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Apple releases iTunes 7.3.2

Apple has released iTunes 7.3.2, a free upgrade to the company’s jukebox software. According to Apple, the update “provides bug fixes to improve stability and performance.” The update can be downloaded through Apple’s Software Update application or from the company’s website. iTunes 7.3.2 is available now for both Mac and PC.

Mix: Dateline, EMI, Audi, ChangeWave

Dateline NBC ran a story last night about the problem of iPod theft, and poses the question of whether Apple could help trace stolen iPods using data in found in tracks purchased from the iTunes Store.

Terra Firma’s takeover of EMI has crossed another milestone, as the firm declared its £2.4 billion bid unconditional after it received the requisite 90 per cent acceptances from EMI investors. Whether the takeover will have any affect on EMI’s DRM-free offerings on iTunes has yet to be seen.

Audi included black 30GB iPods, preloaded with Audi content, with its special VIP invitations to the debut of its new R8 model in Tokyo.

According to a new survey by ChangeWave, 16% of respondents who plan on purchasing a cell phone in the next six months plan to get an Apple iPhone, a greater percentage than any competing manufacturer.

B&W introduces Zeppelin iPod speaker

Bowers & Wilkins has introduced its Zeppelin speaker for iPod. The football-shaped speaker houses five drivers inside its two-foot-wide frame, including four glass-fiber cones with tapered tubes for the tweeters, and a five-inch woofer. In addition, three channels of amplification combine for a total 100 watts of power. The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin will sell for $600 when it is released in mid-September. [via Sci Fi]

Timex Ironman iControl works with iPod

Timex has unveiled its Ironman iControl, a sports watch that offers wireless control of the iPod and iPhone. The watch wirelessly syncs with a user’s iPod, with controls for play/pause, volume up/down, and track forward/back. In addition, the watch features a 50-lap chronograph, a training log with storage for current workout and date, best lap, and average lap, multi-mode countdown timer, three customizable alarms, and is water resistant to 100m. “The days of fumbling for your iPod in mid-stride are over,” said Heberto Calves, Vice President of Sports Marketing. “iControl offers cutting edge technology and contemporary design, in addition to the functional quality and durability people have come to expect from Timex.” The Timex Ironman iControl is available in combinations of grey and black, as well as pink, blue, orange, and green, and sells for $125.

iPhone update adds features, fixes battery error

According to discussions on Apple’s support site and several reader reports, it appears iPhone Software 1.0.1 includes a few new features, along with the known bug fixes and security patches. There is now a BCC: option in the phone’s Mail Settings to send yourself a copy — this was previously only a CC: option. Passcode Lock timing options have been expanded up to “After 1 Hour,” and it has also been reported that the 1.0.1 update fixes a previously reported battery issue in which the iPhone’s display would not indicate a full charge.

Mix: Zeppelin, O2, Battery, Translator

A recent Guardian report claims that the Led Zeppelin collection “Mothership” will be available on iTunes when it hits stores November 12. The tracks, chosen by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, include “Stairway to Heaven,” “Whole Lotta Love,” and “Kashmir.”

Another report claiming O2 will carry the iPhone in the UK has appeared. While refusing to confirm that it has signed a deal with Apple, O2 chief executive Peter Erskine said: “We’re excited about this product and we certainly hope to be marketing it later in the year when it launches.”

New York’s Consumer Protection Board has raised complaints about the iPhone’s battery and Apple’s return policies. “I encourage Apple to redesign the iPhone in order to provide for a replaceable battery,” Mindy Bockstein, chairwoman and executive director of the Board, wrote to Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple, in a letter dated July 17. Bockstein later said, “A high-end cell phone shouldn’t have to have low-end customer service.”

Coolgorilla has announced its iPhone Translator, sponsored by online travel retailer The web-based application offers text and audio translations of common phrases in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. The translator can be accessed by visiting

iPhone buyers report AT&T store woes

Following a MacDailyNews report that AT&T Stores have been hiding and refusing to demonstrate Apple iPhones to potential customers, readers have reported mixed but negative-skewing experiences about their attempts to purchase or even just see iPhones at AT&T stores. Some positive reports have been posted, but MacDailyNews and many of its readers have suggested that AT&T stores and their employees are being less than cooperative with customers interested in testing or purchasing the iPhone.

Some reports claim that the iPhone display units that appeared around the device’s launch have been removed, without explanation. Other reports claim that AT&T employees informed customers that they had to purchase an iPhone to be able to see one. Still others suggest that the commission-based employees are not receiving enough financial incentive to push the device over other models, and that they have instead opted to attack the product.

A report from “DM” states, “I went to my local corporate ATT store in Northern NJ, they did not have any iPhones in stock (probably true). But what a little disconcerting is that they were trashing the iPhone and Apple as putting out a bad product and suggested that I buy the new Blackberry Curve. I just smiled, walked out and across the mall and bought one at the Apple Store.”

A separate report from “Jim Steward” states, “My local AT&T store had them on display at first, then took them out. The display is still there, but no iPhones are attached. I didn’t have any trouble purchasing the iPhone, but they would not even bring it out of the back room until I had paid for it. If I hadn’t been set on buying the iPhone when I walked in or had not already looked at and held one, I would’ve gone to another AT&T store to see if I was treated any better.”

We encourage our readers to share your AT&T store experiences, positive, neutral, or negative, in the comments.

Waterfield Designs announces three iPhone cases

Waterfield Designs has announced three new cases for the iPhone. The iPhone Smart Case is a thin case that features a smooth outer, rubberized textile grips on each side, and a multi-layered padding system with a high-impact rigid insert and scratch-free Ultrasuede lining to protect the iPhone. Available in six colors, it comes in three styles — Slip for slipping into a pocket, Flap for attaching to a strap, and Clip for clipping onto belts — and sells for $35-$39. imageThe iPhone Travel Case is a larger case, designed to carry the iPhone and its accessories together. Features include custom-sized, padded interior compartments, and self-locking zippers. It is available in six colors as well, comes in three sizes, and sells for $35-$39. The iPhone Suede Jacket is a basic Ultrasuede case that fits snugly on the iPhone and could double as a screen cleaner; it sells for $9. “I wanted a hard case with quick access that would slip easily into my pockets, but look simple and un-complicated,” explained owner Gary Waterfield. “For the Smart Case, we developed an intricate construction process to produce the clean, svelte look the case has.” All three cases are available now.

Ultimate Ears debuts UE-11 Pro earphones (updated)

Ultimate Ears has introduced its UE-11 Pro earphones, a new flagship model replacing the UE-10 Pro and featuring a quad armature speaker configuration. The UE-11 Pro features a custom shell with the quad speaker configuration inside, a dual driver subwoofer for more clear low-end performance, a dedicated midrange and separate tweeter, and an electrically and acoustically tuned three-way crossover. Specifications include a frequency response of 10Hz to 16,500 Hz, -26dB of noise isolation, and input sensitivity of 119dB at 1mW.

The Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones will be available in a variety of colors with individual artwork and will be priced at $1150 when they go on sale August 1. iLounge’s initial impressions can be found here.

Updated: Ultimate Ears notes that it will offer the user’s choice of custom colors and artwork for the UE-11 Pro—typically costing up to $200 above the price of its standard custom earphones—at no additional charge for the first 60 days of the product’s launch, ending September 30, 2007. Customers should expect a three-week lead time for color- and art-customized UE-11 Pros, versus two weeks for standard ones.

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