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Alesis intros iMultiMix 9R iPod mixer

Alesis has introduced its iMultiMix 9R rack-mountable professional mixer and audio player with integrated iPod Dock. The 9R is designed for studios and live venues, and features five high-gain mic preamps, two stereo line inputs, 48V phantom power, auxiliary sends and returns, 3-band per channel EQ with high/low shelving and band pass/reject, and composite video output. Alesis Product Manager Jim Norman said, “Our research showed that most of our customers own iPods, and wanted a way to utilize them for various installation situations such as churches, clubs and conference rooms. The iMultiMix 9R is the perfect way to integrate iPod playback and pro-quality mixing in a studio environment.” The Alesis iMultiMix 9R will be available in late 2007 for $399.

270,000 iPhones sold, 1m target by end of Q4

In its reporting of third quarter results, Apple has revealed that it sold 270,000 iPhones over the launch period of June 29 and June 30. This falls slightly short of analysts’ predictions of 300K units, but should reassure those who questioned the success of the product’s launch following AT&T’s statement that it had activated only 146,000 iPhones during the same period. In addition, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said, “iPhone is off to a great start—we hope to sell our one- millionth iPhone by the end of its first full quarter of sales.” Apple’s fourth quarter will end on Sept. 29.

Updated: During its third quarter conference call, Apple COO Tim Cook explained iPhone’s prospects as follows: “The starting gun has been fired and we’ve gotten off to a great start. However, our primary focus is not on initial sales. We’re focused on building a third great business for Apple… it won’t be easy because the competitors are large and entrenched… but the rewards are huge for Apple. Our next step is to begin selling the iPhone in Europe next quarter starting with a few major countries.” Additional expansion will take place in other European countries throughout 2008, and in Asia in 2008 as well.

Update 2: In response to an analyst’s question, Apple noted that the 270,000 iPhones “sold” figure also included iPhones in transit to AT&T stores during the initial 30-hour launch window, and not just iPhones that were actually in consumers’ hands. In a subsequent exchange, the company noted that though it did not generally provide breakdowns of iPod and iPhone sales by capacity, “the mix skewed to the 8GB for early sales in June.”

Apple sells 9.8 million iPods during Q3 [updated]

Reporting its third quarter financial results today, Apple said it sold 9.815 million iPods during the quarter—slightly below some analyst predictions, but a 21 percent increase compared to the same quarter last year. The company posted revenue of $5.41 billion and net quarterly profit of $818 million, or $.92 per diluted share, compared with revenue of $4.37 billion and net quarterly profit of $472 million, or $.54 per diluted share in Q3 2006. Sales of Other Music Related Products + Services were up 33% over last year’s quarter and down 7.5% from the second quarter of 2007, to $608 million total. That category includes iTunes Store sales, iPod services, and revenues from Apple and third-party iPod accessories.

“We’re thrilled to report the highest June quarter revenue and profit in Apple’s history, along with the highest quarterly Mac sales ever,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPhone is off to a great start — we hope to sell our one- millionth iPhone by the end of its first full quarter of sales — and our new product pipeline is very strong.”

“We are very pleased to report strong financial results including cash flow from operations exceeding $1.2 billion for the quarter,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “Looking ahead to the fourth fiscal quarter of 2007, we expect revenue of about $5.7 billion and earnings per diluted share of about $.65.”

Updated: During Apple’s Financial Results Conference Call, Apple revealed that iPod controls a 71.5% share of the US MP3 player market based on numbers from NPD. iTunes saw 33% year-over-year growth, as iPods and music related income accounted for 40% of total revenue during the quarter. In addition, Apple TV and iPhone accounted for $180 million in revenue; Apple has previously stated it will use a subscription accounting model for both devices.

NuVoDock comes in wireless, wired models

NuVo has introduced its NuVoDock for iPod, a dedicated iPod Dock for use with the company’s Grand Concerto Whole House Audio System. The NuVoDock, available in wired and wireless versions, allows complete iPod control from the Grand Concerto Control Pad, and features a 150-foot transmit radius (wireless version), frequency hopping technology to allow uninterrupted audio reproduction, and the ability to charge the iPod while it’s docked. The NuvoDock for iPod sells for $649/wireless, $349/wired.

NewsGator Mobile for iPhone now available

NewsGator Technologies has released its NewsGator Mobile for iPhone, a web-based RSS reader designed especially for the iPhone. The reader — located at — automatically recognizes the iPhone, and allows users to read RSS feeds and mark items as read while they’re on the go. NewsGator Mobile for iPhone also supports online synchronization with popular desktop-based RSS readers FeedDemon for PC and NetNewsWire for Mac. A free NewsGator account is required.

Analyst: Reaction to iPhone activation numbers ‘silly’

Apple shares dropped six percent yesterday, following AT&T’s announcement that it activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers in its second quarter — a number many believe indicates iPhone sales were below estimates. Michael Gartenberg, analyst for JupiterResearch, believes that number doesn’t matter. “It’s hard for Apple to have missed a target number when they gave none. What folks are talking about are some analysts’ somewhat wild expectations,” Gartenberg said. “The first two days mean nothing in the overall life of the product and the overall success of the iPhone won’t rest on how well this particular model does,” he continued. “The launch of the iPhone was the first move in what is likely to be a long game for Apple, trying to gauge the overall success based on two days of incomplete data is silly.”

RBC Capital has also commented on the situation, claiming that AT&T’s number has little bearing on Apple’s actual sales over the iPhone’s launch weekend. “AT&T reported 146k iPhone activations Q2 (June 29 and 30). However, this may not reflect Apple’s true Q3 sales, as AT&T excludes iPhone buyers who experienced activation delays (up to 40% - 50% of est. buyers), as well as additional units sold but not activated until after the weekend, as well as those purchased for gifts, and non-US buyers. Incorporating these factors suggests Apple may have sold 350-450k iPhones to users the first weekend,” said the firm. Exact iPhone sales figures are expected to be released along with Apple’s third quarter earnings statement at 5:00 pm Eastern time today.

Apple launches AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone

Apple is now offering the previously-announced AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone. The plan, which extends repair coverage of the iPhone to two years from the original purchase date, must be purchased within the phone’s standard one-year warranty period — the iPhone includes one year of hardware coverage, as well as two years of technical support. The plan covers the iPhone, iPhone Bluetooth Headset, and all included accessories, and guarantees genuine Apple replacement parts. It is not available in Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, or Wyoming. The AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone is available now for $69.

GM offers Personal Audio Link iPod Adapter

General Motors has announced its Personal Audio Link iPod adapter is now available. The adapter, designed exclusively for use with the iPod and factory-installed GM audio systems, is integrated through the radio’s XM Satellite Radio band, displays song title, artist, time, and track position, and allows song selection by genre, playlist, artist, and album. The Personal Audio Link iPod adapter also charges the iPod while the vehicle is operating. It works in the Chevrolet HHR, Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Sky, and is available from Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn dealerships for $159 plus installation fees.

H2O Audio Sport Integration System now shipping

H2O Audio has announced that it is now shipping its new Sport Integration System. The system allows the company’s Ruggedized iPod nano Case to be “quick-clipped” for secure use on armbands, straps, and handlebars. It includes a bike mount that easily adjusts to fit any standard handlebars, a clothing clip that enables quick transfer to and from sports apparel, a strap mount that attaches to back-pack shoulder straps, and a Quick Clip Locking System that enables quick connections with the bike mount, clothing clip, and strap mount as well as with the Ruggedized iPod nano Case armband. “We have thoroughly tested the Sport Integration System for literally every land-based sport,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio. “It delivers a practical solution for portability while maintaining the ultimate protection standards we set for all of our gear.” The H2O Audio Sport Integration System sells for $30.

Keyspan unveils TuneView Remote for iTunes

Keyspan has announced its TuneView Remote Control for iTunes. The TuneView for iTunes, like the TuneView for iPod, features a color LCD screen and iPod-like menus for easy navigation of iTunes music, videos, radio, and podcasts using the 10-button keypad. The remote employs a 2.4 Ghz RF signal to communicate with the included USB transceiver, giving it an estimated range of 150 feet. “There have been many ways to feed sound from iTunes to a stereo system, but there has never been an effective and affordable way to control iTunes from anywhere in your house,” said Mike Ridenhour, president at Keyspan. The Keyspan TuneView Remote Control for iTunes works with Mac or PC and is available now for $149.

AT&T: 40% of June iPhone activations new customers

AT&T has said that it activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers in its second quarter — June 29 and 30 — and 40 percent of that group were new AT&T Wireless customers, reports The Wall Street Journal. It is unclear whether the subscriber number is a good representation of iPhones sold during that time period, given the fact that so many iPhone purchasers experienced problems during activation and the slightly ambiguous nature of the company’s statement. Overall, the iPhone carrier added 1.5 million subscribers in the second quarter. AT&T also said iPhone sales “continue to be strong in July with store traffic above historical levels.”

iPhone Bluetooth Headset unboxed, support docs appear

The first Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headsets are now shipping, and unboxing photos have been posted to photo-sharing site Flickr. Of note in the unboxing photos, the iPhone displays the charging status of both itself and the headset when the two are placed together in the Duo Dock, and the headset uses a MagSafe-style connection to connect to the cable or Dock for charging. Apple has also posted a number of support documents covering different aspects of the headset, including how it works with third-party Bluetooth-enabled devices, what the different status lights mean, how to pair the headset, details about auto-pairing between iPhone and the headset, how to find the serial number, how to charge the headset, and a general troubleshooting page. The Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset sells for $130.

iCleaner intros iCloth iPhone Cleaning Cloths

iCleaner has introduced its iCloth iPhone Cleaning Cloths. iCloth is a synthetic Micro Fiber polishing cloth that remove smudges and fingerprints from your iPhone screen without the need for cleaning solution. iCloths are sold in sets of three, each cloth measuring six inches by six inches. iCloth Cleaning Cloths are available now for $10/3 pack.

Karstadt stores to offer iPhone in Germany

A spokeswoman for the German department store chain Karstadt has confirmed that the company will sell the iPhone in Germany. “We will offer the iPhone,” said the spokeswoman, noting that it was too soon to say whether the phones would be sold with or without a contract. She added that Karstadt did hope to have the iPhone in stock in time for the holiday shopping season. Previous reports have suggested that T-Mobile will offer service for the iPhone in Germany.

Mix: Earnings, Duke, Verizon, iPhone Japan

Apple will report its results for the third fiscal quarter 2007 on Wednesday afternoon, and will also offer a webcast of the conference call discussing the results that will begin at 5:00 pm Eastern time on Wed.

Following earlier reports blaming the iPhone for problems with Duke University’s Wi-Fi network, the school’s CIO has issued a statement exonerating the device, stating that the problem “was caused by a Cisco-based network issue.”

Verizon Wireless has announced a licensing deal with Broadcom that enables the cellular provider to circumvent a previous U.S. International Trade Commission ban on imports of new cell phone models containing certain Qualcomm chips, which were found to violate a Broadcom patent. Some see the move as necessary following the successful launch of the iPhone on AT&T.

Despite the fact that the device isn’t fully functional in their country, a number of Japanese iPhone owners met up recently, and have posted a couple of photos from the event on Flickr.

iPhone security flaw could give hackers ‘complete control’

A new security flaw found in the iPhone’s software could give hackers “complete control” of the device. Researchers from Independent Security Evaluators, a firm that tests its clients’ computer security by attempting to hack into it, said that they were able to get access to the phone through a Wi-Fi connection or by loading a web page containing malicious code. Doing so allowed them to tap into the information contained on the phone, such as SMS text messaging records and contact information. “Once you did manage to find a hole, you were in complete control,” said Charles A. Miller, principal security analyst for ISE. The security firm alerted Apple to the security flaw this week, and shared a recommended patch for the problem. “Apple takes security very seriously and has a great track record of addressing potential vulnerabilities before they can affect users,” said company spokeswoman Lynn Fox. “We’re looking into the report submitted by I.S.E. and always welcome feedback on how to improve our security,” she said.

Griffin releases iKaraoke TunePrompter software

Griffin Technology has released its iKaraoke TunePrompter software. TunePrompter lets users of the company’s iKaraoke accessory make their own karaoke videos using any song they own. The software works by loading a song, letting TunePrompter find the lyrics (you can also type them in yourself), and then tapping your spacebar to the beat to teach TunePrompter. In celebration of this release, Griffin is giving away an Ultimate Griffin Prize Pack worth over $800 to one lucky user who submits feedback through the software. Griffin’s iKaraoke TunePrompter is available as a free download for Mac or PC.

Prima debuts four iPhone cases

Prima Cases is now offering four cases for the iPhone. The Leather Book Style Case features a form fit case, a horizontal flap to protect the iPhone’s screen, three credit card slots, two SD card slots, and a magnetic closure. It sells for $35. The Premium Leather Flip Case features a vertical flap, three card slots, two SD slots, and is available with or without a removable belt clip. It is priced at $40. The Premium Leather Open Face features a form fit case, open face design to allow full access to the iPhone’s touchscreen, and is also available with or without a belt clip for $30. Finally, the Leather Lateral iPhone Case features hard-reinforced leather, a fixed, low-profile belt clip, a recessed magnetic flap closure, smooth velvet interior lining, and holds the iPhone horizontally. It sells for $33.

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Mix: Hello World, T-Mobile, Sony, ‘iPhone’

The latest progress report from the iPhone Dev Wiki claims that a member named “Nightwatch” has compiled and launched the first independent “Hello World” application on the iPhone. This was made possible by using the “ARM/Mach-O Toolchain,” which is currently being refined and will reportedly be released soon.

An image of the iPhone, as well as an image claiming “Das neue Kult-Handy,” which roughly translates to “The new cult-cellphone,” has been found on T-Mobile Germany’s website. As of this writing, the image of the iPhone had been removed, but the German phrase remains online.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, speaking in a panel at an Allen & Co. event, reportedly called Apple CEO Steve Jobs “greedy.” Stating that he finds it funny that Jobs accuses record companies of being greedy, Stringer claimed that Jobs is himself greedy because he wants a world in which only he makes money.

A picture of a prototype Apple telephone, jokingly referred to as “the very first iPhone,” has been posted on a German site. The photo apparently came from Marc Esslinger, son of Hartmut Esslinger, designer of the Apple IIc.

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