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iLounge announces its iPhones Around the World Giveaway

iLounge has announced its iPhones Around the World Giveaway. To celebrate the launch of our new iPhones Around the World Photo Gallery, iLounge is offering ten Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headsets as prizes. To enter, simply submit a photo of your iPhone(s) in front of a landmark or other notable location. For some good examples, take a look at our iPods Around the World Photo Gallery. The contest will run until August 10, 2007 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time; for complete rules and details, see the official contest page. Thanks, and Good Luck!


Belkin unveils new iPod cases

Belkin has introduced several new cases for iPod, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. The Statement cases for iPod nano, available in “Charm” and “Style” for $25, feature heart or line art laser-cut into leather, as well as an included wristlet and interior mirror. The “Fitted” Pocket Blues for iPod and iPod nano are made from high-end denim material, feature a functional denim Click Wheel protector, and include a carabiner. They will also sell for $25. The 2Face REversible for iPod features an interactive, reversible 2-in-1 design with a graphical pattern, and offer full screen protection and navigation access. It sells for $25 as well. The View Acrylic Case for iPod sports a thin design and offers “True-sense” functional Click Wheel protection, as do the Etch Remix Metal cases for iPod and iPod nano. The Etch Remixes also feature machine etched graphics on the aluminum protective face cabinet, and are available in silver, black, blue, and pink. The View Acrylic Case for iPod and the Etch Remix Mteal cases for iPod and iPod nano sell for $25. Finally, the Sport Armband for iPod shuffle features lightweight rubber construction, water resistance, and reflectors for nighttime use. It will sell for $20. The new line of Belkin cases for iPod, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle will be available in August.

JP Morgan: ‘iPhone nano’ coming Q4 [Updated]

Kevin Chang, Taiwan-based analyst for JP Morgan, has issued a report saying that he expects Apple to release a cheaper version of the iPhone in the fourth quarter, a device that a recently unearthed patent application suggests may be based on the iPod nano. Citing the patent application — which describes a multifunctional handheld device, controlled via a Click Wheel — and unnamed supply channel sources, Chang said, “We believe that iPod Nano will be converted into a phone because it’s probably the only way for Apple to launch a lower end phone without severely cannibalizing iPod Nano.” He also noted that the new phone could have “rather limited functionality.”

Update: JP Morgan has now retracted the statement, saying that a near-term release of an “iPhone nano” would be “unusual and highly risky.”

Sena Cases debuts iPhone cases

Sena Cases has introduced five new handcrafted cases for the iPhone. The Sena Dockable is the first case to allow the iPhone to remain in its case while docking. Other features include a magnetic closure, velvet lining, European Napa leather construction, a ratchet belt clip with removable tab, and openings for the earphone, speaker, and camera. It sells for $52. imageThe MagnetFlipper utilizes a hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at the top to allow easy access to the iPhone’s screen. It also allows access to all the phone’s ports and buttons, and sells for $52. The Sena LeatherSkin is a form-fitting leather case for the iPhone that provides a tight fit and sells for $42. The Elega Pouch, a standard holster-style case, features a ratchet belt clip, velvet lining, and sells for $40-$50. Finally, the UltraSlim Pouch is a thin, leather and micro suede jacket for the iPhone. It sells for $29. All the cases are available in a variety of colors; the Elega Pouch is available now, the other cases are available for pre-order and are expected to ship August 1.

McGraw Hill offers EZ Test Online for iQuiz

McGraw Hill has announced its EZ Test Online program for higher education instructors. The software allows instructors to create and deliver multiple-choice or true/false quiz questions to students using iQuiz for iPod. Jeremy Singer, president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education Digital Products, said, “The content that McGraw- Hill offers through EZ Test Online and now iQuiz is just one more example of how we’re developing learning solutions that meet the needs of students, regardless of their different learning styles. And with advancements in how today’s students learn, delivering McGraw-Hill content to iPod supports students’ needs for mobile learning tools.” EZ Test Online is available to validated instructors via the web.

iPhone apps emerge from iPhoneDevCamp

The first iPhoneDevCamp, held over the weekend, has seen the launch of more than twenty new web-based applications for the iPhone. A complete list of apps from the event is available, including gOffice for iPhone, a word processor designed for iPhone that allows you to save your work as a Microsoft Word document by emailing it to yourself or others. iLounge was a proud sponsor of the event, and we have a full gallery of photos from the camp. In addition, slides from the camp’s keynote presentation (PDF link) are available online for those who are interested. Be sure to check out our iPhone Application Directory for even more apps for your iPhone.

Jobs in London, UK iPhone announcement imminent?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs visited the company’s Regent Street store in London, England yesterday, according to an ifoAppleStore report. Jobs’ appearance has lead to speculation that an announcement concerning the iPhone’s carrier in the UK, and possibly across the rest of Europe, is coming soon. The report also mentions that the Regent Street store’s concierge bar will be closed Monday, July 16, which could allow Jobs to make an announcement about an iPhone deal from inside the store.

AT&T survey suggests iChat for iPhone

An online survey sent out by AT&T to iPhone users hints at a possible iChat application for iPhone. iChat is the messaging application Apple includes with its Mac OS X operating system. One of the slides in the AT&T survey asks users to rate the EDGE network performance when using various applications on the iPhone. iChat is listed along with YouTube, Google Maps, Email, Weather, Stocks, and Search. While it is possible that Apple is working on a version of iChat for the iPhone, it is also possible that the survey meant to reference the iPhone’s SMS text messaging application, which looks and acts quite similar to Apple’s desktop messaging applicaiton.

iPodweek coming later today, Take the current iLounge poll

imageLater today, our weekly newsletter iPodweek is arriving, and as always, we have a simple submission form you can use to sign up. It was quite a busy week, and with all the new reviews, articles, and news, there’s never been a better time to sign up for our weekly review. There are no strings attached; sign up today to get exclusive discounts, iLounge contests, and a quick summary of all things iPod, iTunes, iPhone and Apple TV sent directly to your mailbox.

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Plus: Our current poll asks: Which do you want more, an iPhone or a new iPod? Please use the iLounge Poll to register your Yes or No vote: the poll is in the left-hand column of the main page. Let us know your honest feelings. Once you’re finished submitting your answer, you can move the poll downwards on the page just by clicking on it and dragging it away.

iLounge announces iPhone-optimized iLounge Mobile

iLounge is pleased to announce our newly-redesigned iLounge Mobile Edition, now optimized for browsing on the iPhone with a more iPhone-like look, and a more finger-friendly interface. In addition to the latest news, reviews, articles, and the iLounge forums, the new iLounge Mobile also provides a quick and easy way to find new iPhone web apps thanks to our Mobile iPhone Apps interface. Be sure to check it out at

Mix: iPhone Wallpaper, Hacks, Tip, Mophie

Gx5 is now offering packs of iPhone wallpaper images, with all five packs available for $5.

The iPhone Dev Wiki has launched, and as with AwkwardTV, it hopes to open up the iPhone to make it more useful. If you are interested in learning more, check out the #iphone-talk channel at

David Pogue has posted a useful iPhone typing tip on his Missing Manual site. When adding punctuation to a text entry, touch the “.?123” key, holding your finger down. Slide your finger onto the desired punctuation key, and release. This tip reduces the number of taps for common punctuation like periods and commas from three taps to one.

Mophie will begin taking suggestions for iPhone applications today at The application ideas will then be voted upon in the same way designs were chosen at MacWorld. iPod idea submissions can be submitted through the same platform.

iLuv intros iPhone accessory lineup

iLuv has introduced its lineup of accessories for Apple’s iPhone, which includes three cases, a sports armband, and a Bluetooth hands-free kit. The i70 Holster Leather Case for iPhone provides users access to the iPhone’s Dock Connector while still in the case, and features leather construction. It will be available in two-packs of black and white, white and orange, or black and blue. The i145 Silicone Case for iPhone is a silicone case that offers full access to all of the iPhone’s controls and camera, and includes a screen protector. It will also be available in two-packs of black and white. The i146 Leather Case with Flip Cover for iPhone features a flip design that allows access to the phone’s camera, Dock Connector, and screen (when flipped up), and closes with a magnetic clasp. It will be available in black, premium black, brown, pink, and cream white. The i207 Sports Armband for iPhone imagefeatures an adjustable fit, a reflective border, and a water-proof plastic cover for the screen. The i70, i145, i146, and i207 will be available in July; pricing has yet to be determined. The i322 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit clips to the car’s visor, and features phonebook and hotline functions, an adjustable LCD screen with Caller ID, and eight hours of talk time. It will be available in mid-July for $84.

iPhone supplies dip, increase; AT&T hoarding phones?

Apple has begun restocking iPhones at its retail stores nationwide, following yesterday’s near sell-out of the device. Apple’s iPhone availability page showed sell outs at all but two of the company’s 164 retail stores yesterday, but today that figure has rebounded, with 44% of the stores reporting stock. The restocking, however, seems centered more on the East Coast and Midwest — stores on the West Coast remain sold out, from Washington to California. Many stores appear to be releasing their new inventory around noon, as several iLounge editors have succeeded at finding iPhones around noon at stores that were sold out in the morning.

Another iLounge editor had a surprising visit to an AT&T store, which may indicate unfair practices by the cellular giant. Our editor went in to see if they had any iPhones in stock, or had received a new shipment — to which an AT&T sales clerk responded with a resounding “no.” After taking our editor’s number in an effort to “call him when they come in,” the clerk noticed that he was a potential new customer, and proceeded to bring out two new 8GB iPhones, phones that he previously said were unavailable. The clerk then explained that the store was reserving iPhones for new customers only — the store in question had received around 20 units earlier in the day. It is unclear whether this practice is widespread throughout AT&T retail stores.

T-Mobile, Vodafone images found on iPhone

Logo images for both T-Mobile and Vodafone have been found in the iPhone’s file system. The images, Default_CARRIER_TMOBILE.png and Default_CARRIER_VODAFONE.png, lend credence to the rumors that both T-Mobile and Vodafone will offer the iPhone throughout different parts of Europe. In addition to the images, the device’s ringtones have been found in a dedicated “Ringtones” directory. The iPhone’s ringtones are currently saved in unprotected AAC format with a .m4a extension.

Apple releases iPod Reset Utility 1.0.2

Apple has released iPod Reset Utility 1.0.2, which can be used to restore first- and second-generation iPod shuffles back to their original factory settings when iTunes is unable to do so. All music and data on the iPod is erased during the restore process, and the most current iPod software is installed. iPod Reset Utility 1.0.2 is a free download from Apple’s support website and is available for Mac and PC.

iPhoneDevCamp being held this weekend

iLounge is proud to be an official sponsor of the first iPhoneDevCamp, being held this weekend in San Francisco, CA. The free event is for web designers, testers, and iPhone owners to work together to improve the web experience on iPhone. Attendees will be able to create, optimize, and test new web applications for iPhone, as well as get help with migrating existing widgets to the web for use with the device. Currently more than 350 attendees are expected at the event, which runs from 6:00 p.m. Friday until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. iLounge will provide coverage of the event continuing through “launch day” on Sunday, when you can expect more than a few new additions to our iPhone Software Directory. For more information, see the event’s web site.

v-Moda Vibe Duo now available

v-Moda is now offering its Vibe Duo earphones/microphone. The Vibe Duo combines the same sound stage and acoustics found in Vibe earphones with an in-line microphone for phone calls. The Duo features V-Masque dynamic drivers, noise-isolating technology, solid alloy composition, an iPhone-compatible headphone plug, and 12Hz-22kHz frequency response. The earphones come with three sizes of silicone fittings, a black leather carrying pouch, and sell for $101. Find out more about the v-Moda Vibe Duo in our first look article. [via Engadget]

Mossberg: iPhone Flash support in ‘next couple of months’

Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg claims that flash support will be coming to the iPhone in an early software update. In a piece entitled “Questions About Apple’s iPhone,” Mossberg responds to a question regarding the iPhone’s inability to play many internet videos, stating, “Apple says it plans to add [an Adobe Flash] plug-in through an early software update, which I am guessing will occur within the next couple of months.” Lack of Flash support in the iPhone’s Safari browser has been a main issue in early reviews of the device. In addition, Mossberg also references Apple’s iPhone service FAQ, which reveals that should an iPhone need repairs, a loaner iPhone can be rented during the service period for $29.

O2 to carry iPhone in UK? [updated]

The Times is reporting that cellular service provider O2 has beaten out Vodafone and others to win exclusive rights to offer the iPhone in the UK. According to the report, negotiations are still ongoing with mobile phone retailers like Carphone Warehouse over an agreement to allow sales of the iPhone in their stores after a period of exclusivity with O2. The agreement between Apple and O2 is thought to include a share of revenues generated by iPhone customers, and O2 is expected to make the necessary network configuration changes to support iPhone’s at-home activation and features such as Visual Voicemail. As previously reported, T-Mobile is expected to offer the iPhone in Germany, while Orange is believed to be the front-runner to carry the phone in France.

Update: Bloomberg reports that O2 parent company Telefonica SA is denying the report. “No deal has been signed with Apple,” O2 spokesman David Nicholas said. “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” Alan Hely, London-based spokesman for Apple, said, “We’ll bring the iPhone to Europe in late 2007,” but declined to comment on any possible UK partners.

Universal confirms iTunes non-renewal

The Universal Music Group has confirmed reports that it will not renew its long-term iTunes contract. The label responded in a statement, which said, “Universal Music Group has decided not to renew its long-term agreement for Apple’s iTunes service.  Universal Music Group will now market its music to iTunes in an ‘at will’ capacity, as it does with its other retail partners.” Macworld UK reports that in addition to variable pricing, Universal wants to be able to offer certain tracks and certain bands exclusively through other, competing online music services, in an effort to lessen Apple’s control of online music sales. Apple has yet to comment on the statement.

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