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Apple Launches AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod

  • November 21, 2003
  • iPod
“Every iPod comes standard with 90 days of phone support and one year of hardware service coverage. The AppleCare Protection Plan ($59) extends your service and support coverage for your iPod, its included accessories, and iTunes software for up to two years from the original purchase date of your iPod. With this plan, you get direct access to Apple experts for answers by phone2 and anytime access to web-based resources.3 If your iPod or the included accessories should need service, Apple-certified technicians will repair it or provide a replacement using genuine Apple parts.”

Key Features:

  • Extends telephone support from 90 days to up to two years

  • Extends hardware coverage from one year to up to two years

  • Provides expert support for both Mac and Windows users

  • Wired News: Feel Free to Jack Into My iPod

    • November 21, 2003
    • iPod

    Leander Kahney for Wired News writes about the ‘jack sharing’ phenomenon reported earlier on iLounge. In his story Kahney talks to Steve Crandall (known as ‘esc’ in the iLounge forums) about his recent experience with ‘jack sharing’ in his hometwon in New Jersey. The story goes on to expose other ‘jack sharing’ locales, including Cambridge, UK.

    “‘She walked right up to me and got within my comfort field,’ Crandall stammered. ‘I was taken aback. She pulled out the earbuds on her iPod and indicated the jack with her eyes.’

    Warily unplugging his own earbuds, Crandall gingerly plugged them into the woman’s iPod, and was greeted by a rush of techno.

    ‘We listened for about 30 seconds,’ Crandall said. “No words were exchanged. We nodded and walked off.’”

    iPod named ‘best of class’ at MacUser Awards 2003

    • November 20, 2003
    • iPod

    “Apple again was the star at the UK’s most prestigious Mac awards, picking up six Maxines, one more than it garnered last year.

    The 20in Cinema Display, 40GB iPod, Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack all claimed the ‘best in their class’ gong while the Power Mac G5 was given the Readers’ Award for Hardware of the Year and the Special Award for Product of the Year.”

    Apple Stores: After-Thanksgiving Shopping Event

    • November 20, 2003
    • Apple
    “Someone you know loves music You’ll want to kick off your holiday shopping at the Apple Store. We’ll be hosting an all-day shopping event designed especially for the music lovers on your list. Whether they’re Mac or Windows users, you’ll find a scintillating array of gifts, plus, a few surprises in store for you.”

    iSkin, Inc. Announces all-new iSkin eXo2

    piciSkin, Inc., formally ackNOWLEDGE, today announced the all-new iSkin eXo2 protective skins for 3G iPods. The new exo2 features a stainless steel belt clip, screen protector, beveled holes for button access, integrated FireWire/dock port cover, coated with an anti-static agent, rear heat holes for heat dissipation, anti-slip grip and comes in four colors;  Arctic (clear white frosted), Sonic (vibrant electric blue), Ebony (solid midnight black) and Carbon (dark grey). More colors and glow-in-the-dark series will be added later. The exo2 is available now for $29.99.

    McDonald’s 1 Billion Song Promotion Confirmed?

    MacRumors is reporting that during an Interim Results 2003 Conference, EMI Music Chairman and CEO, Martin Bandier, while discussing the growth of music download services said, “... but there is real potential for the future especially when PepsiCola makes a commitment to giveaway up to 100 million downloads and McDonald’s commits to 1 billion in download giveaways as part of a promotional campaign.” The New York Post had reported that McDonald’s was expected to announce a deal with Apple to offer a 1 billion iTunes song giveaway, but McDonald’s later said in a statement that the deal was ‘pure speculation.’

    Macworld UK: ‘iTunes will drive switching’ - Anderson

    “Apple’s chief financial officer Fred Anderson pressed home the innovation at the heart of Apple’s strategy during a speech at Lehman Brothers Semiconductor and Computer conference yesterday.

    With its market lead on competing music download services and its leading music product, the iPod, Anderson explained: ‘Many who experience buying songs from iTunes will go on and buy an iPod and maybe they will buy a Mac when they think about buying a second or third computer for the home.’”

    Macworld UK: SuperBowl kickoff for iTunes/Pepsi offer

    “In October, Apple and Pepsi-Cola North America announced they would give away 100 million free songs to Mac and Windows users from the iTunes Music Store.

    This promotion begins on February 1. Pepsi is randomly printing 100 million winning codes in 20-ounce and one-litre bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist. The winning codes will be redeemable for a free song from the iTunes Music Store.”

    Windows: XPlay 1.1.4 Update Released

    Provides both read and write access to your iPod hard drive for documents and data files, plus the ability to organize your music either from the Explorer-based XPlay interface, or from Windows Media Player.

    Wired News: Record Label Sings New Tune

    “Record labels have long been accused of stealing musicians’ copyrights as soon as the ink is dry on the contract. Now, one small independent label in Great Britain is doing the opposite: It’s giving the rights to the artists—and anyone else who wants to use the music, too.

    Loca Records wants to foster experimentation and freedom in music by building a stable of free music which can be shared, remixed and manipulated by anyone. Songs are not locked by digital rights management technology.”

    The Daily Californian: Singing a Different Tune

    • November 20, 2003
    • Apple

    “It’s a little known secret that Apple barely makes money off iTunes, despite the software’s popularity—nearly all revenues still go toward the copyright holders: the music labels.

    By luring people in with the free iTunes, Apple put itself in a position to sell them its popular iPod mp3 player which is uniquely compatible with the iTunes software and is selling like hot cakes. Each $499 iPod brings in $175 in profit.”

    Seattle Weekly: iPod As iGod

    • November 20, 2003
    • iPod
    “‘God is a DJ,’ goes a popular dance-music catchphrase. That line was written long enough ago that it fails to account for a few new facts—namely, the fact that God is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and retails between $299 and $499. The iPod—which comes in 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, and 40GB models—is fast changing the way people listen to music, not least your faithful correspondent, who has been packing even more listening time than usual into a schedule that already demands plenty.”

    Demo 10GB iPod for $190 shipped

    • November 20, 2003
    • Deals

    Dealmac: MacResQ has stock of the first-generation 10GB iPod for $189.99 with free shipping via coupon code “PODME”. It’s the best total price we know to be available for an iPod. These are demo units with a 90-day reseller warranty.

    Why the iPod Should Play Windows Media Audio

    • November 20, 2003
    • iPod

    Like the age-old battle between the Beta format and the VHS format we are at the very beginnings of a digital media battle…. The solution? Apple should avoid the potential of becoming the Beta by having the iPod able to play WMA files.

    Integrating the iPod dock into your car

    iLounger Brett has informed us that he has installed his Pod dock into his car. he installed the dock using “2 layers of 1.5oz fiberglass mat, with the basic, fleece+resin as the exterior molding.”

    Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter for $32

    • November 19, 2003
    • Deals is offering the iTrip 2 for 3G iPods for $31.99 and shipping starts at about $5.

    Wired: Techno DJ Is Hot, Hot, Hawtin

    • November 19, 2003

    Wired News had a chance to interview globe-trotting techno DJ, Richie Hawtin on “technology, techno music and how a consummate wired musician finds new music.”

    WN: What about the iPod? How did your set for Apple in New York go?

    Hawtin: Considering there is no DJ implementation in the iPod software, it went surprisingly well. And my reasons for being part of the whole thing, the whole promotion, was trying to raise my hand in a pack of DJs and say, “Hey Apple, this is a really cool product, but ... what would be great would be to have some simple pitch-shifting capabilities.” Just to be able to change the speed of the tracks, and I can see it being an amazing DJ performance device.”

    Financial Times: Piracy and downloading hit music sales

    “Informa Media, the music consultancy, on Tuesday predicted that recorded music sales would fall by almost 9 per cent this year to $28.2bn, with a further decline to $27.4bn in 2004.

    Music sales have been in freefall for three years, hit by online file sharing and widespread CD copying by organised criminal gangs and pirate factories across Asia and eastern Europe.”

    What A DJ Needs; What a DJ Wants…

    • November 19, 2003

    DJ DOGS has written up some of his opinions on how Apple could improve the iPod:

    “Every time new iPods or iPod firmware gets released, things get better. But the improvements don’t always have us DJs in mind. Maybe they could make special iPod DJ firmware. Hey Apple, are you listening?”

    Saves The Day: “The iPod’s A Beautiful Creation!”

    • November 19, 2003

    Yet another artist seems to love the iPod as much as we do:

    “Well, the iPod’s a beautiful creation,” says lead singer and guitarist, Christopher Conley. “I think it’s allowed us all to listen to more music than we ever would have because it’s all right there. As we’ve gotten older we’ve started to listen to lots of different varieties of music. Each one of our albums is a little more evolved than the last one. That’s just from listening to different music and becoming more competent as musicians.”

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