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Wall Street Journal seeks unique iPod user (updated)

The Wall Street Journal’s Jim Carlton writes with the following request:

“I am finishing up a story on how folks are using more computer gadgets these days while on vacation. I’d like to include iPod users in this story, and in particular am looking for someone who has used an iPod while on vacation for something unusual - like listening to a book on tape, or learning to speak French, rather than for just listening to music. If anyone has a story to share, please email me at: [link deleted]. My deadline is the next couple of days, and I’d ask that you include name/age/occupation/hometown, and details such as when and where you took the vacation. I’d be sure to email you copy of story once it is published. Thanks again.”

iLounge just might have someone reading who fits the description. If it’s you, please use the link above to e-mail Jim.

Update: Jim received so many responses in the first five minutes of the news story’s posting that he’s overwhelmed. Thanks to all who responded!

AudioOutfitters intros ezGear clearCase

pic AudioOutfitters has announced the ezGear clearCase for iPods and iPod minis. Made of ultra-clear acrylic, the $19.98 case has openings on the top and bottom for access to all ports, an opening for the Click Wheel, and comes with a detachable clearClip and lanyard. The top of the clearCase flips open for installation and removal of your iPod. The AudioOutfitters clearCase comes in three sizes to fit the 20GB and 40GB fourth-generation iPods, and iPod mini.

Windows: iPod Access 2.2 released

iPod Access 2.2 from Findley Designs is the latest version of the Windows utility that enables you to copy songs from your iPod back to your computer. Version 2.2 brings the ability to limit iPod Search with the “Assign Drive Letter” utility, and the ability to delete the Preference file for troubleshooting. iPod Access for Windows is available for $14.99.

XtremeMac iPod shuffle gear revealed

pic Following our report last week on XtremeMac’s extensive new collection of iPod shuffle accessories, the company has now added the products to its online store, showing for the first time what the products will look like. The new accessories are now available for pre-order and are expected to ship next month. They include: AirPlay FM Transmitter for iPod shuffle ($49.95); Car Charger for iPod shuffle ($24.95); Bumperz for iPod shuffle ($19.95/5-pack); SportWrap for iPod shuffle ($29.95); Shieldz for iPod shuffle ($19.95/3-pack); Wrapz for iPod shuffle ($24.95/3-pack); TuffWrapz for iPod shuffle ($24.95/3-pack); SuperHook for iPod shuffle ($19.95); SuperClip for iPod shuffle ($14.95); Audio Splitter for iPod shuffle ($12.95); and Audio Kit for iPod shuffle ($49.95).

WaterField intros Gear Pouch for iPod mini

pic WaterField Designs has announced a Gear Pouch specifically created for the iPod mini and its accessories. Like the rest of the WaterField Gear Pouch line, the Gear Pouch for the iPod mini is made of durable Ballistic nylon with a neoprene base and self-locking zippers. On one side of the product are two padded compartments for storing the iPod mini and its power charger or armband; on the other side are two slots for keeping earbuds and cables. The iPod mini Gear Pouch is priced at $29 and comes in black with Blue, Celeste, Checkers, Lead, or Taxi Indium trim.

Mix: Camera Connector, Music labels, iTunes sharing, ezGear

picAt an Apple press event in Japan to introduce the new iPod models, a presentation slide revealed what the new iPod Camera Connector will look like.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reportedly angry with some music labels that want to raise wholesale prices for digital music downloads.

Gregory Ng of Apple Matters discusses the sharing feature in iTunes and how it has changed how people listen to music at work.

Audio Outfitters has announced that its iPodez line of products will now be known as the ezGear (pronounced easy Gear) line.

Windows: MarkAble 0.2.2 Beta released

MarkAble 0.2.2 Beta ($15) from iPodSoft allows you to convert longer MP3 or AAC files into bookmarkable m4b files. “MarkAble merges selected files, instructs iTunes to perform an AAC conversion on the merged file(s), renames the files from the AAC conversion m4a to m4b to make bookmarkable, writes the converted file into your iTunes Music folder, and adds the converted files to the iTunes Library, now in a bookmarkable format.”

Mix: Odeo, Forrester, FireWire, Star Wars

Odeo, a start-up co-founded by Blogger creator Evan Williams, plans to introduce a “Web-based system that is aimed at making a business of podcasting.”

Forrester Research analysts Ted Schadler and Josh Bernoff say the iPod photo “can’t really offer a great photo experience with its small screen, recycled music interface, lack of a camera and poor photo-management features.”

Nearly 4,000 iPod users who are “dismayed” that Apple has dropped FireWire cables from iPod packaging have signed a petition asking the company to rethink their decision.

As part of a Star Wars Episode III promotion, Skittles is sponsoring a “Hunt for Grievous” online game where they’re giving away 100 Star Wars-themed iPods.

Incase shows off upcoming iPod cases

picIncase has provided iLounge with an exclusive first look at three upcoming lines of leather iPod cases that sport very stylish designs. These include: the Dinopod, Argyle, and Crest cases.

“These products are focused in a different direction than the line we currently have in Apple Stores,” Incase’s Scotty Crowe told iLounge. “We’re developing a more fashion-forward collection and creating a lifestyle based around the user of the iPod. That said, we’re limiting the availability of most of the products to select retailers in select markets in order to maintain the integrity of this new collection.”

The Dinopod cases are built with high-quality leather and come in yellow, green, red, and blue with embossed silhouettes of four common dinosaurs and their names—Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. The cases hold full-size iPods and offer wrap-around protection and feature a leather-wrapped belt clip.

Made of the same high-grade leather, the fashionable Argyle cases come in green with blue pattern, gray with red pattern, and brown with pink pattern. They also offer all-around protection, leather clad belt clip, and accommodate full-size iPods. The argyle design is made up of a combination of embossed colors and actual stitching.

The Crest line will consist of a white zippered clutch-like wallet and two smaller wallets—one green leather and one black striped denim. All three have embossed crest designs. The white Crest case holds full-size iPods and features a clear screen protector, a pouch for earbuds or other small accessories, and slots for credit cards. The smaller wallets have a flexible silicone strap, hold full-size iPods, and feature a clear screen covering, earphone holder, and a clear pocket to hold various thin items.

Incase said readers can contact them for futher information at [email protected].

Click “Read more” for large photos of all the new Incase products.

Onkyo announces remote interactive dock for iPod

Onkyo announced today that it has developed a remote interactive dock that will link an iPod with the company’s receivers and audio-video systems. “The RI dock provides compatibility between specified iPod models and many of the Onkyo products (as many as five million worldwide) produced over the past 10 years,” the company explains. “Users of both the iPod and Onkyo products will benefit from even greater flexibility with—and enjoyment of—digital media, as well as superior audio performance.” The dock features Onkyo’s remote Interactive functionality and can be used as a mini-stand to recharge the iPod. The dock is scheduled for release in mid-2005. Pricing was not announced.

Synaptics touchpad technology used in latest iPods

Synaptics has confirmed that its touchpad technology is used in the latest iPod photo and iPod mini models, putting to rest speculation that Apple would develop its own iPod touchpad interface using Cypress Semiconductor chips. “Yesterday Apple announced several new iPods and we are confirming that our interface solutions are being used in those products,” Synaptics said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week. “As has been the case since our initial product introductions in fiscal 1996, we compete for designs on a product by product basis and have no assurances from any of our OEM customers that they will utilize our interface solutions in any of their future products.” Rumors first started to swirl when it was revealed earlier this month that Apple partnered with Cypress for the innovative touchpad on the latest PowerBook revision.

Apple expected to sell 1.2 million iPod shuffles this quarter

Noting that demand for the iPod shuffle “is significantly stronger than we anticipated,” Banc of America today raised sales estimates for the low-cost music player. The firm raised the unit sales estimate for the iPod shuffle to 1.2 million units for the current quarter ending in March from 700,000, although “our sense is actual results could be higher.” 2005 estimates have been raised from 4.4 million to 5 million units. Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich said earlier this week that he expects Apple to ship 1 million iPod shuffles.

XtremeMac to unveil extensive list of iPod shuffle accessories

XtremeMac tomorrow will announce 13 new iPod shuffle accessory lines—a total of 24 new products. All of the XtremeMac iPod shuffle accessories are now available for pre-order and are expected to ship next month.

The accessories include (photos not yet available):

AirPlay FM Transmitter for iPod shuffle ($49.95) is the first FM Transmitter for the device, and allows users to play audio wirelessly from their shuffle through any FM radio.

Car Charger for iPod shuffle ($24.95) provides users the ability to charge their shuffle while in their car.

Bumperz for iPod shuffle ($19.95/5-pack) provide protection with a silicone band of stylish color for the device with 15 vibrant colors.

SportWrap for iPod shuffle ($29.95) is a moisture resistant, sports armband for active shuffle users in four sporty colors.

Shieldz for iPod shuffle ($19.95/3-pack) provide protection with a splash of stylish color in nine new shades of transparent plastic.

Wrapz for iPod shuffle ($24.95/3-pack) are thin silicone sleeves that provide form-fitted protection from minor scratches and dents with nine new colors.

TuffWrapz for iPod shuffle ($24.95/3-pack) are thickened silicone sleeves that provide protection against scratches and bumps with nine new colors.

SuperHook for iPod shuffle ($19.95) features an aluminum carabiner and lets you hook your shuffle to “almost anything including backpack straps, belt loops, keychains, purse straps and more.”

SuperClip for iPod shuffle ($14.95) is a white plastic clip that lets you attach the device to almost any strap or belt.

Audio Splitter for iPod shuffle ($12.95) allows two people to share music from one shuffle simultaneously.

Audio Kit for iPod shuffle ($49.95) connects your iPod shuffle to your car stereo, home stereo system, cassette deck, computer speakers and more.

Apple changes iPod photo packaging, de-emphasizes “photo”

picIn releasing newly affordable iPod photo hardware, Apple Computer has changed the product’s packaging to a thinner and highly attractive black and metal foiled design. Metal foil is used for the box’s front text, while an all-black matte background highlights the metallic luster.

The new packaging, which you can see more fully with the Read More button below, dramatically de-emphasizes the word “photo” on its front, reducing it to a tiny badge underneath the letters “PC.” This contrasts markedly with Apple’s new iPod mini packaging, which continues to grant the word “mini” equal prominence with the iPod name.

Mix: iTunes pricing, eCost, Gold mini, Hello Kitty

Apple is under investigation by the European Commission for charging more in the UK for iTunes downloads than it does in France or Germany. has silver, blue, green, and pink iPod minis on sale now for $179.

In a BBC article entitled “R.I.P. Gold iPod mini,” readers can send “tributes” to the discontinued device by commenting on the story.

Sanrio is offering a limited-edition 6GB Hello Kitty iPod mini. It’s only available in pink, and comes with a Hello Kitty [email protected] stand, case and set of keyrings.

Griffin offers Dock400 FireWire cable for iPods

Griffin Technology today announced the Dock400, a FireWire 400 cable for synchronizing and charging your iPod with your Mac or PC. The Dock400 cable is 48-inches long, uses Apple-approved connectors, and can be used with Apple’s iPod Dock, or plugged directly into the iPod. The Griffin Dock400 cable costs $17.95 and will begin shipping the first week of March.

iPod mini price cut ‘bad news for the competition’

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg says that yesterday’s drop in price of the 4GB iPod mini is unwelcome news for Apple rivals looking to take a bite of the device’s market share. “What’s most important about the new announcements are the fact that Apple has lowered the mini to a $199 price point while preserving the magic thousand song storage mark,” Gartenberg says. “This is pretty bad news for the competition that was looking for ways to go after the mini. At this point, with a $50 price difference at most of the line (and $100 on the highest SKU) Apple now has the most complete product line at effective price bands to allow consumers join the iPod experience while not creating overlapping products. This is a good tactical move and will once again force their competitors to respond.”

The iStore offers iPod2Car auto kit

pic The iStore is now offering the iPod2car auto interface for listening to music on your iPod through your car stereo. The $199 kit allows you to control your iPod’s Next, Previous, Fast Forward and Fast Rewind functions using your car’s radio. The iPod2car will work with all Dock Connector iPods (3G, 4G, and mini). “Compatible with many factory car stereos, iPod2Car retains the high quality audio by directly connecting your iPod to the CD changer input of the stereo, usually found in the back of the radio. Then you simply plug the cable into the Dock Connector on the bottom of your iPod or iPod mini. The one connection provides line audio output and charges your iPod.”

IDC estimates large iPod shuffle profit margin

Analysts at IDC estimate that Apple makes a 35 to 40 percent profit margin on each iPod shuffle the company sells, and stands to make even more from expected drops in flash memory pricing. IDC said the iPod shuffle’s flash memory, made by Samsung, is the most expensive component used in the device. IdaRose Sylvester, a senior semiconductor research analyst at IDC, estimates that the 512MB chip in the $99 shuffle costs Apple around $37.50 for each player—about two thirds of the estimated $59 that the company spends on total materials needed to make each 512MB shuffle.

“Apple is making very, very good margins on the shuffle,” Sylvester says. “We based our cost analysis on fourth quarter production prices, which would have been when they sourced [the components]. At some point they’ll switch to cheaper flash and the margins will improve.”

Apple exec provides iPod Camera Connector details [updated]

pic In addition to its revamped iPod photo lineup, Apple today also announced the Camera Connector accessory, which gives users the ability to import photos directly from their digital camera for instant viewing and slide show playback on the devices. Apple did not give any further information or image of the iPod add-on except to say that it will ship in late March for $29.

Greg Joswiak, vice president of hardware marketing at Apple, revealed further details of the Camera Connector in an interview with CNET He said that it is a small white plastic device that is similar to a small docking station with a cable for connecting to the iPod and a USB port for connecting to a camera. Joswiak noted that pictures loaded onto an iPod photo directly from the Camera Connector will be able to be viewed immediately on the device. However, in order for the photos to be shown on a TV, the iPod Photo will need to be connected to a computer first.

Update: At an Apple press event in Japan to introduce the new iPod models, a presentation slide revealed what the new iPod Camera Connector will look like (see above-right).

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