avis Rent A Car has announced a new promotion that rewards customers with free iTunes song downloads with every rental booked on the company’s website. Avis said customers receive five free song downloads for every rental of one to four days, and rentals of at least five days will qualify for ten song downloads.

“With over one billion songs downloaded from the iTunes Music Store, I think consumers have shown how much they want this product. And at Avis, ‘trying harder’ means giving people what they want,” said Scott Deaver, VP of marketing for Cendant Car Rental Group, parent of Avis.

Avis said it also has plans to offer specially equipped rental vehicles that will let customers play their own digital music through the car’s audio system. “Rewarding customers with free music is only the beginning; the cars have to be ready too,” Deaver said.

Mix: ABC shows, Music phones, Access Hollywood, Tesco

ABC plans to offer ad-supported prime-time shows on its website as free downloads. iTunes will continue to sell ad-free versions, the company said.

Sales of cell phones equipped with music players will rise to 796 million units in 2010, while stand-alone digital music players should triple to 176 million units during the same time.

NBC has released a free 6-minute “Access Hollywood: Oscar Preview” video on the iTunes Music Store.

Following a test in its Milton Keynes store, European supermarket chain Tesco plans to roll out standalone areas for Apple products in 300 of its biggest stores by the end of the year.

Sci-Fi Channel, TV Guide team up for iTunes giveaway

TV Guide and the Sci-Fi Channel announced today that they are giving away 1.4 million downloads of an episode of Battlestar Galactica from the iTunes. Each newsstand copy of the March 6th issue of the magazine, which is on sale today, has a unique 12-digit code on the cover that readers can enter on the iTunes store to receive their free download.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with both Sci Fi Channel and iTunes on this exciting initiative,” said Ian Birch, editor-in-chief of TV Guide. “Our magazine is a portal to the ever-changing world of television. Now more than ever, consumers are turning to iTunes for access to their favorite TV programs, and Battlestar Galactica is an enormously popular show. All this makes this partnership a perfect fit for us—but more importantly, for the readers of TV Guide.”

Audioengine offers powered bookshelf speakers for iPods

imageAudioengine has introduced a new set of bookshelf-sized speakers designed for iPods and other portable audio players. Priced at $349, the Audioengine 5 speakers feature “audiophile-quality sound,” internal power amps, and a top-mounted USB port and audio input.

An integrated AC power jack and a second audio input port on the rear panel provides the ability to stream music directly to the Audioengine speakers using Apple’s Airport Express.

“5-inch Kevlar woofers for powerful bass, 20mm silk dome tweeters for smooth highs, built-in power amplifiers, truly useful connections, and a clean industrial design all allow the Audioengine 5 to integrate perfectly in your living room, bedroom, or on your desktop,” says the company. “Custom-designed and handcrafted wood cabinets with high-gloss professional piano finish make the Audioengine 5 a true work of art.”

Report: Apple researching iTunes movie service

Apple appears to be gauging interest in a potential iTunes movie download service, according to a report by AppleInsider. A consumer survey distributed by California-based Coyote Insight reportedly asks participants to answer a series of questions related to an “iTunes movie service” that would offer full-length movies for download to a computer or iPod.

“This iTunes service would provide access to 1,000 movies on demand which can be downloaded to your computer and, in turn, to your video iPod if you have one, or even your television if it is connected to your computer,” the survey reportedly reads. It also mentions providing access to the movies on a monthly subscription basis for $9.99 or a la carte purchasing of movies for $12.95 each.

Mix: Event video, Nacho Libre, Encyclopodia,

Inside Mac TV has released a video podcast of the highlights from Apple’s special media event on Tuesday, which brought the iPod Hi-Fi, new Mac minis and leather iPod cases.

An iPod-formatted trailer for “Nacho Libre” is available for download from the movie’s website. The upcoming film stars Jack Black and is directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite).

Encyclopodia is free software that puts Wikipedia on your iPod. “It has been successfully tested on a third-generation iPod and on an iPod mini, but it should also work on other iPod generations,” says the site. has released several video podcasts of the designer runway shows in New York, Milan and Paris. Podcasts of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and more are currently available on iTunes.

iPod accessory makers comment on Apple competition

Apple’s announcement this week of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system clearly indicates that the company is becoming more aggressive in getting a piece of the lucrative iPod accessory market. Add in the iPod Radio Remote, premium-priced leather iPod cases, and various other previously released add-ons and it’s quite clear where the company is heading. We spoke with several third-party iPod accessory makers to get their reaction to Apple’s deeper move into the iPod ecosystem.

Gary Bart, CEO of XtremeMac, said Apple making accessories is “a necessary part” of the iPod economy. “Certain categories of products represent significant revenue opportunity and, from a business standpoint, they would be remiss if they did not provide an Apple branded product into these segments,” he told iLounge. “It is my opinion that these products will do well and capture the essence of Apple design. There are many customers, with various tastes, budgets, and requirements. This creates tremendous opportunity for companies like XtremeMac that offer various alternatives.”

“Apple’s introduction of the iPod Hi-Fi and Leather Case is an interesting move,” Belkin’s Melody Chalaban said. “Belkin has always been in the business to complement existing hardware with cool and easy-to-use products, unlocking the potential of that particular hardware to do more—whether it’s giving it wireless capability or voice-recording capabilities. Apple’s announcements always drive our need to innovate and to offer even more options for iPod users.” 

Pamela Roccabruna, Sr. Marketing Manager at Altec Lansing, a company that offers numerous iPod speaker systems, said that the iPod accessory business is very competitive, but that it has proven itself and will continue to deliver high-quality products. “This is a very competitive market space, which demands innovation—an area where we excel,” Roccabruna said. “That’s how the consumer wins, and that’s why they love and trust our brand. We created the digital audio speaker category and will continue to be a leader in innovation in this market space.”

Jason Litchford of Griffin Technology also said it’s a no-brainer move for Apple to go after a piece of the pie that it created, but added that his company is not too worried and sees it as an opportunity. “It makes financial sense for Apple to expand its product lineup,” Litchford commented to iLounge. “Griffin has always brought innovation to the Apple and iPod peripheral market, so we don’t see it adversely affecting Griffin. As a matter of fact, we see it as opportunity,” he said. “In other words, no one is jumping off tall buildings around here.”

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