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“Using an iPod with a Wallstreet Powerbook”

MacOS X Hints reports today on an alternative method for using an iPod with a Wallstreet PowerBook. Previous methods required jumping through many hoops, and even then it wouldn’t always work. This new method, however, seems to be a little more fool proof.

“An alternative to this approach is to purchase an external FireWire drive with a powered bus (you still need the PCMCIA FireWire card), and connect your iPod to the extra FireWire port on the drive. Now your iPod is connected to a powered FireWire port. Consider doing this when it’s time to upgrade your internal hard drive.  Just make sure you get a powered FireWire drive.”

iPod Software 1.2.6 KBase Documents

Apple has posted new Knowledge Base Documents for iPod Software 1.2.6 Updater for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows.

iPod Software 1.2.6 Updater for Mac OS X: Information and Download
iPod 1.2.6 for Mac OS 9: Information and Download
iPod 1.2.6 for Windows Updater: Information and Download

XtremeMac Announces Improved iPod Case

XtremeMac has announced the release of the new and improved XtremeMac Deluxe case. They have redesigned the popoular case using a softer, more supple leather. The new XtremeMac Deluxe case is available in three bundled configurations; the $39.95 HipTunes bundle includes a belt clip and detachable earbud pouch, the $49.95 Mobility bundle includes a belt clip, two (2) swivel mounts, neck-lanyard, and earbud pouch, the $59.95 Essentials bundle includes a belt clip, two (2) swivel mounts, neck-lanyard, earbud pouch, and the Premium iPod Car Charger. Also, new leather fashion colors have been added; Caribbean Blue, Chestnut Brown, Butterscotch Checker, Apple White, Embossed Black, Embossed Moss Green, Gray and 3 new fabric colors; Dark Denim, London Plaid and Camouflage.

AppleScripts for iTunes and iPod Released

iLounger John Paul Davis has released several new AppleScripts for use with iTunes and iPod.

Import Selected iPod Tracks
This script will copy the selected files on an iPod to your iTunes Library in Artist:Album:file.mp3 format, import the files to iTunes, and display them in a playlist called “Imports from iPod”. Includes Read Me and Installer.

Backup iTunes Tracks to DVD
Makes a DVD-sized dmg and copies files in Artist:Album:song.mp3 organization to it - it works using the same xml functionality as Backup iTunes Tracks to MP3 CD, and is actually designed to work in conjunction with that script.

Backup Selection or Playlist to DVD
Makes a DVD-sized dmg and copies files in Artist:Album:song.mp3 organization to it based on either user selection or a selected playlist.

Backup Selection or Playlist to MP3 CD
Will make as many MP3CD -sized playlists as needed, organized by album, based on user selection or a selected playlist.

Make BackUp MP3 CD
This script will collect tracks into a playlist and sort them into MP3 CD-sized playlists by album. Your end product will be a batch of playlists, each small enough to fit on an MP3 CD, grouped by album. Read Me explains more. Includes link to required “XML Tools” Scripting Addition.
Now includes installer script.

You’ll find more useful iTunes and iPod scripts at Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes:

Refurbished 10GB and 20GB iPods at Apple Store

Apple has posted “Special Deals” on refurbished 10GB and 20GB iPods at $329 and $399 respectively. These are the new “touch pad” models and includes; remote, carrying case and one year limited warranty.

Burton/Apple Amp Pack Coming Soon

We have received strong evidence that Burton and Apple will be releasing the Amp Pack backpack for iPod within the next week or two. The black Amp Pack features an iPod storage pocket on the back, headphone cable port on the left shoulder strap and sound system controls on the right shoulder strap using the same Softswitch Technology found on the Amp Jacket. It will cost about $200 and will be available through Burton retailers, and we are assuming Apple retail stores and online.

iPod Ranked Number One

In a report by The Mac Observer, the iPod is ranked number one in dollar market share for MP3 Players. “Apple’s dollar market share reached 27 percent compared with 10 percent for second-ranked SONICBlue and its Rio players , according to market research firm NPDTechworld.”

“Making the market share numbers even more interesting is that they are based only on sales made by third-party retailers such as Best Buy and Target, and do not include iPods sold direct by Apple through its retail stores or online. Market share and unit share numbers of Apple’s competitors also do not include direct sales figures.”

iPod External Charger Now For Sale

Allen Evans, creator of the iPod External Charger pack is now accepting orders for $38.50 via PayPal. The iPod External Charger is a small portable charger pack for iPod and uses 9V or AA batteries. Allen’s how-to website provides detailed instructions on how to build your own portable charger or you can opt to have Allen make one for you.

Apple Reduces iPod Laser Engraving to $19

The Apple store is now offering custom laser engraving for iPod at $19.00. That’s more than a 50% reduction from the original price of $49.

“iPod, therefore they learn”

Tracy Peacock of Australia reports that the University of Western Australia are loaning out iPods to students in mulitmedia courses.

“‘Having the project on an iPod, which the student can plug into any computer, means that potentially any one of our 30 computers is available to the student.’”

Importing Contacts & Information into iPod

OSXFAQ has posted another set of tips for iPod. This time they concentrate on using Mac OS X freeware applications to help you get your contacts and other information onto iPod.

Extending Battery Charge on iPod

OSXFAQ has posted 8 tips on how you can extend battery life on your iPod. With so much talk about the iPod’s battery, it’s a good set of tips to help you make the most out of a charged battery.

iPod Giveaway at

Mike Slone of sent us email to let our readers know about their iPod giveaway. Take a virtual journey with two “WiredNomads” as they document their travels and share it with the online world. Soon will “allow travelers to document their own travels.” Sign up at their website to become a WiredNomad and enter for a chance to win the grand prize iPod 5GB. Deadline for entries is April 14.

“Through the WiredNomad project, Dan and Shaunna are using their love of travel and their skills as documentarians to fill the web site with video, photo, and written accounts of their travels.”

Apple Music Service for Mac iPods

In an article titled, “Labels Think Apple Has Perfect Pitch” by Jon Healey of The Los Angeles Times, Apple will be offering a Mac only, paid subscription service to download music on the internet. Apple has been proposing the idea to many record company executives, and many “came away enthusiastic.” According to the article the new service “could be launched next month.”

“‘This is exactly what the music industry has been waiting for,’ said one person familiar with the negotiations between the Cupertino, Calif., computer maker and the labels. ‘It’s hip. It’s quick. It’s easy. If people on the Internet are actually interested in buying music, not just stealing it, this is the answer.’”

Also note in the article that a new version of iTunes will be released to support the new music service.

“Sources said Apple will make the songs available for sale through a new version of iTunes, its software for managing music files on Macs. Users will be able to buy and download songs with a single click and transfer them automatically to any iPod they’ve registered with Apple.”

Free registration required:

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