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Toast Converts Protected AAC to AIF

iPoding reader “Nyte” reports that Roxio’s Toast Titanium app for Mac can convert protected AAC files to AIF.

“Haven’t read this anywhere else yet, but if you drag protected m4p (AAC) files from iTunes right to a Toast Titanium “Audio CD” window, they convert to AIF format without a hitch (as long as the machine is authorized).  From there you can save the AIF files to wherever, or burn a CD.  It looks like Toast makes the Quicktime call to convert the m4p to AIF without restriction, whereas iTunes 4 or QuickTime Player have built-in prevention against this.

I’d hate to see this facilitate “swapping”, but it could be useful to create mp3’s for an mp3-only playback device (with some quality loss of course) without having to burn a CD first.  Also, it could be used to burn Music Store CDs for people with CD burners unsupported by iTunes 4.”

iTunes Sharing Status Service Debuts

iTunes Sharing Status is a clever new service for iTunes users indicating whether or not you are sharing your iTunes music on the Internet. There is no software to download and it’s free. All you have to do is fill out an online form with your IP address (auto-detects) and provide URLs to two images to indicate sharing is online or offline. The default images for online and offline:

“With the current launch of Apple iTunes 4 came the new feature of sharing music over the internet. Now that we have a framework available to work with, came the problem of advertising your iTunes address to the world. The iTunes Sharing Status service allows you to have an image on any website or forum signature that tells other users that you are sharing your music through iTunes and whether you are currently sharing or not.”

For instructions on how to share your iTunes music library on the Internet click here.

PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod

PowerMax Computing has a trade-in program to upgrade from old iPod to new iPod. PowerMax will credit up to $175 toward your new iPod purchase depending on which iPod model you trade-in. They will send the new iPod to you and then allow 10 days for you to ship the old iPod to PowerMax.

  • 5GB credits you $100 toward new iPod purchase at full price

  • 10GB credits you $150 toward new iPod purchase at full price

  • 20GB credits you $175 toward new iPod purchase at full price

    MacCentral’s report:

    “Once they have it and check it over, they credit the appropriate amount to your account. “It has to be in good working order, but iPods whose batteries aren’t ‘up to snuff’ will still be accepted, according to Shawn King, host-producer of Your Mac Life. PowerMax says the whole procedure shouldn’t take longer than 4-6 weeks. Call 1-888-769-7629 for details.”
  • Hope for iPod Software 2.0 features on older iPods

    iPoding reports there may be hope for iPod Software 2.0 features for older iPods in the future.

    “The first clues are in the iPod Software 2.0 firmware file, specifically the tests in Diagnostic Mode (the gift that keeps giving!)

    What follows are the text strings which represent the names of the tests,  those with emphasis are displayed when running Diagnostic Mode on an iPod with dock connector…”

    A Word of Warning Regarding the New Artwork Feature in iTunes 4

    In the iLounge boards, “tntracy” has discovered that adding artwork to songs increases the file size. What’s worse, deleting the artwork does NOT return the file size to normal - one must re-rip the song to get the song’s file size back to normal.

    New iPods ‘Live On Stage’

    At 6pm people poured into the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, CA for the debut of new iPods at Apple’s Live On Stage event. DJ Hawkeye provided the atmosphere “spinning” two iPods as a saxophonist accompanied him. There were favorable reactions to the iPods as one person exclaimed, “Look how small they are!” And another said, “Those are cool!” We bought our 15GB iPod and received a free black t-shirt with purchase. They were selling them for $10 without purchase. The t-shirt depicted a white outlined iPod on the front and “Live On Stage 5.2.03” on the back. Many were also entering for a chance to win a $1800 JBL sound system. The same system that was being used by the DJ. Upon existing the event, free posters were being handed out. It was also nice seeing iLoungers in the flesh. We’ve posted photos from the event.

    How to record with new iPods

    iPoding has posted instructions on how to record with new iPods.

    1. Plug in earphones
    2. Activate Diagnostic Mode - Reset (hold MENU and PLAY) and hold down PREVIOUS, NEXT and CENTER buttons at Apple logo - Release buttons and you’ll hear a chirp and Diagnostic mode will appear
    3. Use Next button to navigate to “J. RECORD”
    4. Speak into Left earphone when “BEGIN…” appears
    5. You’ll get about 6 sec. of record time and then “DONE”
    6. Press center button for playback
    7. Press Play/Pause to return to list of tests This is just the mono record feature… as noted here there is also a stereo line-in but that is in the dock connector and activated by “F. LIN REC”

    DvForge Announces Spring Sale Event

    DVForge has announced special savings on its entire product line including DVBase and DVBaseLtd stands for iPod.

    “Today, DVForge launches it’s Spring Sale event, with savings of from $20 to $50 on DVForge’s entire line of mirror-polished nickel-plated and stainless-steel desk stands for Apple products.

    Starting today, and continuing through May, the DVBase iPod stand is only $39.99, the remaining stock of DVBaseLtd limited edition iPod stands is only $79.99, the DVBaseTi PowerBook stand is just $99.99, and the remaining stock of the DVCube pedestals for the Apple G4 Cube is now only $99.99. DVForge Spring Sale savings are available now from the MacMice Workspace Products Co. web site.”

    Recording feature discovered in new iPods

    The clever guys at iPoding have discovered that the new iPods have a recording feature built-in!

    “Well, we couldn’t wait so we went to the local Best Buy and picked up a new Gen 2 15GB.  It’s going to be taken apart soon, but we first ran Diagnostic Mode on it.  It has a recording feature! There is also a test for LINEIN that does recording too.  We don’t have a mic to test with it at the moment but after “recording” when we listen to the headphones we hear the sound of nothing recorded (you know what we mean right?)”

    New iPods Live On Stage Tongiht

    This is a reminder that tonight, May 2nd, Apple will officially present the new iPods to the public at all Apple Stores. Dubbed “Live On Stage”, the event will be held from 6pm to 10pm and there will be a live DJ, free posters, limited-edition t-shirt and more. You can also enter to win a JBL sound system. iLounge will be buying its new iPod at the event held at Apple Store Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. See you there!

    Wired: Music Biz Buzzing Over ITunes

    Leander Kahney for Wired News writes about industry reactions to the “smash hit”, iTunes Music Store performed by Apple.

    “But all is not rosy. Questions about the size of the store’s catalog, its digital-rights management scheme and how to make the store available to international and Windows users dampen the fireworks a bit. Reaction depends on whom you talk to.”

    NYT: Apple’s New Online Music Service

    David Pogue, columnist for the New York Times praises the new iTunes Music Store.

    “Now Mr. Jobs and his team have taken another dysfunctional, user-hostile product and bashed the ugliness out of it: the downloadable-music service.”

    BBC: Students get iPods as study aids

    Apple has donated 50 iPods to students of Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia.

    “I think they are an excellent learning tool that allows students to learn about music as a form of art instead of just as noise in the background of our lives,” commented one.”

    Speck Products Announces New FlipStand & iPod Skins

    Speck Products, developers of the FlipStand case for iPod have announced the new FlipStand for 3G (3rd generation) iPods and new iPod Skins for 1st & 2nd generation iPods. The new FlipStand hardcase & stand has access holes for the new iPod’s button arrangement and headphone port. The new iPod Skins, unlike the silicone versions on the market, is made of KRATON, a shock-absorbing, tear-resistant, stretchy plastic. iPod Skins for 1G and 2G iPods will be available in May and work on Skins for 3G iPods has begun. In an email to iLounge, Tim Hickman, GM for Speck Products said, “We’ll be announcing pricing and the exact availability date in two about 2 weeks.”pic

    A Humorous Review of iTunes 4

    iLounger Nicholas H. emailed us his humorous review of iTunes 4. Click “Read more” for the full review.

    “Green? Green here, green there, green everywhere. The App icon is green, MP3 icons are now green. Last time I saw this much green was when I dreamt I was a head of lettuce.”

    Extensive Photos of New iPod 15GB

    iLounger Stanley Chan (stan23) has posted 50 photos of his new iPod 15GB. The new iPods are more elegant and refined than the old iPods. Notice how much thinner the new iPod is next to an old iPod 20GB. Impressive.

    iLounge is iTrippin’

    Griffin shipped our iTrip overnight to iLounge and now it’s in our hands. Simply put, its’ the coolest gadget for iPod. The digital FM transmitter didn’t drift off frequency and provided good sound reception in a small package. So far we’re impressed. The iTrip has a blue LED which isn’t in any of Griffin’s product photos. The LED indicates the iTrip is ‘locking-in” the chosen frequency on initial setup. Then, choose your song and iTrip is transmitting it to your FM receiver. A more detailed review will be posted next week. There are photos posted in the forums.pic

    More Photos of New iPod and Box

    More photos of iPod III (3rd generation) have been posted in the forums, including photos of the new packaging. Looks like the box is the same size as before.

    dealmac: Apple 5GB iPod for $200, more

    “ is the first online retailer we know of to begin clearing out stock on older iPods. Snag a iPod 5GB for PC for $199.97, the 10GB iPod for Mac or PC for $249.97, and an iPod 20GB for Mac for $349.97. Each is the lowest price we know to be available. Add around $5 for shipping.”

    Photos of new iPod at SpyMac

    SpyMac forums member seven5 has recived a new iPod and has posted photos.

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