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Buzz of the day is an Apple Event

Today marks the day Apple could change the face of downloading music. The news agencies are buzzing with new articles published about the rumored new Apple service. Here’s a handy list of links to articles:

  • “Apple to Unveil Music Service: Online offering faces a greater marketing task due to court decision in favor of free networks” Los Angeles Times (free registration required)

  • “Apple to take byte out of piracy: New online music service touted to reduce music piracy” Vancouver Sun

  • “Taking it online: After years of digital piracy by consumers, the music industry is teaming up with Internet firms to get its share on downloads” Boston Globe

  • “Can Apple Get Music Lovers To Pay?” CBS News

  • “Apple Said to Be Entering E-Music Fray With Pay Service” New York Times

  • “Apple plans foray into contentious online music sector” International Herald Tribune

  • “Apple’s Making Serious Music” Silicon Valley

  • “Milestone day in life for Apple Computer: Online music offering may be industry lifeline” The Herald UK

  • “Apple to start musical service” San Francisco Chronicle

  • “Apple music service to go live”

  • “Apple music download ‘walkman of age’” Macworld UK

  • “Everyone agrees, Apple will announce music service today” MacUser

  • “Apple Said to Be Entering E-Music Fray With Pay Service”

    Matt Richtel of The New York Times wrote about Apple’s rumored music download service.

    “But Philip Leigh, a digital media analyst with Raymond James & Associates, an investment banking firm in St. Petersburg, Fla., said the presence of Apple in the market could give a lift to digital music services beyond the confines of Apple’s limited user base. The reason, he said, is that if Apple starts advertising the sale of music, “they’ll be advertising to the whole world.”“

    Also note in the article that Hillary B. Rosen, the CEO of the RIAA (Recording Industry Assoc. of America) gave a favorable nod to the new Apple service.

    “Hilary B. Rosen, the chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, said she believed Apple had struck an industry-friendly balance. Apple’s music service “has compatibility with a hardware product that is elegant and easy to use,” said Ms. Rosen, who said she planned to attend Apple’s news conference. “The Apple system has the potential to do for music sales what the Walkman did for the cassette,” she added.”

    iRemote Concept for iPod

    Mark Degg of has emailed iLounge with information about his webpage outlining the concept for a wireless remote control for iPod. Inspired by the Burton/Apple Amp Jacket and Griffin’s iTrip FM transmitter, Mark’s webpage has 3D images and details about its function in hopes to influence manufacturers to get involved. If you’re a manufacturer looking for a new idea to bring to market contact Mark at his webpage.

    Apple Music Service features

    The buzz of the day seems to be Apple’s rumored new music service. There have been several reports of the new service from various news agencies in the past weeks. We have compiled a list of features said to be available with the new service:

    • Available only for Apple computers (may change)
    • No subscription required
    • Each song costs about .99 cents to download
    • Albums cost about $10 to download
    • Purchase and download songs via updated iTunes using 1-click ordering
    • Songs available in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format
    • Sync songs to iPod or burn to CD
    • Exclusive downloads from Artists
    • Use with up to 3 Macs

    “WSJ: Apple signs exclusive artists for music service”

    MacMinute has a report about a report that appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required) giving more details about the rumored new Apple music service expected to be announced this Monday, April 28.

    “In addition to the Eagles, the Apple CEO has signed up the pop band No Doubt, and several other artists who haven’t yet allowed their songs to be offered by other online ventures. The new service is expected to have an “exclusives” area for music not available elsewhere.”

    Griffin ships iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod

    Griffin has announced it is now shipping the iTrip FM transmitter for iPod. With iTrip you can broadcast the music on iPod through your car’s FM receiver, home stereo or any FM receiver. The iTrip attaches to the top of iPod via the headphone port, draws power from the iPod and utilizes the iPod’s controls to select FM frequencies. iTrip retails for $35 and is now shipping.

    “Apple readies music service”

    News about Apple’s expected new music service announcement on Monday, April 28 is still alive and well. USA Today writes an article about how the American public might be ready to pay for music downloads.

    “Though Apple declined to comment before the announcement, those who have used the new service say it’s as easy as buying a book on Recommendations based on listeners’ preferences are plentiful; the system seamlessly interplays with Apple’s free iTunes jukebox software and with the iPod.”

    Relocation of a non-standard iTunes library structure

    David Bonde provides a hint on how to manage iTunes Libraries that aren’t organized in the Artist:Album:song.mp3 file structure. (via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes.)

    View or Subscribe to RSS News feeds on your iPod

    Codent technologies, makers of iPod+, have released RSS2iCal, a new web script (based on Noel Jackson‘s RSSiCal). It enables iCal users to view RSS/RDF news feeds in iCal. With iSync, it’s an “iSynch” to port those vCals over to the iPod for news feeds on the go. (It will also, of course, sync to Palm devices and any other device iSync handles).

    There are no special applications to install or new user interfaces to learn; the content is fully managed in iCal. The site provides some standard feeds, but any RSS/RDF url (such as iLounge’s news feed) can be subscribed to or viewed. Users can either subscribe to a feed or view it one time. Subscriptions require at least OS 10.2, iCal, iSync and a compatible device.

    Griffin Debuts iFM - FM Radio for iPod

    Griffin Technology has announced iFM for iPod. It will enable iPod to tune into FM radio stations, and it uses the iPod remote (required) for its controls! It costs $35 and is available for pre-order. Shipping is expected mid-summer 2003. Also note, the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for iPod will begin shipping Friday, April 25, 2003.

    “The only thing missing from the near perfect iPod was a radio. The iFM adds this in a design that’s so unique it has to be seen to be believed.” said Paul Griffin, CEO Griffin Technology. “True, I have all the music I want in my iPod but if want to hear NPR or need a weather report its great to now have that option with my iPod and iFM.”

    Apple’s website debuts new store design

    It looks snappy! What’s more, in the midst of much speculation about whether or not Apple has discontinued the 5GB iPod, the newly-designed store’s iPod page still includes the 5GB model. Mayhaps reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated…

    “Apple tunes up for music pitch” has also written about the April 28th Apple sponsored press event. mentions in the article that “Apple’s online store has been listing a wait time of seven to 10 days for all iPod models, pushing their delivery date until after the scheduled April 28 event.”

    “Apples Readies New Online Music Service”

    Reuters editor, Sue Zeidler writes about details of the rumored new Apple music service.

    “If Apple can do for the downloadable music sector what the iPod did for portable music, it will be a significant step for the industry,” a second music industry executive said.”

    TiBook and iPod as Wedding DJ

    Derrick Story, managing editor of O’Reilly Network has written about a wedding he recently photographed where he saw the DJ using an Apple Titanium PowerBook and iPod to play music.

    “They had the TiBook plugged into a soundboard and were using iTunes to serve up the music. As I looked closer, I saw an iPod there too. Apparently when they wanted to crossfade from one song to the next, they would use the soundboard and the iPod for the incoming track.”

    Forums: iPod Phone Survey by Apple

    Seems that some iLoungers in our forums have received a phone call from an Apple contracted company surveying iPod owners. iLounger “IDSmoke” said, “The poll was about what you would expect [regarding new iPods]... rate, on a scale from 1 to 5, how important the iPod’s size was in making your purchase decision… etc.

    “Apple to hold special event April 28”

    MacCentral is reporting that Apple will be holding a special, invitation only event on Monday morning, April 28, 2003.

    “The invitation says that Apple will have “announcements that will be music to your ears.” Apple has several music products, but speculation over the past couple of weeks has focused on three things: a new iPod; a buyout by Apple of Universal Music; and a new music service by Apple”

    iLounge has a gut feeling this event will be a happy one for iPod enthusiasts. Will it be a new music service and new iPods?

    Dell re-signs retail contract with Apple

    MacCentral is reporting that Dell, Fry’s and Micro Center have re-signed their retail contract with Apple. Last week, Dell and Target were among those companies that did not re-sign their contracts, thus, they stopped selling iPods. Target went on to liquidate their stock of iPods by selling them at substantial discounts while Dell removed iPods from its online catalogs and stopped selling them altogether.

    Windows: iText 1.0

    iText is a user-friendly Windows application with which you can easily transfer text files to your iPod, and later access them from the Extras->Contacts menu. iText is freeware, meaning you can use it and distribute it freely.

    iPod Remote Disassembly

    iLounger “Morcheeba” recently posted news of his disassembly of the Apple iPod remote. His webpage includes photos, pinouts and a schematic. In his latest forum post, he explains why he took the remote apart. We’d also like to note that iLounger “norque83” has posted disassembly photos of the Apple iPod remote.

    But the other answer is that I eventually want to build an interface to my car, so that I can control the iPod with the steering wheel track forward/back controls. Taking the remote apart helped find the electrical specs I need to emulate, and watching the signals on the scope told me how complicated the protocol was—hence how complicated of a microcontroller I’ll need for my project.

    Replacement Battery for iPod Now Selling

    iLounger “Jackonicko” has informed us that Laptops for Less is selling a replacement battery for all iPod models. The Sony Lithium Ion battery sells for $49 with a 1-year warranty and includes step-by-step installation instructions on its website. We have also updated the iLounge FAQ, “Can I replace iPod’s battery myself” with this new information.

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