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Best Buy stores: iPods from $199

Dealmac: According to several readers, Best Buy retail stores have begun clearing out stock of the second-generation iPods. An iPod 10GB, for Mac or PC, costs $199, while an iPod 20GB for PC goes for $299. (Several readers reported finding open-box iPods for even less.) These specials may not be available at all locations.

Business 2.0: Panting for an iPod

Shoshana Berger writes that the iPod 30GB “puts the competition on ice” and confesses that her “aural fixation just got worse.”

“I’ve written about my iPod envy before. What kept me from nabbing one upon launch was the exorbitant price for what seemed like a “Walkman 2.0.” But now, having tested most other players, including e.Digital’s Odyssey 1000 and the Nomad Zen from Creative Labs (which, like clockwork, just released a 60-gigabyte model for $100 less than Apple’s (AAPL) 30GB iPod), I’m convinced that the iPod is worth the extra scratch. Why pay so much more? Because Apple’s version is still the only one that works on both Macs and PCs, the only one that includes a date book and calendar, and the only one so attractive it could be part of the design collection at the Museum of Modern Art.”

Customize the disconnect screen on iPod

French website, MacBidouille reports that one of its readers, Gregory has successfully replaced the “OK to disconnect” screen on his Pod to one of his own design. He was inspired by information posted at, but at the time of this posting the site was down.

Sonnet helps old Macs use iTunes 4, iPod and more

Sonnet has launched the iEnvy products guide for users with old Macs. Sonnet offers several processor upgrade and FireWire PCI card solutions enabling you to use iTunes, iPod, iMovie or iPhoto on old Macs, even an old Beige G3. Check the website for specific Mac models supported. is launched lists those people sharing their iTunes 4 library on the Internet. Simply sign-up at their website to be included in the 180+ sharers. Categories for each listed user includes; iTunes Share Name, iTunes Share Owner, Genres, Comments, Status and duration. We asked Richard Yaker, the owner of the website what prompted him to start such a website…

iPod 20GB for PC for $279

Dealmac: “A reader notes that Dell Small Business offers Apple’s iPod 20GB for PC for $349 in its Software and Peripherals store. (Search for “M8741LL/A” to find it.) Add it to your cart and the price falls to $279.20. It’s the best price we’ve seen for the 20GB iPod by $70. Shipping is free, although sales tax is added where applicable. Offer ends today.”

FM radio station uses iPod as backup

MacCentral reports a story about FM radio station WFMU in the New York/New Jersey area using an iPod as a backup solution when weather knocks out their satellite feed.

“Station manager Ken Freedman installed a 5GB iPod at the transmitter in Mount Hope to cope with the inevitable loss of the satellite feed during the thunderstorm season. By using a phone to dial in to a remote control unit at the transmitter site, station staff can switch to the iPod instead of satellite audio. The Apple device is set on continuous random play from a playlist containing the extensive collection of “Live at WFMU” CDs (live music recorded at the radio station’s studios).”

BusinessWeek: A Talk with iTunes’ Conductor

BusinessWeek‘s technology editor, Alex Salkever interviews Apple’s senior vice-president for worldwide product marketing, Phil Shiller about the wildly successful iTunes Music Store.

“Q: What will it take to make the iTunes Music Store profitable for Apple?
A: We’re not looking at it in terms of a stand-alone business. It’s part of all the things we’re doing at Apple. And first of all, I hope it can drive more iPod business. That has been very successful for us, and we would like to see that continue to grow”

New iPod owners report “pops” or “clicks” between tracks

Reader “pudge” at SlashDot reports that “the new iPods released last week seem to have a problem that causes an audible ‘electrostatic pop’ between all tracks played on it. The effect is not imaginary, as it has been witnessed by many users over at the Apple discussion forums. Now, one user has actually published a sound sample recorded the iPod’s playback and the verdict is in: it’s real. I hope this is a firmware issue and that it’s quickly fixed…”

Our own forums are reporting this and other problems encountered with new iPods. If you have experienced the same “pop” or “click” between tracks on your iPod leave your comments here and report any problems on Apple’s iPod Feeback page. Hopefully it will garner immediate attention and Apple will release updated firmware to fix the problem.

KBase Docs: Touch-sensitve buttons and iPod software chart

Apple has posted new KnowledgeBase Documents on the following subjects:

iPod (with Dock Connector): About the Touch-Sensitive Buttons
iPod:// Software Compatibility Chart

iPod 10GB for $199 at Target

Dealmac: “Several readers report that Target retail stores have lowered the price on Apple’s 10GB iPod for Mac to $199. That’s $50 off our last mention and the best price we’ve seen for a second-generation iPod. Many note that only one or two remain at each location, so supplies are very limited. (This deal may not be available at all Target locations, and is not listed online.)”

New cases by MARWARE

MARWARE recently posted information and preview photos of new cases for iPod 10, 15 and 30GB models. Visit their website for pricing and information.

“Cases are available for pre-order at 954-927-6031, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time. Product will ship the week of May 19, 2003.”

Inside the new iPod dock

The guys at iPoding are at it again, this time taking apart the new iPod dock. There are two photos pointing out various components on the inside of the dock.

MacDevCenter: Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?

Terrie Miller at MacDevCenter writes about her switch from PDA to iPod. She discusses several features including calendars, contacts, text notes, using iPod as a hard disk and the recent recording feature discovered by iPoding. There’s also a tip on creating song links using the Note Reader feature in iPod Software 2.0.

“Song linking can include using filters to create temporary playlists of songs.  An example from the Apple documentation is
<a href=“ipod:music?genre=rock&artist=Brian Eno”>Combo</a>”

Photos and first impressions of the new iPod

iLounger Sabastian has posted photos and first impressions of the new iPods on his SebiMeyer’s Blog website. He attended the Friday night, ‘Live On Stage’ event at the Apple Store International Plaza Mall in Tampa, Florida.

“While the new layout of the buttons is not as cool as the old, it is easier to understand for users (if such a thing is even possible) and takes remarkable little time to get used to. The fear that the iPod could not be used with one hand only does not seem justified, as the buttons, especially the play button, are even easier to reach than before.”

DLO Announces New Accessories for New iPod

DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters) has announced newly updated accessories of its current lienup to accomodate new iPods.

DLO Jam Jacket $19.99
DLO PodFolio Leather iPod Jacket $29.99
DLO Action Jacket $29.99
DLO Leather iPod Protector with Swivel Belt Clip $29.99
DLO iPod Auto Connection Kit II (w/ FM Transmitter) $48.95
DLO Transpod II All-in-one Car Solution for iPod (under devevelopment)

All above items except for TransPod are available for pre-order now and are expected to start shipping June 9, 2003. The new TransPod for new iPod is currently under development and no pricing or shipping date has been announced at this time.

Video: Live On Stage at The Grove in LA

iLounger Robert Morrisey has created a QuickTime movie of Apple’s recent iPod release event, Live On Stage at The Grove in Los Angeles, California. You’ll see photos of singer/songwriter Seal in the video and also DJ/producer BT providing music for the event.

MacMice Budd Ugly Sale Announced

MacMice has announced the 1st Annual Budd Ugly Sale. DVBase iPod stands and other products are scratched and/or dented in some form or another and on sale at substantial savings. DvForge has also made available the only DVBase prototype in black for $150 (It was still available at time of posting). The only white, solid aluminum DVBase prototype has already been sold for $150.

“Today, launches its [MacMice] first annual Budd Ugly sale, where huge discounts of 40% to 80% are available on a wide array of scratched, dented, pitted, scuffed, splotched, or otherwise screwed up products.

Most MacMice products are hand-made, and, of course, we goof from time to time and make a mess of a few, here and there. Normally, we would throw these slightly imperfect products in the trash. However, our QA Manager, Budd E. Ugly talked us into giving our customers a chance to buy them at incredibly discounted prices. So, we named our scratch and dent sale for this wonderful man, and it starts today.”

[Updated] Mac: Earl’s Access 1.0 Released

Kynan Shook of Rem Software emails us with information about a new AppleScript he wrote to bookmark your favorite iTunes 4 “Shared Music” addresses.

“This isn’t very iPod related, but there’s a lot of iTunes users here that will enjoy this:  I’m just writing to get the word out on a new freeware AppleScript I just wrote that I think a lot of people will find very useful.  iTunes 4 lets you connect with anybody’s shared music (not just those on your local network), but it doesn’t keep track of who you like to connect to; if either you or they quit iTunes, change network locations, etc. you get disconnected and it’s a pain to reconnect.  So I have a pair of scripts that lets you create an ‘address book’ of your favorites, and then connects you to all of them at just the click of a button.”

iTunes Music Store Sells Over One Million Songs in First Week

In a press release today, Apple announced that over the course of one week, they have sold more than one million songs.

“Apple(R)(Nasdaq: AAPL) today announced that its revolutionary iTunes(R) Music Store sold over one million songs during its first week. Over half of the songs were purchased as albums, dispelling concerns that selling music on a per-track basis will destroy album sales. In addition, over half of the 200,000 songs offered on the iTunes Music Store were purchased at least once, demonstrating the breadth of musical tastes served by Apple’s groundbreaking online store. Apple also reported that over one million copies of iTunes 4 have been downloaded, and that it has received orders for over 110,000 new third-generation iPods since their introduction a week ago, with music lovers snapping up more than 20,000 of them from stores in the U.S. this weekend.”

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